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2020-04-02 04:22:16

In early March, @winkmodels reached out to us as part of their upcoming plus size campaign, in search of both female and male talent! All the finalists came to our Sydney studio for a special photo shoot in collaboration with the campaign’s two main sponsors @stylerunner and @johnnybigg - as well as @themakeupinstitute_au that took care of the finalists on the day or the shoot! The two main winners in the female and male category both will receive a modelling contract with WINK Models, a $1,000 Stylerunner wardrobe redesign and more prizes worth over $2,000 from amazing brands listed below! @koala , @nancyganzau , @curlewis_ , @taltarni , @boohoo , @plivatiswim , @barewolf_clinic , @seedlipaus_nz , @palmers_aus , @calabriafamilywines , Medlab Multibiotics, Calm & Confidence Body Wash, @raqapparel , @marvell_lane_swim , @monicathelabel , @LittlePartyDress, @glowbarbondibeach , @cotypraustralia , @maxfactorau , @waterwipesausnz , @monteandlou , @davroe , @erstwilder , @bellabronzetans

2020-04-01 11:14:58

Tag a friend that needs to see this: Before you fall asleep tonight we want you to think about all the things you feel grateful for. Be it your health, your family, your friends, your talents, your lover, your pet, living in a beautiful country... up to you! Remember📍all the good things in your life! And make a mental list in your head; keep thinking about those things and reaffirm them when you wake up in the morning. [You’re more than welcome to share your thoughts and affirmation in the comments below] The law of attraction is real. Good vibes bring more good vibes. Let’s do this!

2020-04-01 07:01:06

In case you forgot, it’s April’s Fools Day but Samantha Massa’s beauty couldn’t be more real!

2020-03-31 10:11:41

Goodnight with a captivating portrait of @izzmor signed at @bondimodelmanagement by @jolanta_morgan 🖤 Hair and makeup by @arieckmua

2020-03-31 00:54:46

One of our favourite success stories. @leonvrrdo @fivetwentymgt ▪️ Also, how strong and full of feeling age black and white photos? There’s something special about the ‘lack of colour’. What do you think?

2020-03-30 09:34:38

Plaid dreaming with the stunning @charlize.mb @azaleamodels photographed by @sergeicommercial in Melbourne. Charlize wears @annacordellclothing & @nike 🖤

2020-03-29 01:47:53

Stay at home but do it like everyone’s watching! • • @dylankirkhope

2020-03-28 04:23:00

What this unprecedented situation that has befallen us is proving more than anything is that we are one. We are all the same, in this together, no matter where we are from, where we live, what we believe in and how we identify. Be it business owners or employees, parents or children; lovers.. what happens to one, affects the other. In spite of the social or rather physical distancing that must be implemented in order to save lives, we are more united that ever. We cannot touch, but for the first time in decades we are truly touched by each other’s reality. Our common reality. Undeniably, there is a shift of energy; forcing its way through our political and socioeconomic standards, a rippling effect, a scary one. What matters the most is our health, physical and mental, and the wellbeing of our loved ones. However, we now understand that it’s not just the people close to us whose health and livelihoods matter, but literally everyone’s. We can’t stress enough the importance of connection and now that some of us are battling this alone, communication is paramount. We can and we need to spread hope, positivity, love and compassion to each other. We must show it more than ever. We need to check in, to tell our friends we’re thinking of them. We need to make a promise to ourselves and the people around us that we will support each other. It’s time to retrospect, but more so introspect, and apply our main takeaways to the here and now, the current moment. What this is teaching us is to be present and aware. What this is teaching us is to appreciate love, life, the beautiful earth and of course each other as part of the whole, as part of the collective consciousness. This crisis WILL pass but selfishness and isolation -ironically- as a state of mind and as a practice, are not sustainable anymore. We are called to care for each other, to sacrifice for the greater good. To halt our personal goals and hard-gained privileges for the sake of humanity, but this pause that makes us feel powerless - is giving birth to a promise. The promise to be here, to listen, to act. To become the power of change we wish to see tomorrow. We’re not alone, we’re more together than ever.

2020-03-27 05:19:53

Swipe to see how to wear a turtleneck before and after 2020. • Model @nocte Photography @marce.oma Styling @major_identity_crisis Sunnies

2020-03-26 01:59:14

Some heartwarming and inspiring words from this lovely lady @mollykate_rich • “So incredibly excited to share some content from my shoot done by @thephotostudioaustralia This was my first photo shoot other than doing small stuff back in college and it was such an amazing and professional experience. I can’t stress enough the lasting impression that company has left and I would highly recommend them to anyone else who is wanting to take the next step in their career or just want to enjoy being a superstar for a day. I’ve always wanted to explore the modeling/fashion industry but had always been afraid of what others would think. Now being a bit older, a bit wiser, and simply caring less of how others perceive me I’ve decided to finally take a chance and out myself out there. Whatever the outcome is, I plan to enjoy the adventure and the future connections I’ll be making with the artists and creatives that are also part of this world of fashion and modeling. Here goes nothing and wish me luck!” • 💫 We love you girl and wish you all the best! Thank you for making our day and giving us strength to return to what we do more determined and inspired than ever! 💫

2020-03-25 04:29:15

Are you sitting at home not knowing what to do? We know what we want; to get to know you! 👇🏾 Send us a vertical video introducing yourself via DM and we will share the best ones in our insta stories 💫

2020-03-24 08:18:37

We can’t wait to see more faces light up like @samaybulnes our 2020 Model Search Winner 🌟


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