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If you love me then don't let me go. Hold on as I try to find a home below. I have never been as close as I am now. Almost the last curtain call and the final bow. The tears sting as my hands are shaking. My throat is horse as my life finishes breaking. If you love me, I need you now. Not half hearted, but with the resolve of a vow. I feel the chill as I prepare to possibly die. I feel the pain of the possible last goodbye. If you love me, now isn't the time to hide. I need stability and a safe place to abide. I'm running out of reasons. Lost hope in future seasons. If you love me, I need to listen to what I have tried to say. If you love me, I need you to stay. -S.D.R. poetry poems poetryisnotdead poetrycommunity poeticjustice poemsofinstagram poet depression ptsd writing darkness light war battle writersofinstagram writerscommunity writers thepoetspost poetrygram poetry_addicts poetrylovers poetrycorner suicide suicidal lost despair life death

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It came close for this week’s topfive

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Forte - ENJOY (SEE ORIGINAL POST ON PAGE) In my attempt to express nothing more than raw emotion, I give you pure voice recordings, uninhibited by any unnecessary distractions. Awaken a universal kinship of emotion. spokenword spokenwordpoetry spokenpoetry spokenwords spokenwordartist poem love darkness poetry spokenwordpoet writers poetssociety poetsofinstagram artist spilledink art wordsmith wordgasm wordplay poetic instagood poetsofig writingcommunity creativewriting poetryisnotdead poetryislove story tragedy desire fear Copyright © 2018. Awakin Poetry - Jayson Swigger. All Rights Reserved.

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whew, in class rn and I'm tired

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augustlitwrit Day 19 is Favorite Chapter Titles. While I don’t title the chapters of my own writing, I do have favorites. Of course the best chapter titles out there to me belong to the Harry Potter books. I’m not saying this chapter is my favorite title but it definitely is one that draws you in early on. Anyone else have some favorites? favoritechapterseries favoritechapters favoritechapter favoritechaptertitle chaptertitles chaptertitle writerslife writersofinstagram writersofig writersnetwork writerscommunity harrypotter book books booknerd bookworm bookstagram bookdragon harrypotterfan harrypotterbooks harrypotterchapters writers amwriting fantasy bookseries yafantasy fantasybooks amwritingfantasy

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she sits in her room yellow light and a pile of unfolded laundry sit away she breathes in hears her parents scream downstairs stairs and stares at a paper ears bleeding and heart bleeding but all she can do is stare -aurora

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कुछ दूर हैं, कुछ पास हैं, हां, पर सबसे मिलने की एक आस है, चाहे तुम रहो कहीं भी इस जहां में, हमेशा तुम्हारे पास होने का एहसास है। . माना की कुछ गलतियां कर बैठे थे हम, जिनसे मेरे अज़ीज़ को मिलें बहुत से ग़म, गर हो सके तो अपने इस दोस्त को मांफ कर देना तुम, वरना समझ लेना कि कभी मिले ही नहीं थे हम। . माना थोड़ा उलझे हुए हैं ज़िन्दगी की इस दौड़ में, हां, पर नामुमकिन नहीं है मिलना, वापस ज़रूर टकराएंगे हम यही कहीं इस भीड़ में। . - रमनदीप सिंह। Third year MBBS MPSMC . LitWits thelitwitsclub litwitsliteratureclub litwitsmpsmc writerscommunity writ write writerslife writer writers writersofinstagram writersofig poetsofindia wordgasm wordgasminsta hindi hindiwriting hindiwriters hindiwritersig ttt_official beyond_thoughtss thescribbledstories scratchedstories scrawledstories poemsporn_ poemhunter poemspost poemspormx nrichsystems _thecitations_ thesilenttalks writersinn innervoicewf littleletterslinked the_emotional_typewriter beyond_thoughtss_hindi thesilenttalkshindi

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i tend to smile when i’m nervous. sometimes i even laugh. i go on with my day as if feeling alive is normal for me, when the truth is that i’ve died many times. i kill myself every time i desire not to wake up. and then once again when i start intensifying the hate i have for myself when i go to sleep. it’s a self-destroying cycle that hurts but never seems to end with me completely. i guess that’s the aim of it. to kill me in life. to force me to make a good face every time my friends come around instead of telling them the truth. to force me to lie to my mum and tell her that the pills are finally working; when my body stopped receiving them years ago. i guess this is what i’ve gotten used to. to laugh and smile with such insignificance that i no longer believe i can someday actually enjoy being happy. i don’t think i even know how that feels. but i guess i’ll just keep on getting nervous every time someone asks how i’m doing. i guess i just have to answer i’m good, with a great, big smile; with another lie and a laugh.

