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Recovery feat. @compexusa

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The Open-Heart Hound

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Throwback to last week in Chicago. Thanks to @parkwaydriveofficial for having us! The sickest live band going! Go check them and @augustburnsred on tour now! _____ @bellasarah_87 @edd13machete @realscarlettbordeaux

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Travel. Allow it to sink in. The vastness of existence. Life. The world. Time and space. Everything that’s ever happened has led you to where you’re at right now. The distance between you and I is less than it’s ever been. What a time it is to be human. 📸: @njsamps

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6 years down. _____ Thousands of matches later, titles won, and accolades accumulated in every state and in more countries than we can count. _____ Anyone can call themselves the standard bearers, the best in the world, the elite, but we’ve lived and breathed that truth for so long now that it’s almost an afterthought. _____ We had one goal when we started this thing: domination. This is our business. Our industry. And no one can touch us. _____ #houndsofjustice #bleedblack @wwe

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Best #nightofthedeadboys yet. What a crew. _____ HUGE thanks to @progenex @reebok @fitaid @trifectasystem @maestrosclassic @crossfitsouthbrooklyn for making this whole thing possible. ____ Can’t wait for the next one!

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“We’re hungry and we forgot our manners!!!” ______ Our FINAL Summer Soul 2018 workout is in tribute to the one and only Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. A legend of our business and an incredible human being. Rest in power, this one’s for you Anvil! _____ #SUMMERSOULOPEN “ANVIL" 10 Calorie Row 10 Clean (135/95) 15 Calorie Row 8 Clean (195/135) 20 Calorie Row 6 Clean (225/155) 25 Calorie Row 4 Clean (255/175) 30 Calorie Row Max Reps Clean (285/200) ⠀ *Someone can change your bar *Clean anyhow *Rower must be reset 11 min cap Head on over to @competitioncorner for the fun division options as well as movement standards. @teamsoul @deadboysfitness #teamSOUL #DeadBoysFitness #SummerSoulOpen18 #RunWithUsOrRunFromUs

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Night with the Deadboys is THIS Friday night in Brooklyn at @crossfitsouthbrooklyn! _____ We have a few spots left to fill up, but time is running out! First two were awesome and this one promises to be the best yet! Plus we can all do the final #summersoulopen workout together! _____ Link in bio! _____ @joshyg27 @fitaid @deadboysfitness @progenex @reebok

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Having a blast in Shanghai so far y’all. What a world. @njsamps 📸

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Everyones favorite DEADBOYS are back!!! Join Joshy G and the gang Friday Night, August 17th at CrossFit South Brooklyn for a Night with the Deadboys!!! ______ We will talk about proper training and why its important, dialing in your nutrition, and of course we will lift and WE WILL WORK OUT! _____ All skill and fitness levels welcome. _____ The price is $250 (no refunds). Each participant will also receive a goodie bag from Reebok, Progenex and many more. Plus let's not forget we will have some special guests! (including Danny Lopez, programmer of the Summer Soul Open) _____ Experience one on one coaching from Josh Gallegos (personal coach to many wrestling superstars). Plus you get a front row to the Final SUMMER SOUL OPEN EVENT _____ Don't delay and reserve your spot now! Link in bio!

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#SUMMERSOULOPEN Event 3 ⠀ CODEBREAKER For Time 40/30 Calorie Bike 25 Box Step Over Holding 1 DB (50/35), (24"/20") 50 Toes To Bar 25 Box Step Over Holding 1 DB (50/35), (24"/20") 40/30 Calorie Bike *DB must be held by hand below the hip *Switching hands is acceptable *13:00 CAP ⠀ #teamSOUL #DeadBoys #SummerSoulOpen #RunWithUsOrRunFromUs

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Awesome time hanging with the dudes from @takingbacksunday tonight! Thanks for having us! @coheed and @thestorysofarca killed it too! #goodmusic

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It’s tiiiime!! @deadboysfitness and @teamsoul present... _____ SUMMER SOUL OPEN WOD 2 ⠀ Tribute to the late, great Owen Hart. THE BLUE BLAZER For time: 21-15-9 Chest to Bar Pull Ups Front Squat (135/95) + 21-15-9 Wall Balls (20/14 to 10ft target), Deadlifts (225/155) *12:00 time cap *2 bar set-up is acceptable *Score is time to complete everything ⠀ For more information on this workout, the "fun" version, and movement standards click the link in our bio! ⠀ #teamSOUL #DeadBoysFitness #SummerSoulOpen #WWE #teamPRGNX

