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¿Saben ustedes a qué se refiere una roca, en la Biblia? Roca es una " revelación ." Como dijo Pedro, "Tú eres el Cristo, el Hijo del Dios viviente." Él dijo: "Bienaventurado eres, Simón, hijo de Jonás. Y sobre esta roca, esta revelación..." Dios se lo reveló a él. "Ni carne ni sangre te han revelado ésto, pero Mi Padre que está en el Cielo.. Sobre esta roca, esta revelación, Yo edificaré Mi Iglesia." . . . . . . . vsco vscocam juegodetonos highlightscl urbexchile Fotos Instagram artofvisuals visualsoflife freetoedit theimaged urbexcl bravogreatphoto portraitstream hsinthefield edgygrams

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Architecture is the very mirror of life. You only have to cast your eyes on buildings to feel the presence of the past, the spirit of a place; they are the reflection of society... . . . instagram instagood instadaily travel instagrammer instalike igers blackandwhite city architecture artofvisuals instapic visualsoflife pic vsco vscocam photo pittsburgh picoftheday photography arch architectural building photooftheday hot_shotz bestoftheday ig_today discover vscodaily archilovers

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I just love being spoiled 🔥🐾🍕 Never have I met any pupper that would not want to be spoiled by Hooman !

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moody peaks. ⛰🔥

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More from Jill and Garry’s garden wedding...

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I’m low-key really hot in this dress. It’s a sauna out here! 😰

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Remembering who you are is a powerful tool against anxiety and fear. This year, I have learned the power that the phrase "I am a child of God" has. This identity holds freedom, it holds hope, it holds purpose. Believing that you are a child of God removes the power of lies, discouragement, and the chains of this world. Speaking that you are a child of God stops fear in it's tracks as it creeps up on you. Living and breathing this identity opens yourself to the Spirit of God to fill you. He brings a powerful presence of peace in the face of crippling anxiety. When you forget that you are a child of God, your heart fills itself with destructive thoughts, impulses, and spirits that where never meant for you. When you know that you are a child of God, you are emptied of these things, and left with room to praise and worship God. When the name of Jesus and thankfulness are on your lips instead of lies and fear, the Spirit of the Lord comes and completes the victory that was always coming. You can pray this phrase, you can whisper this phrase, you can sing this phrase, and it is true every time. You were not created to live the perfect life and always have good opinions from others. The successes of this world are not where your hope and identity are meant to be placed in because they will fall. But your identity as a child of God will never fall. His love for you is steady and constant. It does not require you to impress. It is complete. Take a moment, put your hand on your heart, and in the spirit, speak this truth, that you are a child of God.

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•positano for the win•

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UK artist Debbie lawson immerses captivating animal sculpture on traditional Persian carpets.

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turn ons include: ⬆️

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Aladdin's magic lamps 🔮 📷: alpesic

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The exhibition Adult Zoo - Roles Reversed will end this Saturday. So it’s still have time to see it at Museokatu 7 in Helsinki!🌞Welcome!!

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I love nature and autumn 🍁

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Editing images, this pretty sunset view, and a just-eat delivery on its way. 🤩😋✨

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Taking Flight - JS

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Can't believe it's Autumn again!

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Exploring the fishing towns of the Fjords 🎣

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Sunset on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu from our trip two years ago. We were able to see all the Hawaiian islands from that trip. Looking forward to visiting our favorites in two months 🤙🏽

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Yonder - JS

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69.6492° N, 18.9553° E 🗺

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Lake Tahoe 🏖

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