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4daystogo kindhandsdonthurt "The MIND has exactly the same power as the HANDS; not merely to grasp the world, but to change it." ColinWilson **Don't forget you can pre-order your copy today. Just head over to Amazon and enter book title.** theoutsiders bookstagram kidlit childrenbooks writers authors publisher selfpublish readers parents education summerholidays read book new inspirationalquotes mondaymotivation motivationalquotes mondayquotes mondaymood mondaze monday work travel

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[The same] ~~~~~~~~ We all want it. The mutual feeling from a crush. We think we're desperate when we'll even settle for a friendship. But you know the extreme of desperation? When you want to at least get him out of your thoughts. · · Follow > soulfullywritten for more! · · Thanks for reading.🌻 · · {Ignore these.🍃} crush poetry poems writings love lovequotes lovepoetry pain breakup relationships writers writingcommunity writersofig instaquote quoteoftheday photography poemsofig poetryofig music lyrics sadquotes inspiring inspiringquotes motivation thoughts word depression soulfullywritten

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She stabbed me open
To get in my chest
To steal my heart

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Keep writing!

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You’ll be going through a lot of things. In your head and in your life. Things might not be going well. And you might be chasing after something. And in the midist of that you’ll meet someone. That someone will be the answer to all your prayers. That someone will clear your doubts and you click with them in a way, like the puzzle in the jigsaw. You vibe. You don’t even have to force it. The universe makes sure that it happens. That defining moment, might or might not be amazing. But the person as sure as hell will be the most amazing thing that you’ve ever seen. You’ll be in awe. And from then on, it is on you solely. To keep that person or to let go. Like the smell of the ground after the first whisker if rain, they’ll keep you wanting for more. You look into the eyes of their’s and your heart melts a little more each time. They give you serendipity. Like the view you want to watch every moment. They’re not a star only. They are full of entire galaxy and constellation you could ever hear about. They are like realism and surrealism, and you pinch yourself to see if they are true or if you are dreaming about them. They build you up and give you strength. That someone will make you become a better person. And they’ll trigger every ounce of strength you’ve in your soul. And there will always be a bliss in your face. You cheekbones will flutter and you’ll feel butterflies whenever you talk, think or hear about them. Your lips will tremble at the arrival of that someone. Time will cease to exist, and you’ll forever remain young, in your heart. ——-/////Believe me darling, In a sea full of strangers, the waves of Love led me closer to you. You’re my someone!

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Title: Coraline (2009) // Review: This film is honestly so good. I love the general mood and atmosphere in this. I mean I can look at any frame in this and already know it's Coraline. The story is very interesting. The characters are really fleshed out. The animation is so fluid and nice. It was so amazing. The visuals and just everything was phenomenal. To me the theme is about family; that family is irreplaceable. Coraline may not have the greatest life, and her parents tend to ignore her. When Coraline finds a better world with better parents, it seems that it's a great trade off. But soon realizes that her parents can't be replaced. I find it so cool that this film is like a re-imaging of Alice in Wonderland, but much grimmer. The fact that Coraline follows an animal in a magic hole, both have a cat in it, etc. I just love it. There isn't really much flaws that I can think of. I mean for me there were some parts that I was kinda bored of. Like I guess I was expecting it to be really scary (since it scared me as a kid), but it didn't. But that's fine! It's still a great movie with a lot of fascinating visuals to it. I would rate it a 9/10 - - - - - - - director films cinema filmcamera filmmaking film media movienight movietime moviestar filming story filmmaker filmemacher moviemaker cinematographer behindthescenes star actor actors poster writers writer producer movie movies review coraline

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“You won’t always get what you want, child. But life is about taking what we are given and making miracles anyway.” This poem was my very first offering to her. Months before she was born, I assembled my entire heart into words and put them down on paper for her. I hope she loves it one day. I hope it means something to you. Today. 🔥🌕 “Fire and the Moon,” available August 30th. brandonthompson ecstaticpoetry ecstatic ecstaticpoem author poetsofig poetsofinstagram poetrycommunity poem poet poetry instawriters instapoet instapoetry instaquote poetryreading vudeoseries writers writersofig writersofinstagram poetrycommunity PoetsSociety awakening launch booklaunch mysticalart visionaryart art artistsoninstagram newbook fireandthemoon

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🌟Alexandriamparo thepoets1 Poema ( Español ) Maya Angelos publicó este increíble poema en 1995. En este poema, el narrador nos cuenta, de numerosas maneras, la importancia en nuestras vidas del amor, sin el cual nos encontramos en "Exiliados del deleite". Angelos utiliza palabras y frases relacionadas con el nacimiento y niños como "enrollado en conchas" y "destetado" para sugerir que es el toque de amor lo que hace que una persona llegue a la mayoría de edad y la ayude a acabar con "antiguas historias de dolor", "cadenas de miedo" y "conchas de soledad". Tocado por un ángel es uno de los poemas más populares de Angelou sobre el tema del amor. . . . poetry poem poet poetsofinstagram writersofinstagram writing poetsofig writer poetrycommunity poems wordporn writersofig words spilledink instapoet typewriter prose poets creativewriting instapoem writers write writerscommunity instapoetry writingcommunity spokenword poetryisnotdead igpoets