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#Repost @liliangarcia with @get_repost ・・・ In the newest episode of “Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia,” I sit down with @wwe Superstar Seth Rollins. Inside this episode, fresh off Extreme Rules, Seth reacts to his amazing Iron Man match with Dolph Ziggler— and what they both thought about the crowd chants. Rollins discusses what it was like growing up in Iowa, the struggles he experienced with his mom’s divorces, growing up as an introvert, and revealing— for the first time ever— that he doesn’t know his biological father. Find out how he overcame that and what he owes to his stepfather. Listen to how he discovered his love for wrestling and how he set his mind forth to conquer it, but it wasn’t the easiest of roads. It included driving over 3 hours just to go to wrestling school and going to college while holding down various jobs simultaneously. Once he made it into the WWE and gained his stride, Seth talks about what he had to go through physically after his 2015 injury and how long it took him to get back into the game mentally. Hear what lessons he has learned that he would tell his younger self, what his current goals are, and what @wwerollins hopes to accomplish with The Black and Brave Wrestling Academy. ⭐️ It’s about to get real, raw, and inspiring, with Seth “Freakin” Rollins! ⭐️ Go check #ChasingGlory out on any of these great platforms and don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe while you’re there! @spotify @applepodcasts @iheartradio @spreaker_ @tunein @stitcherpodcasts @soundcloud #overcastpodcast #googlepodcast and the ALL NEW Chasing Glory App! #SethRollins #CGsquad #podcast #real #raw #inspiring #WWE #wwesuperstars #mondaymotivation #spreadtheword

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“Hell’s Gate” _____ Redo party at @newcovcrossfit with @itsmebayley @noamdar @iammikaze and Steven. _____ This was the round of 14s. The make or break round of this workout. Happy to report there were no casualties and we all improved our scores. How was week 1 of the #summersoulopen for you? _____ Go tell @deadboysfitness and @teamsoul how much you hate them! Then head on over to @competitioncorner and sign up!

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Calm before the storm.... _____ #summersoul2018 _____ Week 1 in the books....unless I repeat. 😈 Any guesses on my score? _____ Head over to @deadboysfitness for tons of updates along this next 5 week journey of death and dying and love and fitness and friendship and smack talk and chaos and sweat and tears and blood and did I mention death??

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The First Workout of 2018 #SummerSoulOpen is... HELL’S GATE 1:00 on, 1:00 off until failure ______ Thrusters (95/65lbs - Advanced)(75/55lbs - Fun Bar Facing Burpees *Both must be completed in the minute ______ *Reps  start with 6/6 and increase by 2 every working minute _____ *First ON minute 6/6, second ON minute 8/8, third ON minute 10/10, etc _____ *Continue unitl you cannot compelete the prescribed reps in the ON minute _____ *Score is completed reps _____ Check the @competitioncorner page for movement standards. You can’t Kill US because we are ALREADY DEAD 💀! #DeadBoys #TeamSoul @wwerollins @wwecesaro @itsmebayley @noamdar @teamsoul @dannyxsoul

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Big thanks to #hardrockhotellv and @stevekayelv for the hospitality this weekend. Great food and service. Plus, some pretty sick memorabilia everywhere you look. ______ Now off to Pittsburgh for #extremerules...and my IC Title.

2018-07-12 17:48:04

The Deadboys and Team Soul are back at it again with everyone’s favorite summertime competiton, THE SUMMER SOUL OPEN! _____ 5 fabulous weeks of events that will push you to the limit. You will also get the chance to compete agaisnt your favorite athletes from around the world! _____ The events will be released every Thursday starting July 20th. _____ If you are not familar with functional fitness, NO Problem. The Summer Soul Open has a "FUN" Divison that you can do anywhere and with minimal equipment. _____ We will be giving away some amazing prizes to our top scores each week in both divisions. We can’t wait to see the videos and pics so please make sure to use the #SummerSoulOpen hashtag! _____ Sign up is in the Summer Soul story on my page! ____ @dannyxsoul @joshyg27 @teamsoul @deadboysfitness

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Last week @blackandbravewrestling moved into our new home in @downtowndavenport. _____ The facility itself is newly renovated and really captures the vibe and grit that defines @crossfit and pro wrestling. _____ Huge thanks to our friends and partners @progenex, @blackcraftcult and @roguefitness for believing in us and our vision and for helping us share the things we love with the world.

2018-06-29 03:38:48

Repost from @blackandbravewrestling ________ We'd like to send a big thank you to @thefoundationqc for their hospitality over the last four years! We couldn't have asked for better partners in @bbartz17, @josiahlorentzen and the rest of the gang! Next week we begin a new chapter of #BlackandBrave in our new facility in Davenport, IA! #BlackandBrave #OneNationUnderWrestling #BlackandBraveArmy