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INTRODUCING BERMUDA- Situated in the North Atlantic, Bermuda is know for its pink sandy beaches, warm friendly locals, and tranquil hideaways. The island combines modern amenities with maritime history and has a distinct blend of Carribbean, British and American cultures • Population: 65,700 Distance from London: 5,548 km • Photo creds go to missreaia bernews • Student Organisers: Seth Wilson Eron Hill Reaia Ball missreaia • • • UKOTA ukotid nhm ascensionisland bermuda britishvirginislands caymanislands falklandislands gibraltar monserrat pitcairn sthelenaisland tristandacunha turksandcaicos britishoverseasterritory caribbeanculture americanculture britishculture pinksandbeach

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Which way to paradise? 🤔 • • photo by sellingedmonton

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Time is very slow for those who wait. Very fast for those who scared. Very long for those who lament. .. But for those who love, time is eternal. - Shakespeare turksandcaicos comohotels tb livetoexplore

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Sometimes just doesn’t go your way 😂🎥 nick_jacobsen . . . . . . If you want to be featured just follow these steps: 1⃣ Follow thekiteshots 2⃣ TAG us by thekiteshots and thekiteshots 3⃣ Like our Facebook page . . . . . Good luck kiteboarding kitesurf kite kiteboard kitesurfing surf watersports water gopro goprowater wakeboarding wakesurfing wake surfing waves windsurfing paddlebording swim waterski standuppaddle beach jetski kayaking boating sup boat  turksandcaicos

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I don’t often post pictures of myself. Honestly I have always been awkward in front of the camera (just ask my family) and as I am moving through my late 40s, I am more and more uncomfortable with the changes in my body. I try to not make a big deal about it, especially around my teen daughter, but it is hard to look into the mirror and not recognize yourself. Even harder to look at pictures. But when I found myself on a beautiful resort in the perfect island beach dress with a friend who is also a great photographer, we had to stage a little fashion shoot. After all, it was early morning and no one else was around. A huge shout out to my stitchfix stylist Katherine for listening to what I need and following my travels. This dress with the flowing skirt in a fan coral print was perfect! If you want to give stitchfix a try, you can use my referral link and we both get $25. (Link in bio) And thank you to walkingontravels for being my photographer, director, and cheerleader. You guys can see that I’ll never be an instamodel but I’m pretty sure that isn’t why you follow me anyway. I’m much more about giving you actionable information for planning your own trips and exposing you to new places, and the only thing I ever want my kid to be famous for is a scientific breakthrough or writing a bestseller. 😉 beachesmoms socialmediaonthesand beachesturksandcaicos beachesresorts turksandcaicos turksandcaicosislands

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Fairmont Maldives 🌴🌴🌴 Tag you travel buddy 😊👇 . . 📷 labelleenvie

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Voting is closed and we have a WINNER🥇 Topping off the vote across all platforms with 76 to it's not so near runner up with 45...... 🗣NUUUUUMMMBBBBBEEEERRRR 4!! Thanks to all my followers on Instagram and Facebook for helping me out with this decision.......you ready to vote on another look? shavonne_kissnmakeup_ get ready for me girl!! PickTheLook HowYouMean TESSPresents TravelPicks UberSocaCruise labadeehaiti Tess CaribbeanTravel TurksandCaicos EntertainerOfTheYear QueenOfTheMic TVHost Host AllThingsEntertainment hardestworkingwomeninshowbiz

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With its beautiful turquoise waters, white sand beaches and tropical climate it would seem that the Turks and Caicos are located in the Caribbean. But it's actually located in the Atlantic Ocean.⠀ ⠀ However, the Turks and Caicos is part of Caribbean culture, you'll see this through the great food, culture and hospitality of the region.⠀ ⠀ Ready to experience Turks & Caicos for yourself, click our link in bio! 2DayCrewTurks

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Throwback to the day when I was still young foolish... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . young turksandcaicos photography tb

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I'm a water baby. Always have been, always will be. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy hiking the hills and mountains, and being a sweaty mess. BUT if you want to see incredible joy, take me to the water and let me loose. I'm so glad to have a son who's as adventurous as I am, to make memories with. We'll have some great stories to tell his children one day for sure. . . . Our rash guards are from LandsEnd. Here at Beaches Resorts in turksandcaicos, I am sucking back the pina coladas and hitting the beach in style. If you’re a fan of clothing from Land’s End like we are, use the code BEACHES and (pin 2018) for 40% off any regular priced styles from October 17-31! Go and get on this sale now!!! . . . BeachesMoms BeachesResorts beachesturksandcaicos beachespartner socialmediaonthesand smots2018 mylandsend nevercominghome torontomom torontoinfluencer luxuryfamilyblogger luxuryfamilytravel kidsoftoronto momofaboy travelswithkids momlifeisthebestlife cmgroup101 canadianmom socialmediainfluencer meetmeinthewater oceanblues paradisefound livefunner postcardsfromtheworld notallthosewhowanderarelost strayandwander dametravel femmetravel thetravelwomen

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How about spend a good while on our crystal waters? Thank you to waketowaketc for kindly donating a 3 hour charter valued at $1100! Get ready for our silent auction!

