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when I read “do you notice how beautiful pidge looks in this scene?” I was like “shes always beautiful??” but uh yeah thats really all-✨ plance vld voltron pidgance

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Hewwo everybody... I just realized that Keith will be the last character in Voltron that will celebrate his birthday since the show will be ending this year!! 😩😭😪 Ahhh... I'm going to miss them so so much! Anyways I'm currently preparing for keithober !! I hope you guys have a great day!! 💜👊 - - artistsoninstagram lance keith lancemcclain laith keithkogane voltronlegendarydefenders voltron vld voltronedit art artworks angst klance artist digitalart fanart sketch paintings procreate drawing keithxlance illustration

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So ye things r going pretty bad lately :I My mom just got badly hit by a horse and won't be able to work for a while... I'm helping in the house as much as I can but I really don't know how this will turn out :< 💫 💫 💫 💌 Credit to Artist 💌 💌 Original Artist 💌 💫 💫 💫 ❤Follow for more❤ 💫 💫 💫 🔹Hashtags🔹 anime manga voltron klance free makoto haruka makoharu myheroacademia bokunoheroacademia bnha haikyuu idolish7 yurionice art fanart fandom neko cute cuteboys boys animeboys gayboy boyslove love shounenai yaoi gay lgbt pride

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these parallels kill me 😩😩💔 ~s

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I think I’m gonna post memes mostly and artsy stuff on my story ~ kusuta torikusuta torikusuta undergroundotaku ———————————————— Not trying to be big, just trying to make friends 😊 ———————————————— credit: unknown (dm for credit or removal) ———————————————— • Fairy Tail 🧙🏻‍♂️ • My Hero Academia ✨ • Tokyo Ghoul 👻 • Assassination Classroom 🗡 • The Devil is a Part-Timer! 🍟 • Naruto 🍜 ----------------------------------- anime dragonball myheroacademia fairytail tokyoghoul naruto assassinationclassroom funimation gamer fanart voltron shoutotodoroki deku bakugo izukumidoriya happy wenfymarvell lucyheartfilia erzascarlet greyfullbuster natsudragneel kenkaneki otaku geek weeb nerd

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❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 My other account ( love._.will._.always.win ) . . . . Credit to { creantzy }🌈 . . . ( please go an check out the original artist and give them all the love and support they deserve 💕 ) . . . . voltron voltronlegendarydefenderoftheuniverse voltronedit voltronhunk voltronart voltronpidge voltronpaladins pidge hunk voltronlegendarydefender voltronseason6 voltronseason3 coranvoltorn allura lance keith shiro pidgevoltronlegendarydefender klance keithkogane lancemcclain boyxboy voltronlance voltronkeith lancexkeith

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Today's picture day and my acne wants to act up?? Uh?? Wtf??? How dare - 🎨/📸 Credit: ikimaru.jpg - If the artist wants their art deleted, or is credited incorrectly, then please let me know, and I'll fix it 💛 - Tags: voltron voltronld voltronlegendarydefender paladin keith keithkogane klance lance lancemcclain keithvoltron lancevoltron blue bluelion bluepaladin loverboylance lanceylance red redlion redpaladin klanceiscanonking voltronseasonseven vldseassonseven voltronseason7

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Soooo I got bored so I made this ... and yea 🧡

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‘s post ♥✧ I wanna die NOT MY ART Support the artist: ikimaru.jpg // instagram Characters/pairings: klance Inform me if any information is wrong! . . . . Follow sheith_n_klance for more —— [ignore the tags] nsfw sheith klance shiro keith shiroxkeith gay keithxlance klancesmut lancemcclain voltron voltrongay vld voltronlegendarydefender keithkogane takashishirogane dreamworks voltronseason5 boyfriend krolia relationshipgoals artist digitalart love angst fluff yaoi klance lbgt shadam

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Krolia wasn't ready Voltron

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My phone is starting to malfunction;-; the power button isnt working right ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ● Artist: bittenred● 《If you repost, credit the artist!!》 《Rp is open!!》 - 🌺 - 《Tags》 voltron voltronlegendarydefender lance voltronlance lancevoltron Lancemcclain pidge pidgevoltron voltronpidge pidgegunderson katieholt hunkvoltron voltronhunk hunk shiro gay voltronshiro alluravoltron voltronallura allura voltronadam shadam keith voltronkeith keithkogane klance takashishiro klancensfw sheith yaoi

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❤️💙Cuphead and Mugman💙❤️ . . I honestly have no idea what order to post all of my senshicon pictures so my account is gonna be all over the place! { senshicon cuphead mugman cosplay senshicon2018 bnha voltron } yes I am posting at 2 in the morning idk what else to do

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| I’m both sad and happy bc on one hand, I’ve loved this show for almost two years and it’s sad its ending soon but on the other hand, this fandom hasn’t been the greatest and I’ll be glad when it basically disappears ▪️ {t a g s} voltron voltronlegendarydefender vld defendersoftgeuniverse blackpaladin redpaladin bluepaladin yellowpaladin greenpaladin paladins keithkogane lancemcclain takashishirogane pidgegunderson katieholt hunkgarett allura coran blacklion redlion bluelion greenlion yellowlion castleoflions voltronshiro voltronkeith voltronlance voltronpidge voltronallura voltroncoran

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Who would be the seme in this situation (opinion based) (Important information below 👇) =========================================== Credit-(//terrimilkJJ on Twitter) -if I am wrong about the artist's reposting rules about their art please tell me so I can respect the artist's wishes Dm- me if the reposting rules are wrong or if the artist doesn't want their art reposted =========================================== ================= Show - haikyuu Ship name- bokuaka or also known as bokutoxakaashi × ================= {Ignore tags} =========================================== × × × × × anime hinatashouyou haikyuuyaoi kagehinayaoi karusono bakudeku tododeku yaoi yaoihard boyslove boyxboy yaoihardcore yaoisex erenxlevi myheroacadamia hitorijimemyhero attackontitan klance voltron kuroken kagehina kageyamaxhinata bokuroo iwaoi haikyuu kurotsuki bnha

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hey it’s hArd to do a new style completely in pen,, hey I love drawing pidge,, this is one of probably many to come now that i’ve actually figured out how to draw in my new style please follow me I have good content I swear—