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2020-03-28 15:42:44

They say, Everything gets better with time...!!! . If preserved, valued and cherished with all of your Heart...!!! . Does the same happen with Love? I Always kept wondering why Wine is often used in poetries...!!! . And then I understood, it gets better with time...Kept fermented, taken care under certain circumstances keep adding to it's Value...!!! . What if I do the same with my Love for you... . Ferment it with Passion.... . Preserve it under the Abode of my Heart... . Bottle it in my Soul... . Give it the colour of every Cell of my Blood... . Scent it with fragrance you will leave in my Arms after I hug you.... . Label it with The Brand of our Names...!!! . And when one night, there's Full moon out there, with all the stars, cold breeze, every wave of Sea, Every element of nature being the witness...!!! Of US together while tasting every essence of it....!!! . Till then, I will keep fermenting my Love for you... Till infinity, People will remember Wine after US...!!! . -Nandini💜🍷 #thingsleftunsaid

2020-03-27 17:22:16

What breaks someone's heart? Expectations? The fact that one cares? Hope? Betrayal? . No, sometimes these all are too small to break someone..!!! . He asked me, "What broke you then?" "My Beliefs", I said in mind with a smile on my face. . Strange, right? . They say expectations hurt you the most. Agreed. But what if something very unexpected hits you and you are just left with question marks? . Sometimes it's difficult to break people, why? . Such people know how to differentiate others, while they don't reach out to few people because of what they have become. They still keep a few aside, the Ones who make them feel alive . LOVE, whom do you chose to Love? The ones who keep record of everything you do day and night? The ones who know only to say sugar coated words for you every now and then? . Well, I believe true Love is above all this. It's that feeling when someone makes you believe in something that you never choose to. . That feeling someone gifts you about that person being different from the world out there. . That unique smile of theirs, the way they talk about you...!!! . And above all, the way they made you Believe, that when everything will be changing something will remain Constant...!!! . The fact that two people will cross all boundaries, reach out to transparency where one doesn't have to think twice while uttering a word in front of other one...!!! . And when you find someone like this, can something have a power to break you...??? . My answer is yes, the same "Belief" when situations change, and that Person choses to Hide...!!!! . - Nandini❤️

2020-03-18 06:09:33

और..!? . नशीली आंखे उसकी, जो आँसू के गिरते वक़्त भी मुसकराती थी...!!! . वो बहकी बहकी, बेपरवाह बातें उसकी, मानो जैसे बस अभी दुनिया जीतने चला हो...!!! . होते है कुछ लोग, या यू कहो शख्सियत, जो सब सहज और सुंदर बनाने का हुनर लिए आते है इस दुनिया में... . बस यही सब तो भा गया था मेरे चंचल मन को.... . सोचती हूँ, जब बनाया होगा उसको, मेरे हर इबादत के जवाब की कल्पना की होगी उस रब ने...!!! . लोग पहला और आख़री प्यार की चर्चा करते है, पहला नादाँ होता है तो आंखरी जज्बात और मजबूरी से भरा... यकीन मानिए मेरी रूह झूम उठती है की वो दोनो भी नही रहा.... . क्योंकि पहला और आंखरी में उसे सीमित कर पाउ शायद इतनी लायाकदार समझती नही में ख़ुदको...!!! . बात रही साँवले रंग की, तो कृष्ण की छाया है वो, बातो में मुझे घुमा लेता है पर वही है जो मुझे मेरे ही ख़यालो में उलझने से बचाता आया है....!!! . वो जब आया, नजर मिली यू लगा मैंने होश गवाया नही संभाला है...!!! क्योंकि होश तो तुम नशे की आग़ोश आकर भी गवा सकते हो, असली हुनर तो उसीमे संभालना है ना...!!! . उसे मैंने समुंदर के लहरों जैसा आक्रमक होते देखा है, और पूर्णिमा के रात जितना शांत भी...!!! . उसे मैंने मुझसे अंतर रखे भी जिस्म को छुते मेहसूस भी किया है, और मेरे सबसे करीब होकर भी मेरे भिकरे रूह को समेठे देखा है...!! . मेरे सपने की शुरुवात भी वही, अंत भी वही...!!! बस उस प्रारंभ और अंत के बीचमें जो वो मुझे बनाने के कोशिश में है...!!! . मेरे लिए बस अब वही "प्रेम" की परिभाषा है...!!!💜 . -नंदिनी

