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Muy feliz con mis resultados, un estático que me parecía imposible lograrlo y ahora me doy cuenta que estoy más cerca que nunca, straddle planch, me dado cuenta en este largo recorrido de casi 9 meses que algo fundamental es el optimismo y la constancia sin estos dos factores no podría llegar donde estoy. Elijan bien su progresión y trabajen en ella, pasos chicos pero firmes y unos meses después verán hacia atrás y verán sus grandes resultados. . . . . . . . . motivation workout wourkouts calesthenics calisthenics bodystrength fitness fitfam menstraining training hiit core coretraining cardio cardiotraining pesocorporal pushups pullups gym fullbody calistenia stunts stunt fullbodyworkout handstandtraining

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Chou kale toasté, falafel maison aux pois chiches et patate douce avec sauce maison au potimarron et tomate ! 🍅🍠 • • • Les sauces industrielles sont généralement très grasses, remplies de sucre et d'additifs.... Faites vos sauces maison, vous avez bien plus de possibilités et elles ne seront que bien meilleures pour votre santé ! ➡️Pour les sauces froides, utilisez les yaourts (avec de la farine de chia afin de la rendre plus ferme par exemple), des herbes, du citron, les oléagineux trempés, des tomates séchées... 🥜 Mixez les aliments qui vous donne envie ! ➡️Pour les sauces chaudes n'hésitez pas à utiliser les légumes "sucrées" tel que les courges (qui sont actuellement de saison), potiron, butternut et autres seront parfaits pour une note sucré ! 🥕 ➡️Mélangez des tomates fraîches avec du paprika et du vinaigre (de cidre / balsamique) afin de faire un ketchup maison ! 🍅 • • healty healtyfood teamshape teamfitcats patatedouce poischiche musculationfemme musculation eatclean food instafood nutrition mangersain reequilibragealimentaire tca workout fitgirl fitness satietyfoods sauce

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Me thinking if i should go for the 240KG PR after i failed the 220KG because my grip wasn’t strong enough to hold the bar without chalk or straps. (Video coming soon)

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💥SLOW & SQUEZE💥 - You wanna build the maximal amount of muscle? - You gotta own every portion of the rep!💪🏼 - Don’t just blast through the set trying to get it down as fast as possible. - Work on... - slowing down that negative pausing at the bottom and contracting the muscle as hard as you can through the entire range of motion. - The best typo for maximal hypertrophy is 4/2/2. 4 seconds down, 2 seconds at the bottom, 2 seconds on the way up. - Can you keep that tempo through a hole set? - Give it a shot next time your be surprised at how changing it is and how much more it burns. - health fitness longevity lifestyle train eat sleep workout gym fitspo active fit move life nutritioncoach nutritioncoaching Carson carsoncity nv Nevada Reno anytimefitness anytimefitnessGvill

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I’m struggling today.. it’s Friday and that means by now I have usually given up for a slice of pepperoni 😪 but that day is not today! I’m trying to stay positive with the knowledge that I have a Real Good supreme pizza in my freezer and that will have to suffice. Also, I made a list of my goals (although slightly unrealistic time-wise) just to give myself something to shoot for and also to help me visualize the bigger picture here. Nothing is impossible though and no matter how slow I go, as long as I don’t stop I will get there. mealprep weightloss weightlossjourney fitness diet healthy healthylifestyle highproteinlowcarb caloriecounting fatloss nutrition motivation food eatclean keto healthychoices balancedlife dietfood foodspiration progressnotperfection bodyunderconstruction loveyourself rememberwhyyoustarted exercise workout goals

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FALSI MITI IN PALESTRA Parte II SE NON SUDI L'ALLENAMENTO NON E' EFFICACE Un altro falso mito da sfatare è l'idea che se non sudi l'allenamento non è utile. Il sudore è una risposta che il nostro organismo mette in atto per dissipare l'eccesso di calore e mantenere la temperatura interna costante. Dipende da fattori esterni e endogeni ma non è assolutamente un indice da tenere in considerazione per valutare l'efficacia dell' allenamento. Basta pensare all'impatto che ha sulla salute fare una semplice passeggiata prolungata o praticare una sessione di stretching dove la sudorazione è limitata o assente per capire quanto tale convinzione sia errata. palestragymfitnessfakenewsgood!laballenamentofitpersonaltraining fitnessmodel functionaltraining balancetraining fitnessaddict fitsport workout bodybuilding cardio gym train training photooftheday instagood

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Comme un vendredi soir avec lui après une longue semaine 💙

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went back to give this challenge another attempt and I was able to get both bars all the way to the top! super pumped since I thought it would be a long time before I was able to get this one all the way!

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1st time in the gym this morning‼️ 🙌🏻💪🏻I am not sure I will be able to get out of bed tomorrow!! 🙈🤷🏼‍♀️😂 I get asked a lot if I work out... today is the first time in 3 years that I have stepped in one. 67lbs down since January with doing just Lazy Keto and not working out. However I am ready to push myself to the next level. 💗💕💗 I do think being active in any activity is great and important for you though‼️

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Non tutti gli allenamenti riescono con il buco! Però stasera vi aspettiamo e ci comporteremo bene... promesso!!! Kickboxing : martedì - giovedì - venerdì ore 19.00 o 20.30! kickboxing boxing muaythai

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Repost sculpsure ・・・ The warmer season provides the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and have some fun, whilst also keeping fit and helping to maintain your SculpSure results. Kayaking not only exercises your arms, but also targets the muscles on your abs, back and legs, providing a well-rounded all-over body workout. . . . . . . . . . SculpSure SculpSureLaser Laser LaserTechnology NonInvasive LaserSculpting Kayaking Sports Exercise Fitness SummerBody Health Lifestyle HealthyLifestyle HealthyLiving HealthyLivingTips BodyConfidence Confidence BodyLove LoveYourself Active ActiveLifestyle BodyChange SmarterWayToSculpt BodyGoals FunExercise FitnessMotivation ExerciseMotivation WorkOut

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You only have one body, Take care of it. It’s your biggest asset 💚

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This is about as fun as it looks.

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Красоток в Купчино lider_kupchino_spb потренила, лечу к девчулечкам на Народную в lider_fitness_spb . Обожаю свою работу 😍😍😍

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Credo che la soddisfazione maggiore che si possa avere in una palestra sia sentire la “pompa”. Quando ci si esercita con i bicipiti e si sente il sangue scorrere dentro i muscoli sembra quasi che la pelle debba esplodere da un momento all’altro [...] ( Arnold Schwarzenegger ) ▪️Esercizi per bicipiti: -Curl in piedi ai cavi bassi ☑️ -Biceps Curl with cables ☑️ ▪️Un’esecuzione con espressione cattiva aiuta nell’esercizio 😂💪🏻

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