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Bom dia Parrot Cay!! O hotel COMO Parrot Cay, localizado nas ilhas Turks & Caicos, está entre as ilhas privadas mais famosas do norte do Caribe. Possui mais de 1000 acres de terras virgens, cercada pelas praias de areia fina com mais de três quilômetros de extensão, e conta com um famoso spa e uma cozinha excepcional. caribeturksandcaicosparrotcayferias viagem viajar viajando euviajo amoviajar pelomundo travel traveling traveltheworld lovetotravel livetotravel luxury luxurydestinations luxurytravel travelgram viagens viajaretudodebom trip traveltips aroundtheworld bestofthebest allaboutluxury vacationferias

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Hello followers, Happy Tuesday! Here is the picture of my novel on amazon.com along with the synopsis. Log into amazon.com and read the prologue and more. And if that’s not enough go to ladybeebooks.com and Ladybee Facebook. destiny gracebaybeachturksandcaicosluxurydestinationlotterybookstcinovelladybeebestbeachislandbluehillsprovidencialesvacationsunshinebooksislandholidayturksandcaicosvacationvacationinginprovotcinorthcaicosgrandturkparrotcayturksandcaicosresortsturksandcaicosvacationturksandcaicoswinning

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Arribando al paraíso como todos los días lo hacemos 😍🌴🇻🇪 y tu que esperas para vivir esta experiencia ❤️

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Add some creative flare to your portraits! Anyone can do a portrait but what about a portrait with some shapes, lines, and dots? Have FUN with your tattoo and get something UNIQUE!! You won’t regret it 😎 Thanks for your trust James! • • • • • tattoo tattoos tattooartist blackworkers btattooing bright_and_bold tattooed tattooistartmag tattoosnob inked inkedbabes perfecttattoo illustration illustrator tattoolife ladytattooers blxckink sineadtattoos tattedinturks tatsntings turksandcaicos tattooer dogportrait dogportraittattoo abstractart abstracttattoos

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Buenos días Venezuela, reconocen esta playa❓, les daremos una pista, esta en Morrocoy 🌴

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Would you believe me if I told you that 18 months ago, this child refused to learn how to swim and hated doing anything that would get his face or head wet? I'm so proud of how great he is doing with swimming (passed the deep water swim test at our local pool this summer!) and did the surf simulator at beachesresorts in turksandcaicos! 🌊 Beaches resorts are all-inclusive meaning this, the entire water park, all the water sports, day camp, food, drinks, ice cream and more were all included! 🌊 beachesturksandcaicos beachesmoms beachespartner socialmediaonthesand surfsimulator surfinglife boogieboarding boogieboard turksandcaicosislands turksandcaicos familytravel familytravels travelgram

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ITS ALWAYS A SHOW WHEN COMEDIAN squeak_a_leak FALLS THROUGH *i do not own rights to this music* 🙄 🚫No Photo📸 Shop Needed 😱QUICK AND EFFICIENT! ➡️ITS SO 🔥🔥🔥 🔥⬅️ ⬇️ PRODUCTS USED?🤔🧐🤨 🚨Homemade clarifying shampoo 🚨Moisturizing Retwist Oil Don’t just lurk👀, DoubleTap. Are you booking an appointment or what?!🤨 •Check the number in my bio📲• Want to get in my chair ASAP?! Text the number in my BIO for a WEEK OF APPOINTMENT(add’l fee will be applied!!) SnapChat saw it first! You follow right?🤨🤔 ⬇️ ⬇️ Follow me on SnapChat "thedreadboss615" for loc info, tips etc! locs locstyles menlocstyles dreadboss thedreadboss dreadlockstyles ButThatShineThough Providenciales TurksandCaicos nashville locnation locnationtm menlocstyles menwithlocs menshairstyles longlocs photooftheday blackgirlmagic shortlocstyles style newloyalclient shareforshare nflstylist  dreads locsatlanta locextensions dreadextensions snap balleralert theshaderoom darealbbjudy quavohuncho offsetyrn yrntakeoff jacquees SnapChatadd Twitter | thedreadboss Snapchat | thedreadboss615

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This could be your morning view! Huge thank you to sailrockresort for generously donating a 3 night stay at a 3 bedroom villa valued at $7500! Come place your bid at our silent auction this Saturday :)

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LIVE HAPPY!! ✨ Are you living happy? Are you doing things in life that make you feel happy and fulfilled? Are you doing things for yourself like working out or gardening? ✨ Being with my husband, family and friends make me happy. Working out, gardening, cooking, traveling...these things make me happy. I may not always want to workout or eat healthy but I feel so much better when I do. ✨ We all have to make choices daily!! Let’s choose to be happy. Let’s do things that make us happy and feel good about ourselves. . . . . . livehappy thirtysomethings liveyourpurpose liveyourdream raisedbedgarden bethebestversionofyou healthyish tryingtobehealthy gettinginshape fitandstrong wifeyforlifey turksandcaicos turksandcaicosislands outdoorlovers cookingtips hubbylove mysouthernliving

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Preferred office view for days that end in “y” 🦈📸💦