2020-03-13 07:16:18

They say communication is the key to every Relation. But what kind of communication? . Five days ago, I got the notification for this new song, "Baatein karo". And I couldn't stop myself from repeatedly watching it. . I can see many relationship issues nowadays. Some fight over why one's partner didn't upload a picture with cheesy Caption. Some fight over "Last scene" and why one stayed online ever after saying bye. . I have seen people typing "I love you" messages even after their loved ones is sitting right besides them. While some are so busy indulging into games like Pubg, and series that they have forgotten what's really important left for them. . There were times when Vacation was defined as quality time to spend with your loved ones. But now it's just for the sake of clicking pictures with beautiful sceneries and fake smiles. . Video calls may give you the pleasure of watching your loved one. But what about that intense deep feeling of hugging tight and listening to their heart beats? . Has the feeling of Love became so weaker that we have to reach out and need help of social media to express what we feel? . How about next time you want to let the other one know how much you love them you try making a card, or singing their favourite song? Or just making their favourite dish or beverage and spend some time in their arms? Or about sending a love letter hand written if they are away from you? Or just giving a forehead kiss and whispering Thank you in their ears for the tough times they were with you...?? . Love doesn't need any social platform if you are ready to save it with your own personal touch...!!! . So "Baatein Karo mere saath bhi do, Baatein karo baatein karo...!!!" . -Nandini❤️ #thingsleftunsaid . Thank you @vayurus for such a soulful song...!!!❤️

2020-03-09 19:49:31

One thing that I hate and also love about photographs is that it holds memories but while looking at them everytime emotions may change and all we would crave is to feel those same emotions again when those photographs actually got captured...!!! . He loved White and I always loved him wearing one. But that day it was different, it was me who wore white in that Photograph of Ours...!!! . Well my gallery is messed up just Like my heart. I saw our photo and remembered how I got it printed so that to hang it on wall near my bed. And Act that I never did but just gave a thought about...!!! . My eyes in that photo are teary and yours are shining out of happiness. The way and tighter you were holding my hand, little did you know, you were losing grip over my heart...!!! . INTUITIONS...!!!! . You know how strong my intuitions have always worked for me. This photograph is a proof to those Intuitions...!!! . My eyes were teary, because I knew my intuitions shouting hard that this could be my last memory with you. . Beside my Intuition, there was Courage sitting in corner because I could not stop myself from that moment to happen. It was courageous to let you keep that smile of yours and act like everything is happening. . Because one thing I had learnt after already losing you before, that sometimes you have to let things and situations go om their own no matter how hard you want to stop everything from happening. . Both Bodies, present close having hand in hand. What was absent....? . Now that I look back, I agree with my Intuitions, it was Love that left us soon...!!! . We were two people posing something fake and that was mean to be.... "Our Last Photograph...!!!"💔 -Nandini

2020-03-02 07:53:47

It kills right? To see someone you love lost somewhere else...!? But deep down you chose to wait...!!! . Why!? . You can see that person doesn't talk the way they used to, their way of expressing has changed... . They might not enjoy the same book that they used to love reading before.... . They are not at fun, or the way they laughed and joked around you like before... . They don't look the same, though their style is same but you instantly see that Change when you see their recent photos.... . No, now they might not click photos of everything they eat, they might not want to talk about everything that is running through their minds... . They'll not sleep, but deep inside something in them has slept for a while now... . Their Good morning texts won't mean "Good" now, they will sit back watch you in silence and chose not to say a word... . They won't feel you, because they want to save you from everything that is killing them... . They might die to hug you, but they won't. They won't open their mouth while all the doubts might make them run behind questions with thorns in those tired footsteps of their soul....!!! . They will be rude and won't even say sorry, but they will cut pieces of their soul for doing this to you... . They will keep themselves into the dark, so that you can stand strong into the brights...!!! . Loving someone like this requires strength, but that's what Love does, makes you strong... Right..!? . When you see this killing you, just Believe what you are feeling not what you see...!!! . Because Love is about what you felt. . Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow...!!! Without doubts, with Trust... Without complaints, with Compliments.. Without giving up, with Staying...!!!❤️ . -Nandini #thingsleftunsaid

