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🤔Cool or not?!🤔

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Курортный отель Four Seasons Maldives at Kuda Huraa, окруженный садом с яркими тропическими растениями, расположен на собственном коралловом рифе и построен в стиле традиционной мальдивской деревни. К услугам гостей занятия серфингом и дайвингом, а также трансфер продолжительностью 30 минут на скоростном катере до международного аэропорта имени Ибрагима Насира.⠀ ⠀ Средняя стоимость за номер в сутки на двоих в отеле: 49 871 руб.⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ travel traveling holiday vacation красивыйвид sun hot love ilove instatravel tourist traveler instalife like tourism море отпуск хочутуда beauty beautiful amazing instagood красота супер фото 1001тур⠀Ph.: bennyjurdi

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A smartphone and an internet connection. All you need nowadays to make lots of 💰 😉

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¡Me encanta el estado de Guanajuato! Al menos una vez al año voy de visita, pero esta fue la primera vez que dormí en San Miguel. Amo el colorido, la gastronomía y que cualquier callecita tiene su encanto. ❤ ¿Has estado? ¿Cuál es tu rincón favorito de Guanajuato? 🙌 - - - guanajuato mexico vivemexico color weekend visitmexico tourism travel roadtrip minitrip traveler shetravels travelwithme mx instatrip instatravel travelgram travelingram traveldiary travelbag travelph travelphotography blogger travelblogger travelgirl

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"And have you had a lovely evening?” “Oh, priceless,” I said. Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises

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Two weeks in Thailand are over. Was one of a kind trip for me. Started with the Aeroflot( Russian Airline) loosing my luggage. I landed in Thailand with absolutely no clothes, besides what I was wearing at that moment. I’m very specific about my skin and hair care. And of course, not having my favorite masks and creams terrified me. I’m careful with sun exposure and I’m trying to always protect my skin and hair. The weather the whole trip was high 80s -low 90s. My luggage arrived 5 Days later. After million of international phone calls and hundreds of dollars spent on it. aeroflot aeroflotexperience aeroflotflight aeroflotinternational аэрофлот lostluggage Now about the trip itself , overall was a pleasant experience. Was very impressed with variety of seafood and the quality of it. 🐙🦑🦐🦀🐡🐌 I’ve tried a lot of different types of fish and seafood before, but this was the first time I’ve tried ... Delicious 🐠 Large variety of fruits, everything is super fresh 🍌🍉🍈🍍 Visited the famous James Bond Island, went inside of cave that got filled up with the water on the way back and we had to swim 🏊‍♂️ out. Had a canoe 🛶 tour in Andaman sea 🌊 Saw the rocks sculptures inside of the caves. Visited multiple beautiful islands 🏝One interesting fact about Thailand 🇹🇭, all of the beaches are very different from each other. Some have white sand and turquoise water, others have yellow sand, rocks or shells 🐚. Some islands have very clean clear water, others not really. Went to visit elephant farm and got a chance to ride an elephant . Elephants 🐘 are treated like humans in Thailand 🇹🇭 The population of them is under control by the Royal family. Also, went to see popular elephant show called FantaSea 🐘🐘🐘 28 Adult and baby Elephants participated, along the side of multiple Thai performers 🕺in colorful costumes 🤡👺👹 It’s winter time here in Thailand and Adaman Sea can be very rough and stormy ⛈ But even in the winter the average temperature here is high 80s🏝☀️ I think 🤔 this was the most extreme trip for me ever. Made me realized how dependent we are on the things that surround us every day. The most memorable moment was visiting the big Buddha 🙏🏼👌🏼🐘

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Forever a fan of the PNW 🌿

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好浮誇的摔角冠軍桌🏆,全店只有一個桌子能預約,吃的好害羞💕 Campaign Booth at Lucha Libre. The only table you can make a reservation for the entire restaurant. Lol

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Spent my weekend hiking the Grand Canyon! Comment below what adventures you went on.

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~There is beauty in old structures, and I like to capture it~

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~Cherish the moments with loved ones~

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~I met this sweetheart, he showed me around 🐎❤️~

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Happy Thoughts 💭

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~Italian beauty, I fell in love with the little streets of italy, where you can buy beautiful flowers, amazing food and cute souvenirs~

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Sunshine Please? 🌞

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What is coming is better than what is gone.. 🐛🦋

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The Voodoo Rooms w Edynburgu 💃🕺 jedną noc spędziliśmy włucząc się po klubach i pubach 😁 Ten był całkiem spoko 😏

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Dubai on my mind 🗯

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Explore Nami Island with me! ☃️ Now up on my blog! Link in Bio ☝🏼

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✌🏻Beautiful Island 🏝

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Hanging Out in Nature 🌴

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carefree hoe

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Finally got to see that Brachiosaurus Skeleton! 😄👌

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La Cruz de la Labor Vieja, Jalisco! 🌄🏃💨

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Labor Vieja, Jalisco 🌄

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He was looking at a pale sun rise. Thinking back on the time gone by. How he loved and he laughed and he cried. How it all was a blink of an eye. Now he's looking at the shake in his hand. Thinking how much more of life can he stand. And how many years can he cram. Before his fate gives way and he's ash in the sand. And is it the last stop on the road. Or the next step in a path grand and unknown. A milestone formed from the fruits of his ways. Okay in what comes with the end of his days. But the sun's rays shine on a face so divine. “An angel of mine" goes the phrase in his mind. Wise to the signs, knowing soon is the time. But he isn't ready to say goodbye. Hold on he’s waiting between worlds.

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Love today’s gone digital and it’s messing with my health.

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Well he started this ascension like reciprocity....

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winter can you not? 🔪🔪