@therock Mana. Gratitude. Tequila. And not necessarily in that order..

2018-10-21 13:04:30

Dialed in & hit the mark. 260lbs of attitude & classy cuss words. After 18 weeks of disciplined diet & intense training, here’s where I landed my carcass for shooting my FAST & FURIOUS spin-off HOBBS & SHAW. Always room for improvements, but not too bad for a scarred up surgically repaired Brahma Bull who’s injuries always tell the story. Huge THANKS to my strength and conditioning coach @daverienzi for his masterful strategies that’s constantly shifting daily based on how I’m looking/feeling to achieve our goals. THANKS to EVERYONE in my inner circle (including the NASA scientists 😉) who support the big picture - my diet, training, health & wellness, balance, consistency and execution. Finally, THANKS TO ALL THE FANS. My people out there worldwide 🌎 who buy into our grind belief and my philosophy that payin’ our dues is owed on a daily basis. Thanks for rockin’ with me — let’s have some fun and take this HOBBS & SHAW franchise to the next level. #HardestWorkerInTheRoom #Hobbs #NightlyTequilaDrinker 🥃

2018-10-19 16:58:11

How I strut into the gym... and how I get down in the bedroom after a night of tequila. 😈💪🏾🥃🕺🏽 (Smoothness from @salif_crookboyz) @complex

2018-10-19 15:58:49

IT’S OFFICIAL. It’s a ways away, but we plant our summer flag early — JULY 24th, 2020. Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages. My partner in crime, Emily Blunt and I, cordially invite you to join us for THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME. What could possibly go wrong? All aboard.. 😈 DISNEY’S JUNGLE CRUISE 🚢 🗺🌴❤️🥃

2018-10-19 08:42:46

TBT in our beloved Florida Everglades where I tamed Big Bertha — the legendary swampland gator responsible for biting off 7 human arms, 47 toes, 12 truck bumpers and 1 leather fanny pack. My interpretation of “fun” has always been slightly debatable. Now kindly hold my tequila tea, I gotta gator to wrassle 😈💪🏾

2018-10-17 11:28:13

“Don’t we all” 😈 Happy 6 month Birthday to our lil’ disrupter, Tiana Gia. We’re a family of non-traditionalists so we celebrate everything ❤️✊🏾 @laurenhashianofficial #TeamBreastMilk

2018-10-15 21:53:31

Two Hollywood Heavyweights and some bald, tatted rando with muthafuckin’ magician skills of balancing light fixtures on my head after 3 🥃 tequilas. Always a pleasure choppin’ up our business with our @sevenbucksprod President, @hhgarcia41 and my lead agent and WME partner, Brad Slater @bslater9. Surround yourself with hungry, brilliant people who share your vision and go to work. We build out. We build big. #LondonChopSession #SevenBucksEnterprise #HoldMyTequilaIHaveAnIdea💡

2018-10-15 14:08:15

Got a visit from my JUNGLE CRUISE ❤️ ohana on the set of HOBBS & SHAW here in London. These two good lookin’ aliens have a lot going on. My partner in crazy, Emily Blunt/ the woman who’s delivering one of the greatest Christmas gifts of all time with her iconic turn as the one and only, MARY POPPINS in theaters Dec 19th. And @jackwhitehall who not only has his own NETFLIX special, but delivering an early Christmas gift as well in Disney’s THE NUTCRACKER in theaters Nov 2nd — and so defiant he wears my IRON PARADISE weightlifting belt backwards and dares someone to tell him he’s wrong. And finally, the big, brown, bald tattooed deadbeat in the middle who doesn’t have shit going on in his life and his biggest claim to fame is telling the world its classy to drink tequila before noon. Always good to see their faces. Cuz asses ain’t kickin’ themselves. #MaryPopPop #TequilaBeef #ActionJack #TheDisrupters

2018-10-15 09:53:41

JOHN HENRY 🚂🔨💪🏾 Awesome response (and highly curious because the majority of you commented that you don’t know who John is) to my announcement of our ground breaking partnership with NETFLIX to bring the legend of JOHN HENRY to life. JOHN HENRY is an African American folklore legend who I grew up with. I’m proud to take on the role and equally excited to introduce JOHN HENRY’S story to homes & families all around the world 🌎 John was one bad dude. My kinda man who made decisions based on his gut and instinct. The thing that I loved as a kid and I appreciate more as a man — is that John also had basic core values that speak directly to my DNA. In today’s cynical, divisive, noisy times — JOHN HENRY’S values, strength, morals and heart, all matter today more than ever. Families all around the world are gonna love John Henry’s story. I’m grateful to be the one to tell it. And to quote my @netflix partners — Daddy’s gotta go to work 😉💪🏾🌎🔨

