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17 hours ago

To become a CHAMPION. The road to mrolympiallc is paved with sweat, iron, extreme hard work, discipline and no cheat meals until the show is over 🥞😈 Once again, myself, daverienzi, danygarciaco & sevenbucksds will be in Las Vegas SEPT 13th-15th, shining the spotlight on these incredible athletes of our sport. I look forward to presenting the prestigious Sandow Trophy to the winner. And NEW... or... AND STILL? WeekendOfChampions Olympia2018 Vegas

1 day ago

They’re here 🎧 Like you, my gym time is critical. It’s our time to shut the world out and anchor in. I prefer training in “over the ear” headphones, but have been consistently disappointed (pissed is a better word) with every pair, from every brand that just couldn’t handle my workouts. I thought if no one is going to design headphones BUILT FOR TRAINING, then I would. And I’d make them the best. Almost 2 years later, they’ve arrived. Our next underarmour collection DROPS NEXT WEEK 6/28. ProjectRockWireless Durability Functionality HighQuality BadAss

1 day ago

Cool SKYSCRAPER movie fact/ We hired Adrian Smith - one of the most notable architects in the world to help us consult and design the tallest and most advanced building on earth. THE PEARL. Adrian famously designed the Burj Khalifa in Dubai (legit tallest building in the world) as well as the building that will eventually surpass that - the Jeddah Tower, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Get ready for the most anticipated original action movie of the summer. ThePerfectBuilding SKYSCRAPER🔥 JULY 13th 🌎

2 days ago

As you know, SKYSCRAPER is my homage to DIE HARD & THE TOWERING INFERNO. Movies of a vintage genre that inspired generations. It was also important, to anchor my character with a quality we can all relate to - the ability to overcome odds. teamglas and wounded amputee warriors around the world were my inspiration for the character of, Will Sawyer. Jeff was the first American amputee to climb Everest and has become an inspiration to so many around the world, including myself. Salute of respect to you brother and thank you for giving me your time, passion, strength & perspective. And thank you for inspiring a generation.. and kicking ass! SKYSCRAPER JULY 13th 🌎

2 days ago

It’s on - Sunday cheat meal. Chocolate chip banana pancakes, syrup, peanut butter and aliwong. Very funny and talented chick. Highly recommend! And I’ll have my usual post cheat meal carb coma/sugar sweats by 2am tonight. Everyone wins. DontCheatYourself TreatYourself PancakesAndWong

2 days ago

Bitter sweat Sunday, but my baby girl’s made it the best they could and I’m grateful and proud to be their daddy. Even kevinhart4real who’s having a rough Father’s Day as he’s just finding out on the ‘gram that he’s adopted. Sorry Kev, I may not be your real father, but I’ll always be yo daddy 👼🏾🍼

3 days ago

Happy Father’s Day to this hardly ever smiling OG bad ass. Little boys by nature, look up to and idolize their old man. They want to be just like em, do whatever they do and are always looking for their approval. Funny thing is the day I stopped looking for that approval was the day I understood what it meant to be man and more importantly, a father. That shift lifted me to a new level of gratitude for the tough love he always gave. Years later as a man and father of three girls, I know that tough love, is a helluva lot better than no love at all. I’ll take it. It’s made me who I am today. Grateful to the original Rock. HappyFathersDay KingStache RockyJohnson

3 days ago

There’s a spot in hell for all of us rewatching and laughing way too hard at this 🦋 😈 SavageBentley

3 days ago

*swipe left / TEAM SKYSCRAPER at UNIVERSAL. Impressive marketing, advertising & publicity presentation. There are some very brilliant, enthusiastic & HUNGRY people in this room. For a dude like me, who never wants to just play in the game, but rather change the way the game is played, meetings like this speak to a much larger conversation. Which is there’s no success - big or small - that ever happens alone. It ALWAYS comes down to teamwork and giving your team as much opportunity to win as you can. Great campaign lined up. Great team ready to execute. Great movie made for the world. Teamwork Universal sevenbucksprod SKYSCRAPER JULY 13