2020-02-19 18:57:41

कहते है अपने मन के भीतर भी एक ऐसी दुनिया होती है, जो केवल अपने कल्पना से हम सजाते है...!!! . मैं तो झल्ली सी लड़की हूँ, जो अक्सर मेरे उस दुनिया में जब मन कहे चली जाती हूँ...!!! . कहते है मकान भले ही छोटा हो, बस उसे घर का एहसास वहा निवास करने वाले ही दे सकते है...!!! . मेरी उस दुनिया के एक गली में अक्सर मैं छोटे मासूम बच्चों के साथ खिल खिलाते हुए अपना बचपन याद कर जी लेती हूँ....!!! . बस उसी गली से कुछ अंतर आगे चले जाओगे अगर, तो वहा कुछ लगभग 70 साल के उम्र के दादाजी रहते है, जब भी जाती हूँ वो हमेशा सर से हाथ घुमाके मुझे वो किसी बड़े बुजुर्ग का प्यार की कमी कभी महसूस नही होने देते...!!! . फिर आती है वो गली, जहा जाते ही अदरक की खुसबू से तुरंत पता चल जाता है, की ठेले वाली थोड़ी ज्यादा मीठी, एकदम कड़क चाय बनाई जा रही है, और मानो इस कल्पना से ही मन ताज़गी से महक उठता है...!!! . वही उस शहर में, एक ऐसी जगह है जहा दूर तक दृष्टि जाए तो बस सारे सप्तरंगों के फूल नज़र आते है, मानो जैसे सारे खुशियां आसमान से आके मुझपे बरस पड़ी हूँ....!!! . फिर आती है वो गली जहा मेरे सारे दोस्त मिल बैठे महफ़िल सजाये बैठे रहते है, जहा बातें दुनियादारी की कम बस बेझिजक जिंदगी का सब मजे लूटते है....!!! . बस यही रंगीन गली के बाद आता है वो हिस्सा जो मेरे मन में बेहद करीब है, भले वहा पहोचते देर होजाती है... . लेकिन उन हसीन अनगिनत तारों के बीच बस एक अकेला चाँद जिसकी परछाई बिल्कुल वहां के झील के पानी को चांदी जैसे चमका देता है... उसी झील के किनारे, मुझे '"वो" मिलते है....!!! . न जाने कैसे उन्हें मेरे आने का एहसास सबसे पहले होजाता है, में उनके करीब पोहछू इसके पहले ही पलट के मेरा हाथ थाम लेते है....!!! . बस उस एक लम्हें मे मानो मुझे संसार भरकर "सुकून" का एहसास होता है. फिर उसी झील के किनारे बैठे में उनके कवी मन से उन्ही की लिखी नई कविता सुनाने का परिहास करती हूँ...!!! . इस बार वो कहे, "पिछली बार तुम अपनी पायलिया भूल गई थी, तो मैंने उनकी छम छम आवाज सुन उन्हीके बार में लिख दिया हूँ....!!! . फिर उनके मधुर आवाज में, उनके कवी मन के बोल सुन मुझे मेरी इस खयाली दुनिया का सबसे हसीन एहसास होजाता है...!!!! . वहां से निकलते मुझे फिरसे वही जाने की आँस लगी रहती है....!!! . तो चलो, फिरसे अगली बार में उसी गली ले चलू...!! . -नंदीनी🌷🌈🌌

2020-02-18 11:00:35

रात के 2 बज रहे है, आज तुमने अपनी DP बदली है, अब तक 55 बार देख लिया है, तुम्हारी मुस्कान, तुम क्या पहने हो सब कुछ निहारते हुए फिर सोने की कोशिश में लगी हूँ...!!! नही कह पाई की तुम अच्छे लग रहे हो...!!! . 20 दिन पहले जब तुम बोले थे की काश हम दोनों एक दूसरे के बचपन का हिस्सा होपाते तो आज यादें होती और हालात पूरे अलग. मैंने Hmm करके आगे कुछ कहा नही. जो हो न सका या जिसके सपने देख बस मायूसी हासिल हो वैसे ख्वाब या विचार करने इतना शायद मेरा मनोबल दृढ़ है ही नही.... बस इसीलिए चुप रहती हूँ...!!! . तुम्हें क्या खाना पसन्द हैं, कोनसा रंग मन को भाता हैं, जिदंगी से तुम्हारी उम्मीदें और शिकायतें क्या है, तुम्हे किस दिशा सोये नींद अच्छी आती है, कोनसे गीत के ऊपर तुम झूमते हो, ये सब जानना फिर पहचान बढ़ाना सुंदर सहेज लगता होगा तुम्हे... बस वही सफर तय कर आखिर जब दो लोग फिर अजनबी होने तक का ढोंग नही लुभाता मेरे मन को अब...!!! बस अब जान लो, इसलिये चुप रहती हूँ...!!! . कल के अतीत, और भविष्य के मेरे सपने को लेके जब तुम सवाल करते हो, जब आये दिन पूछते हो की मेरा दिन कैसा था, जो तुम पिछले शुक्रवार को कुर्ता पहनी थी वोतुम्हे जंच रहा था ये कह देते हो .... मन मेरा शांत झील के पानी जैसा होजाता है, होंठ कुछ सूखे पड़ते है, हाथों की उंगलिया में दबा लेती हूँ...! . जानते हो क्यों.... . के जो तुम आज भी बच्चों के तरह बेजीझक युही सपने देख लेते हो, बस वही एक एक सपने के साथ मेरा दिल का हर एक टुकड़ा बिखरता देख चुकी हूँ... तुम नादाँ हो, तो में पत्थर... तुम जितने आसानी से हस देते हो, उतनी ही कम कष्ट से मुझे रोना आजाता है...!!! . जिस कठोरता को लेके तुम मुझे टोक देते हो, उसी के पीछे यही टूटे सपने को गोंद से चिपकाए में समेठे बैठी हूँ...!!! में चुप रहती हो, इसे भले तुम मेरे बेपरवाही के सबूत मानते हो... . बस जानलो इतना की इसी खामोशी के पीछे एक डरी, सहमी लड़की है.... वो डर के फिरसे एक ऐसी आँस निर्माण ना हो जिससे में सपनो के माया जाल में हकीकत ही भुल जाऊ, वो सपने टूटने का सदमा जिससे में थोड़ी और भीतर मन की मौत का मातम मनाउ... . बस इसलिए चुप रहती हूँ....!!!💔 -नंदिनी

