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Passport to World!

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La magia está justo donde tú quieras que esté. No hace falta ser mago para crear un ambiente especial, provocar que una persona triste te sonría, darle la mano a alguien que cree que nadie se la dará, que esa persona ignorada se sienta importante para ti... la magia no se esconde solo tras la chistera. Como con todo, hay que trabajársela. ............. Fot.: RAleman fronton grancanaria surf surfing surfer surfstyle ola wave playa beach agua water oceano ocean mar sea deporte sport naturaleza nature mundo world

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Here is one from those smoky fire afternoons last week. I’ve seen so many amazing photos from those couple of days. Colors that we rarely get to see. On this one I love the pink line across the wave which is a reflection of the pink sun. . . This weekend we have a huge show in San Clemente. We will be there Saturday and Sunday. Mention this post and I will hook you up with a free matted and signed print. Hope to see you there. . . . Shorebreak TheWedge FireSkies Sunset Water Aquatech

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“Water Temple” - Bali, Indonesia 📷 manueldietrichphotography Great shot and thanks for the knowledge. ‘You must find your dream, then the way becomes easy.‘ Since this rather unknown temple is surrounded by water nearly most of the year, the locals have to take a canoe to get there. ------------------------------------ Shout out using wetalkuav and wetalkuav to be featured. Check us out at www.wetalkuav.com the best source for all information and news in the drone aerial imaging industry. dji inspire2 dronepilot aerial quadcopter aerialphotography dronestragram droneoftheday dronegear droneporn djiphantom mavicair dronefly djispark djiglobal dronelife inspire1 djimavic phantom4 photooftheday dronesdaily dronesaregood fly drone bali Indonesia temple water mountain wedroneasia

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she comes in colors everywhere...

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27 days more days until my favorite time of year🌞