2018-10-14 17:17:54

On JANUARY 2ND at 8PM on @NBC our TITAN GAMES debuts. This athletic competition series is made of my DNA. A reflection of my passions. The struggles I’ve experienced. The disciplines I believe in. The core belief that our fate lies within our own two hands. Blood. Sweat. Respect. The first two you give.. the last one you earn. Welcome to the epic TITAN ARENA, where Titans aren’t born - they’re made. @nbctitangames @sevenbucksprod @asmithcoprod @NBC #UniversalTelevisionAlternative JANUARY 2ND 8PM on NBC

2018-10-14 10:20:53

Sunday morning sideways shit show. All my baby girls are battling colds..🤒 Lil’ Jazzy comes into our bed to wake me up, lays on my chest and coughs directly into my mouth 👍🏾 I come downstairs to this beautiful mess and my French bulldog, Hobbs looking at me like, “Real talk brotha, I didn’t do shit... now go on and put some breakfast in my bowl and we gonna be cool” Good way to start my Sunday before I head into work!! #BringItOn 😂🤷🏾‍♂️

2018-10-13 11:43:55

My (after sushi) cheat meal Cookie Train 🍪 🚂 rolls on. As I do every cookie cheat meal, I break out the Netflix, find the right viewing pleasure and begin to destroy. This week my DJ Signature double chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies with real peanut butter layered in the middle collides with @joerogan’s new comedy special #StrangeTimes. Highly recommend and mahalo for the shout out brother 🤙🏾 And just to contextualize this image for you — I have the biggest laptop MAC that’s available on the market. That gives you an idea of how fucking gigantic these cookies are 😂😈 Enjoy your cheat meals my friends - you’ve earned them. You ain’t cheatin’ if you ain’t eatin’. #CheatMealCookieTrain #TakingSinToANewLevel

2018-10-13 09:16:11

My cheat meal Sushi Train 🍣 🚂 rolls on... Worked my ass off all week to enjoy this masterpiece from a spot here in London, called #SushiShop. Highly recommend. I will apply my chess game techniques here by Attacking brilliantly Playing defense stunningly And ending it all with calculated precision. This soosh has zero chance of survival, but this game has no losers today. Winners only. Especially my greedy, glutinous belly. Enjoy your cheat meals my friends - you’ve earned them. #CheatMealSoooshiTrain #ChessAndWooosabi 🧠 🥢

2018-10-12 17:01:04

We built the biggest outdoor arena ever for an athletic competition series on TV - THE TITAN ARENA. Our next step: Conduct the first ever TITAN COMBINE to FIND OUR TITANS. Tens of thousands of hardworking, athletic people from all walks of life applied - LESS THAN 100 made it. This series is my DNA and we tested and pushed these athletes like never before. They sweat, they agonized in pain and they bled. I was very proud 😈 Get ready to see who's hungriest in the land for that coveted title of TITAN CHAMPION with our two-hour premiere event on WEDNESDAY JAN 2 at 8pm on @NBC. Mark your calendar 📆 as we kick off the new year with a very DISRUPTIVE BANG💥 @ASmithCoProd @SevenBucksProd #UniversalTelevisionAlternative #TITANGAMES #NBC

2018-10-12 08:25:52

My lil’ Jasmine Lia just looooves coming to hang out with me in the #IronParadise while I clang and bang and crank out loud tunes 🎶. It warms my cold black heart as she just sits on the ground and looks up in complete loving awe and says “Wow daddy you’re so strong” while I hammer away 🔨 💪🏾 Ironically, my baby son @kevinhart4real does the exact same thing too when he comes to watch me workout. #GratefulForTheseLittleMoments #TeachingAllMyBabyGirls #AndLittleKevKevToo #BeTheHardestWorkerInTheRoom

