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Mehr wieder taucht die Frage auf: Was habt ihr für ein hochzeitsauto ? Ganz ganz vielleicht seht ihr hier einen kleinen Ausschnitt davon. Obwohl wie ihr ja wisst schlägt das 💗 des bräutigams ja eher for die Automarkt mit den vier Ringen. Also lasst euch doch einfach überraschen auf den Tag aller Tage. Noch 280 Tag bis SarahAndBastiPutARingOnIt . . [Werbung da Markenerkennung / Alles selbst bezahlt!] bridetobe engagementring engaged isaidyes yes wirgegendenrest love couplegoals youandme liebe verlobungsring verlobung futurewife wedding instabride picoftheday instawedding instadaily loveofmylife putaringonit car mercedes oldtimer

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Planning for your next holiday? If Y.E.S, Packist Year End Sale (Y.E.S) offers Up to 50% OFF Awesome Travel Deals for you! 😱👉 https://www.packist.com/promo/yes2018 Travel to Korea, Japan, Vietnam, China & More! Tag and share to all your friends and family for this amazing travel deals! 💯 ▾ ▾ ▾ ☎️Call us: +603 - 2742 7889 📩 Email: enquirypackist.com packist yearendsale yes traveldeals besttraveldeals deals ecommerce sale discount love travel save date promo event online japan korea vietnam promotion teaser

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This week I have made a hearty commitment to living the best life I possibly can. 💖 I was blessed to be interviewed as a guest on zacpphillips Reality Check podcast to discuss how to follow your dreams in the face of chronic illness, trauma and mental health issues. . I knew for sure that a chronic health diagnosis was not going to stop me from going after what my soul is yearning for. . My hope for you is that you never let your dreams be sidelined by your struggles. You can find the episode here:https://www.zachary-phillips.com/realitycheck/focus-on-the-yes I hope you have a great weekend! I'm off to the beach with Keith now 😊 realitycheck podcast selfcare chronicillness chronicpain mentalhealth mentalhealthawareness areyouok followyourdreams yes livelifetothefullest overcome pain healing trauma mindbodysoul mindbody entrepreneur heartcentered

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Thank you thebaghag ・・・ I love this video. In its brevity is a point of paramount significance: PURPOSE. What he asked is 🎯🎯🎯-- what do a bulk of social media "influencers" influence these days? We spend so much time scrolling through Facebook status posts and Instagram photos, but exactly what do we get out of that, apart from entertainment? This question is not new, but is one that we don't often ask ourselves. Because honestly, if you spend 20 minutes of your day scrolling through instagram photos and not get anything positive out of it, those 20 minutes could've been time spent doing something more productive (haha guilty as charged 🙈). This video does make me think of what to put out here. But one thing I do hope is that somehow, I have helped a few of you through my posts. Whether it be about bags or about life, I hope I have added value to your day and have not wasted your time. The ability to influence a group of people is powerful, but I do hope many of us learn to use that power responsibly and know not to abuse it or worse, to use it only to incite envy, fear, anger, or hatred. So peeps, if you've been following me for a long time, I'd like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU 😘 And also to say sorry if I did waste your time on some (or many) of my posts 😁✌ Rest assured that I will be more mindful to share meaningful posts in the future 😉💋 Have a beautiful morning!! TGIF . . . . . . instagram socialmedia honesty authenticity love inspire happiness question meaning real insta truth what yes happy like fashion travel bags regram facebook thelifeofmcm worldtravelsph prince_ea instagood life influencer socialmediainfluencer share

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Finally able to add this to our collection. Even at a lower grade this one has been difficult to come across at a fair price. One step closer to completing the collection of The Amazing Spider-Man.

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MakingHeritage 14 Friday Oct 19th 2018 For now, NoThing further to say; You're Alive, and You Matter. BlackLivesMatter AboriginalLivesMatter RefugeeLivesMatter YesYouMatter Homage to Elders and Ancestors of Wurundjeri land; Namo May You, and All Beings be free from Suffering, and the Causes of Suffering; May You, and All Beings, Know that We Matter to one Another, and that we need one another to get Better; MayAllBeings HeartSutra心經XinJing Prajnaparamita . . * * * . . Please support; link in bio; BlockBuildBe 2019 Buddhism and SocialJustice BuddhistPeaceFellowship QueerPoCNonbinary Also follow me: bootlegdharma

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Oh man. It’s day something of licktober litober. Y’all ready? 🤣 Here’s one of the drum breaks from the blacksabbath tune War Pigs, requested by brother Ed Schlesser. Other than being a little behind the beat (I’m tired lol 😴), I’m pretty okay with how this turned out! Also, the redsox are worldseries bound, so I’m pretty happy about that. Hope y’all dig! grestchdrums flintmichiganstilldoesnthavecleanwater pokeballshirt redsox vicfirth pearl blacksabbath rock rocknroll music drummers drums licks warpigs billward metal classicrock cakedoesasolidcoverofthistune jams yes vote

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Of course theres more than just better alien tech. -Theyre all night active and search rainbow shiny 'phenomens' which lead to uncontrollable different timelines/worlds -However theres a risk to never coming back Those who got into one either skip time - experience slowed time - skip months or years without notice unless they see the date. Most of them appear randomly in deep grounds of mountains or strong magnetic fields like in the B. Triangle ✌✨🕊 consciousnesssecretsspiritualawakeningspiritualityspiritualcosmosdreams dreamerusspiritsfactsgalaxylucidastralplanenofilterneeded dmtmindlifealiensenergylightsloveyesmind funcreativethirdeye universetruthnofiltermatrix

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Our friends were on TV! They are voting yes We are voting yeson13 yes_on_13 animalrightsfl stoptheabuse vote followthem share show us you shared this or any yeson13 post Through Sunday night (October 21) and get $1 off any purchase. So yeah. Basically we will pay you a dollar to post and help get the word out. This group has worked hard to stop the suffering of greyhounds (and all animals really) but specifically this fight has been a ton of work with a lot of money supporting the opposition. So please share , donate and VOTE YES ON 13 *one eligible post per order

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ीशे की तरह आर पार हूँ ... िर भी बहुत की समझों से बाहर हूँ 😉😎 yes yamaha 🤘🤘

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I’ve been seeing a lot of these videos lately (they are jokes btw don’t take them seriously) but yea I hope you all had a great day!! shrek peppa ditty gag yes funny fun follow like

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tbt Carolina, Kelsey and I at Waskesiu Lake. The smiles are genuine. Carolina had just caught her first fish (Jack) and Kelsey brought in a Walleye. I’m looking forward to more summer nights on the water.

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Ela disse sim! SIM, SIM, SIM! Obrigado, Deus, por ter colocado na minha vida uma pessoa tão maravilhosa. Com o tempo tornou-se minha namorada e agora a noiva mais linda do mundo! Só tenho a agradecer! É um sonho viver tudo isso. É um sonho que estou realizando por viver ao seu lado! Eu te amo, minha noiva! . . . M Ticos noivado ny nyc newyork iloveny newyorkcity manhattan us usa eua centralpark bowbridge yes sim eladissesim engagement engaged wedding casamento photooftheday love euteamo teamo iloveyou casamentico