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Sladkou snídani jsem nevkládala ani nepamatuju a to je tak miluji! 👏😀🤫💪🍀💛🧡💚 Takže tady jsou banánové lívanečky s ovesných vloček s bílým jogurtem s chia semínky, pomerančová omáčka a čekankovo-arašídový krém 😊🙈🦋 . . . . . yummy healthybreakfast breakfast sweetbreakfast sweet healthyfood healthylife healthylifestyle healthyrecipes czechfoodblogger bloggers czechblogger food sweetfood photooftheday photography photo myday sweetlife instafood instafood foodBlogger fitsmajou sweetbreakfast sweetlife

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Yesterday PiccelebrationsN Oll Other Cake Pic Oll R Mh Fav CakesYummy 🎂😍😋😋😋😘

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Adana’da artık geçerliliği olan özel kendi sunumuyla taş körisiyle yufka ekmeğe sarılarak yapılan efsane 4 lü yada 6lı lezzeti kaçırmayın. İhsan abiye benden selam söylemeniz yeterli 🙋🏻‍♂️ ihsanertan adanamekanrehberi adanamekan adanamekanları amazing foodnetwork foodblogger yummy instafood gurme food foodpic foodie like4like gourmed turkishfood meat meatporn follow delicious gastrotravel video yemekvideo nature beautiful adana adanakebap kebap ısimsiz körisoslutavuk gazipaşacaddesi

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Another Mexican dish that I happen to try from El gringo was the Chicken Enchiladas.Its filled up with the red enchilada sauce,shredded chicken,grilled onions,black beans,shredded cheese and topped with more cheese and then baked.The portions are for sharing,the sauce is rich and prominent.If you like a lot of cheese,this is definitely the dish for you. bahrainfoodfoodporninstafood bahrainbloggersinstaphotography foodphotographylovesogooddelish tastyyummymexicoenchilada cravings chickenfoodieeeeeeatsfoodblogger foodloverfoodgasmfoodgram foodstagramcheeseinstagram bahrainfoodies nomnomdeliciousbahrainfood bahrainrestaurants

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Вкусный обед по вкусным ценам! Приятного аппетита😚 Максимум вкуса по самой честной цене в СушиСет🍣 СУШИСЕТ - вкусная еда и отличный сервис‼ 🔺Оформить заказ : +7 (812) 957-62-00 ↪Сайт : http://setsushi.ru ↪ул.Центральная д.10 к2 суши вкусныйобед вкусныйужин сушисет всеволожскюжный роллы доставкароллов ролл sushisetvsevolozhsk vsev_sushiset yummy tasty доставкасуш роллывсеволожск доставкавсеволожск сушисетвсеволожск сет роллынадом сушинадом

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I need your help... ⬇️ That was kind of a fail 😅 i wanted to make a burrito. Instead of that i had a pesto-roll and veggies. But it was still super delicious. I‘m fighting with myself lately because all the bad things in my head are coming back. And I‘m such a binge-eater at night... 😔 I was on the right way But then I got the message that I won‘t be able to study in vienna. So everythings going bad now and i‘m getting worse... do you guys have any suggestions i could try? Still sorry for my bad english 🙈 diagnosesarenotrophies gettingworse darkmind helpme burrito fail vegan lunch delicious yummy lecker nofilter absage goingon trytomoveon veggie selfmade badenglishsorry struggle binge bingeeating wanttobeskinny svv myheadiskillingme

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. 予報通り不安定なお天気となり、先程からまた雨が降ってきました☔️ 今夜は時間帯を問わず降水確率がやや高めとなっていますので、お出かけの際には傘があると安心です😊 降ったりやんだりする可能性もありますので、傘のお忘れ物にご注意下さい🙏🏼 . ビール、もしくは最近めちゃくちゃ好評のライムサワー、ジンジャーサワーなど、ドリンク一杯からフラッとお立ち寄り頂けると幸いです😊 . 港町MOTHERはこの後18:00よりオープンします🍺 スタッフ一同、皆様のご来店を心よりお待ちしております💁🏻 . ご予約やお問い合わせはお電話にて📲 0782421970までご連絡下さい🍹 どうぞよろしくお願いします💁🏻‍♂️ . 港町MOTHER 港町マザー チキン南蛮 ハンバーグ 神戸ランチ 神戸ディナー 神戸 instagood instagram foodpic foodstagram foodie food yummy yum delicious followme マザー流トルコライス ボリューム満点 シェアサイズ かも