2018-10-11 21:08:10

I learned a long time ago (when I was a very sinful eyebrow raising villainous man in the crazy world of pro wrestling;) that heroes are only as great as their greatest villains. A pleasure to introduce the man himself @idriselba we brought in to our Fast & Furious franchise to wreak havoc, hell and mayhem on our heroes HOBBS & SHAW. The name: BRIXTON. The record: UNDEFEATED. The promise: SHOWDOWN OF ALL SHOWDOWNS. So cool having my brother @idriselba come and play in our sandbox. This one’s been years in the making!! As I always say, we either gonna get along or we gonna get it on... and fuck getting along 😈 #BRIXTON #TheConsequenceAgent #HellRaiser HOBBS & SHAW SUMMER 2019 📸 @hhgarcia41

2018-10-11 16:52:53

Link up top☝🏾in bio. *scroll left Our new @underarmour #ProjectRock #AllDayHustleCollection rocked by the most bad ass hustlin’ women on the planet. NEW Project Rock Wireless 🎧 The WORLD’S FIRST (and best) headphones engineered for hard core training. Train hard. Stay strong. Enjoy the gear. #ProjectRockWomen #ItsInHerDNA #AllDayHustleCollection @adelejackson26 @chelsea.aguiar 💪🏾

2018-10-11 00:26:02

Thx for all the luv and great to see everyone pumped for our JOHN HENRY & THE STATESMEN movie. We have a great take on this folklore legend and his disruptive band of STATESMEN, who will be a bad ass multi cultural gang of fellow folklore legends from cultures all around the world. My old man would tell me bedtime stories about John Henry, and he’d always sing me, “Big John” to put me to sleep. Then of course the next day, he’d take me down to the gym and beat my ass on the wrestling mats. We’ll call those, the tough luv years lol. Thx again for the support of the “Steel driving man” #JohnHenry 💪🏾🔨 #AndTheStatesmen 🌎 #NETFLIX

2018-10-09 14:22:26

THE LEGEND IS REAL. Pretty cool announcement droppin’ today. 3pm EST / 12pm PST No it’s not a movie about my cheat meals, though that would be fun 💀 #TheLegendIsReal

2018-10-07 23:40:11

Grateful for this global 🙏🏾🌍 reception as #SKYSCRAPER crosses $300M+ at the worldwide box office. I was given this opportunity to play in this genre & intimate space of extreme circumstance and seemingly insurmountable odds as an amputee. THANK YA for your eyes and your support — this role meant a lot to me as well as the people I represented. Thanks for rockin’ with me on this one!! Grateful man. See ya down the road 🤟🏾 #SKYSCRAPER

2018-10-07 16:28:34

Set your DVR’s TONIGHT our @ballershbo SEASON FINALE. The mentality. Outwork all competition, be grateful for the grind, don’t run from your demons and if it ever becomes personal, then payback’s a bitch. Enjoy the finale and THANK YOU for rockin’ with us this season. 10pm TONIGHT on @HBO.

2018-10-07 11:28:02

430am. Sunday. London 🇬🇧 My Anchor. My therapy. #IronParadise For every location I film at, I bring my traveling circus (over 50,000lbs of iron) so I can train at all hours of the night without being disturbed with cameras and a gym frenzy of people. It’s a crazy conceit when you think about it, but it’s a necessity for me that serves as my calm, peace & balance in my otherwise frenetic and wildly busy life. Now it sure as hell, doesn’t have to be this traveling iron circus of freaks, but I do encourage you to do your best to identify your anchor - and then protect it. Anchors lead to your success. Thank you London for the ❤️ and embracing my crazy to bend boundaries. #BloodSweatRespect #IronParadise #UK #IronMan #OzzyInspired #FindYourAnchor

2018-10-06 10:44:45

The cheat meal Sushi Train 🍣🚂 steam rolls on down the line. Tried this new soosh spot that was a recommendation from my new best friend, Stanley Tucci. Great food. If anyone has sushi recommendations while I’m here in London, holla. Second time viewing of one of my fav docs, “Won’t you be my neighbor” about one of the most kind, compassionate, caring & steadfast human beings to ever walk God’s green earth - Fred Rogers aka Mr. Rogers. So pumped to see Tom Hanks play him. Perfect casting. Excuse me while I stuff my face and bring gluttony to a whole new level. #CheatMealSushiTrain #JustMissingMyTequila #HunksOfWooooSabi 🥢 💪🏾