2020-02-10 07:17:00

याद है मुझे कहते थे तुम, बचपना छोर दो "mature" होजाओ... तो सुनो, तुम्हारे सामने नादाँ सी रहती थी, लेकिन वक़्त ने और तुम्हारी कुछ हरकतों ने मुझे समझा दिया... की मेरी हर छोटी बात पे कुछ ज्यादा ही खुश होकर मेरा झूमना तुम देख सखो इस लायक थे ही नही तुम...!!! . जिंदगी के हर मोड़ पर तुम मुझे "आयना" दिखाते चले गए, मैंने भी भीतर से अपने आप को खोजना सीख ही लिया.. आज भी हर इंसान मुझे आयना दिखाता है लेकिन में अब मेरा चेहरा खुद तक ही सिमित रखती हूँ...!!! हर कोई मुझे जान सखे अब ये जरूरी सा लगता ही नही मुझे...!!! . तुम्हारे ना होने के बादसे ही नए लोगों से बात करना मेरे मन को भाता है, तो सुनो, जब वो लोग पूछते है ना कहानी मेरी तो तुम्हारा जिक्र भी करना मुझे गुन्हा जैसा लगता है...!!! लगा था तुम रहोगे जिंदगी का हिस्सा मेरे....लेकिन तुम्हारे बिना मुझे नही लगती मेरी कहानी अधूरी अब...!!! मैंने ख़ुद ही को खुदमे पूर्ण कर लिया है अब...!!! . आज जब भी "श्रृंगार" करती हूँ तो बिखर भी जाए काजल मेरा, नही बन पाए अगर झुल्फे ठीक से, होटों पे रंग थोड़ा ज्यादा लग जाए या फिर थोड़ा सरक जाए दुपट्टा मेरा, तो सम्भालती नही हूँ...!!! जो बिखरा है रूह मेरा मुझे अब खूबसूरत लगता है, समेटना, सवरने में वक़्त जाया करना कितना गलत है ये हमारे बिखरे टुटते रिश्ते से सीख लिया है मैंने...!!! . "मुखवटों" से कितनी नफरत थी मुझे ये तो जानते हो तुम, लेकिन दौड़ती जिंदगी, बेपरवह लोग, और पत्थर दिलो को आस पास देख कर मैंने भी शायद एक मुखवटा पहन ही लिया है अब...!!! कोई मुझे "स्वीकृति" भी दे ये भी मुझे मायने कहा रखता है अब...!!! कहा ना, मैंने संसार से परे "ख़ुदको" स्वीकार लर लिया है...!!! . . "प्यार", "मोहब्बत", और "इश्क़" ये सारे जो एहसास और शब्द है ना, इसके मोहताज़ "तुम" थे ही कहा कभी मेरे लिए... इन्हें तुम्हारे आने के पहले भी अपने दिलों दिमाग में सहेजती रही हूँ... और तुम्हारे जाने के बाद सब गहरा ही होता गया है मेरे लिए...!!! तुम से "गहराई" की उम्मीद रखती तो शायद ये समंदर में किनारे तक का ही रह जाता सफर ये मेरा...!!! . आज भी पुराने गानों को सुनते खो जाना मेरा हर रात का पसंदीदा सिलसिला चलता है, बस इनका हिस्सा कोई और हुआ करता है अब... नींद आज भी कम ही है मेरी, लेकिन काली, खामोश रातों में खुशी से रोते, सूकून का एहसास लेते लेते, उन्ही गीतो को कानों से लेके दिल मे डुबोकर चली जाती हूं मेरे सपनो के करीब...!!! . (CONTINUED IN COMMENT SECTION)