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COFFEE IS E V E R Y T H I N G ☕️ Our favourite - hazelnut latte 😍🙌 easybyfatsos

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The never-ending lazy summer days call for a brunch to get them through! Eggs, simit bread, a variety of cheeses, labneh and fresh vegetables make a meal for royalty. Enjoy as a late laidback breakfast, or as an early lunch to concur the busy days ahead. Have a wonderful day! Much love! foodie foodpic eat delish instafood amazing eating fresh fit flavor eatclean yummy brunch love feedfeed vegetarian lebanon instafood salad lunch fresh organic fitspo food hautecuisines protein healthy lebanesefood yum bake

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[ ТАРТ - КОЛЛЕКЦИЯ ] Доброго всем дня! Многие не понаслышке знают о моей любви к тартам ❤️ Песочное тесто просто обожаю! Делюсь новостью, скоро появятся новые вкусы !🤤🤤🤤 Голосуем !!! Какой вы ждёте больше? А на фото Ягодный тарт с шоколадом ,внутри клубника, снаружи тоже клубника, шоколадный ганаш , подходит 🍀и безглютенщикам ( какой бы смайл подобрать?🤔) Итааааак: 1.Тарт с инжиром 2.Тарт груша - шоколад 3. Лимонный тарт Ставьте в комментариях цифру, какой вкус вам более по душе , и ждите новинок❤️

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Herkese Selamlar🙋🏻‍♀️ Ne güzel bir Çarşamba 😍 Günün haberi İzmir' den geldi 😉 Sevgili Danışanm ile Online detoks yaparak böyle harika sonuç aldık 💪💪💪 Kendisini bu azmi ve gayreti için tebrik ediyorum 👏👏👏 Online diyet ile ilgili merak ettikleriniz için mesaj 💌 atabilirsiniz 😘 Sevgiler 🌸 🌸 diyet diet diyetteyiz diyetisyen sagliklibeslenme sağlıklıyaşam sagliklioneriler instadiet onlinediyet onlinediyetisyen onlinediet diyetisyennihaldemir kiloalma kilovermek kiloveriyorum kilokontrolü nihallediyetteyiz nature instagram instafollow türkiye healthyfood eatclean temizbeslenme motivasyon womenhealth healthy yummy instadiet instalike4like

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Buon ferragosto fitfam . Che dite il tempo sarà clemente oggi e lascerà che questa giornata venga trascorsa in tutta tranquillita?...Perché qui le previsioni non sono delle migliori e io sto per raggiungere i miei cari amici al mare!😍😍quindi possibilmente nè troppo caldo nè nubifragi, grazie😅😅. . A colazione una mattonella ai frutti di bosco ha saputo risvegliarmi come si deve!!...ma che sia chiaro, la mattonella non era un mattone, ed era sofficissima...e se proprio devo dirla tutta... l' ho cotta anche in microonde!!! . . fitbakeryit buongiorno breakfast delicious healthyfood healthylife recipes ricetta foodblogger breakfastlover foodlover instacake fit healthychoice healthy instagood pancakeaddicted eatclean fitfood fitlife yummy yumyum yummyummy healthybreakfast instafood foodporn nofoodporn healthyrecipes ricette

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It's all about the greens 😍 soft baked egg served up in an avocado and a generous helping of kale steamed with garlic and rock salt for extra flavour

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🤩 BISTROT DES HALLES 🤩 . Toujours dans mon top 3 des restos dijonnais ❤️ et ce depuis bien longtemps. . Pis les œufs parfaits c’est mon plat préféré, avec n’importe quel accompagnement. J’adore 😍. •••••••••• bistrotdeshalles restaurant resto dijon restaurantdijon homemade faitmaison yummy miam iphonex lunchtime lunch igersdijon foodporn foodie foodpics oeufparfait lentilles salad frenchfood cuisinefrancaise photography photo foodlover foodstagram vegetables

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Paris. Saint michel.