2018-10-04 22:39:22

6pm. London, England. I was warming up in the #IronParadise to crush my leg training when I get the text from @laurenhashianofficial asking “Big Daddy feel like cooking dinner for his girls?”...I texted back/ Hold my beer and watch this. Took my sweatshirt off, tied it around my waist like an apron and went to work. Served hot and delicious: Ribeye steaks BBQ ribs Basmati rice Handled and done - and no one spit my food out. I will now go back to train legs in the #IronParadise. For the record, “hot and delicious” is my nickname on weekends when I’m 4 tequilas in. #GetTheJobDone #TakinCareOfMyGirls

2018-10-03 22:44:45

FIRST LOOK: HOBBS & SHAW. We either gonna get along or we gonna get it on. Fuck getting along 😈 Great first week of shooting our Fast & Furious spin-off, “HOBBS & SHAW” with my ace @jasonstatham. We’re havin’ a blast disrupting the norm to deliver something fresh, cool, fun and bad ass for the fans. #TheOutlawLawman #TheInternationalSpy #HobbsAndShaw SUMMER 2019 @universalpictures @davidmleitch 📸 @hhgarcia41

2018-10-03 10:40:10

Me: Come here baby, daddy’s gonna sing to you. Tiana Gia: Falls fast asleep by the time daddy sings the 2nd verse. Me: Good Lord my honey coated gravel voice is effective. I’m feelin’ very good about myself right now. Tiana Gia: Proceeds to poo 💩.. BIG. Me: Questioning how I should interpret this entire emasculating situation. #DaddysArmsAndLullabies 💪🏾🎶 #EffectiveInEveryWay 💤💩❤️

2018-10-03 08:32:54

History was made at this year’s @mrolympiallc in our great sport of bodybuilding. Beyond the iconic Olympia stage of titles and achievements - the mastery of bodybuilding (to build ones body) will always serve as one of life’s most powerful anchors. At its core, regardless of what color you are, where you come from or what you do for a living... it all starts and ends with the work you put in in the gym. Sweat. Equity. Congrats to all our newly crowned champions as well as the athletes who didn’t achieve their goals — as failure is our greatest teacher. And now it’s cheat meal time 😈 #SweatEquity #HardestWorkerInTheRoom #Mastery #TheOlympia ** LINK TO WATCH FULL VID UP TOP ⬆️

2018-10-01 09:03:19

Midnight. By any means necessary. Just cuz I’m in London, doesn’t mean my Sunday Sushi Train 🍣 🚂 doesn’t roll on. Shout to my ace/partner in crime, Emily Blunt for the soosh recommendation. Polished it off w/ my signature double stuffed chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies with real peanut butter in the middle. I’m late to the game on watching this doc, but THE DEFIANT ONES w/ Dr Dre & Jimmy Iovine is a must see. When I was a kid I heard a quote, that stuck with me for life - once you’ve been hungry, you’ll never be full. Cheers boys 🥃 to never being full and always being the hardest worker in the room. #TrainRollsOn #CheatMealSunday 🇬🇧💪🏾

2018-09-30 09:19:38

The #ProjectRock men ⛓ Come in all colors and shapes. With the core belief that all progress comes through pain — and the hustle isn’t just at a certain time of the day... it’s all day. Train hard. Stay strong. #AllDayHustleCollection #ProjectRock #UnderArmour * LINK FOR THE GEAR IN MY BIO. @brianmazza #TaejahnTaylor

2018-09-30 05:45:03

Eagle has landed — 🦅🇬🇧 LONDON. Ready to rumble. Diggin’ in to start production of our “Hobbs & Shaw” Fast & Furious spin-off. This one’s been years in the making. Motivated to build the franchise out to deliver something fresh, new, fun and bad ass for the fans. Let’s roll. #DaddysGottaGoToWork #ButFirstHeNeedsCarbs #HobbsAndShaw #London #Samoa 🇬🇧🇼🇸

2018-09-29 17:58:09

Sound of silence - that’s an official wrap on the grueling, yet so gratifying production of TITAN GAMES. The dust has settled. The smoke has cleared. The crowds have gone home. Titans have (literally) bled. Titan have been crowned champions. Dreams have come true. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who worked relentlessly hard to deliver something great for our audience. If you build it, they will come... and that’s exactly what THEY did. This was for THEM. Congratulations to our newly crowned TITAN CHAMPIONS. This TITAN ARENA, is my stage, but now it’s YOUR HOUSE. #DreamsAintJustForDreamers #BloodSweatRespect #TitanGames COMING THIS JANUARY ON @NBC.