2020-02-08 13:13:34

They say, "Something bad often leads you to something beautiful..!!" . Though, I never believed that how something that is hurting you can lead you to save your heart...!!! . Miracles happen, people do fall in Love again after facing betrayal. And then no matter how hard you try, you can't escape from someone who loves you. . "Destiny" wether you believe or not, has plans for everyone. And someone you meet one day becomes the best gift and you feel like your prayers got answered, like best blessing God bestowed upon you...!!! . While the other night a year ago, I was crying the hell out of me, the other day I was dancing out of happiness...!!! . At one hand I had someone who broke my heart brutally and at other who again repaired it beautifully with his Love...!!! . That one day I understood Life is uncertain and you never know what is waiting for you. But every question itching your heart, every tear you shed on those lonely nights...That "One Person" will someday be the answer to everything...!!! . Someone there is only made to mend your soul, he will pick those pieces of you and complete you beautifully...!!! . Someone is waiting for you to reach there...and believe me this journey won't be easy but when you will see the Destination in the form of your Soulmate....everything will feel like it was Worth it...!!! . Just like someone did it for me, a Year ago...!!!❤️ . -Nandini #thingsleftunsaid

2020-02-05 08:17:45

It's been two years, Nick and I are staying in Live in Relationship. . It's 10 a.m, and he has already left for his office an hour ago. After I freshen up, when I enter kitchen, I notice he has already kept my breakfast ready with a cute sticky note kept aside saying, "Good Morning babe, it's that time of the month from today so have a peaceful day. Happy Mood swings with a naughty emoji and some cute hearts with purple ink...!!! . He is Chartered accountant, and I am preparing for my entrance for Masters in Medicine. "Breakfast was Yumm. Thank you Darling..!!!😘" I tap the send button and then leave for my clinic. . It's friday, and as per the schedule diet which Nick has promised me to follow strictly it's his cheat day. I am sure he is looking forward for his dinner tonight. He being a Punjabi, I have decided to surprise him with his favorite "Butter Chicken"... . It's 1 o'clock and he sends me the picture of his lunch which includes all greens and fruits assuring me that he is following my words...!!! . We both have come a long way now...!!! When he forgets to call his mom, I make sure we have a video call sessions with both of our families every weekend...!! . He being related to field of Finance, always makes sure to hear out my stories of patients...!!! . While I solve my MCQ's for my entrance staying awake he makes sure I have my turmeric milk before I fall asleep...!!! . While I make sure to watch every movie of his interest with him, he makes sure to read a book each month as per my suggestion...!!! . While he handles our monthly financial budgets, I try my best to take care of our respective Health issues...!!! . We wake-up early and make sure to have our workout and breakfast together. And when we return home after a long day no matter how tired, we make sure to share every incident of the day...!!! . He hardly gets anxious but when he does, he needs his self time to think and I make sure to leave him some space of his own. And when I get tensed over my confidence issues he makes sure to hug me tight and boost me with his positive vibes...!!! . (Continued in comment section)

2020-02-04 06:06:03

"NO", I said all of a sudden. And the very next moment you left. I sat there with tears rolling out of my eyes. But I knew you would return soon, not for the sake of Love but for our friendship....!!! . But you never did, and I understood even best friends leave and when they do there's no coming back. . I still remember the first time I cried in front of you, and how much you hated those tears. Since then I have tried hard to hold them in my eyes whenever I think about you. . I haven't even opened our playlists of song since the day you left because I miss the way we both used to sing our favorite songs. But every time I hear Enrique singing "Somebody's Me", a part of me falls numb.. . Everytime I open our chats, I realize how much I did hurt you unknowingly. Right from discussing our breakfast menus till what fun we will have in our marriage ceremonies, though we had a chemistry which even many lovers struggle to have, now I understand we both looked differently at every situation..!! . I promised to stay in every part of your life. You could have asked for anything and I would have said "Yes". But you asked me to follow the path of "Love", and when I denied how could you break our beautiful bond of "Friendship". . I know, I have lost someone who could have loved me Like no other man could ever do. But what about me, who considered you to me by "Best Friend Forever"...!?. . You always knew I had fear of Losing people I love. But with you everything was different...!!! . Now every night, I somehow remembering you, make that fear in me sleep for a while. Remembering those insomniac nights spent with you...I don't know when I fall asleep. . But that one question you asked and my sudden reply of "NO", that moment gets replayed in my mind millions of times...!!!💔 . -Nandini #thingsleftunsaid


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