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Pointe shoes... . توی این شرایط بد اقتصادی آدم کاری از دستش بر نمیاد جز اینکه سعی کنه خودش به خودش کمک کنه . امیدوارم این ویدیو برای چند ثانیه که شده ، روحیه شما رو عوض کنه . این عروس کفش پونت پوشیده ... . health gethealthy healthylife eatclean getfit trainhard باله workout fitness آموزش_رقص bodybuilding cardio gym train training photooftheday healthy instahealth healthychoices active strong motivation determination lifestyle teatime coffeetime fitjourney amazing food breakfast

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🎗Пресс на рисмкой скамье. Техника: ✅Верх спины должен быть все время округлен, плечи ссутулены, пресс все время напряжен. . ✅Поднимаем себя прессом, а не рывком, зацепившись ногами за валик и/или руками потянув за голову вперед. Желательно не напрягать стопы. _________________________ muscleandmotion fitnesslife fitness motivation anatomy bb bodybuilding follow like f4f l4l training trainer coach health beautiful instasports фитнес мотивация бодибилдинг мышцы анатомия биомеханика зож тренировка тренер бб здоровье

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This man, bretcontreras1 has single handedly had the biggest impact on my career as a personal trainer, especially on how I coach my female clients. From those Women new to & possibly intimidated by lifting weights, to those that I need to scale back their training because if (hypothetically) 50 sets of hip thrusts were required, they’d want to do 150! We still don’t know & possibly will never know the “most optimal” way/amount to train glutes due to many factors, however, applying the principles of overload, frequency, recovery, loading angles, periods of higher/lower overall training, skill acquisition, likes/dislikes, results & many more that have you remaining adherent to your glute training is what Bret has helped me think about a lot more. This also goes for other muscle groups. Well done to jacobschepis_jps & his crew from jpshealth_fitness for hosting a weekend full of ass slapping, tongue punching knowledge by Bret, thealanaragon soheefit helms3dmj james.krieger nick_tumminello biolayne & the mad carrrnt rpdrmike . Thank you, Bret - great to catch up again bro. ryanshortpt thethrustisamust ass glutes

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Colour coordination has never been my forte🌝 BUTTTTT nailing the “basics”✨ . . 🌸 stepssssss fitbituk_ireland helps me keep track of mine... I hit at least 10k every day... not a lot of effort but a wholeeeeee lotta impact💃🏼 bang on about steps... but they make suchhhhh a big difference! . . 🌸 for a girl of my size (5’2 and ~48/49kg) a “online macro calculator” tells me to eat ~1200cals... LOL I’ve smashed about that many by lunch time and actually almost eat ~3000/day.. BECAUSE IM ACTIVEEEE. . . 🌸 I LOVE being active as much as I LOVE food... so I choose to do more activity so I can eat literally whatever I want without a single thought🍰🍪 . . 🌸 nail the basics, be accountable, hit your steps, don’t lie to yourself and results willlllll come! Master of this whole “life with a gr8 body thing” dave_feather featherstonefitness change your life for good and live your BEST LIFE with NO RESTRICTION🍰 teamff . . . . . . . fitfam ukfitfam macros fitbit fitness fitnessgirl girlgains strongwomen strongnotskinny steps training trainhard vegan sweatitout bbg bbg1 bbguk bbggirls bbgsisters kaylasarmy kaylaitsines halfmarathontraining runnerslife runninggirl runnersworld runnerscommunity runnersofinstagram run

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I love travelling and visiting new places, but I love to exercise and be active.... I'm so when we finally be a place to chill and relax on holiday BUT also has a gym included! Great session this morning doing a bit of cardio and then legs and bum! 😀👍💪 • • gym gymlife workout gymfreak legday gymtime gymrat bodybuilding gymmotivation fitfam progress muscle training photooftheday health gymaddict instahealth hulk body fit strong motivation girlswholift determination selfie musclegain weights exercise

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Thought... . Posture is a term that we are all very familiar with. How many times have you been told that you have 'bad posture'. Well just to make you think, what do you picture as 'good posture'? . Some studies have shown that there is not link between 'bad posture' and pain. . The body is efficient and it adapts to the activities that we most often impose on it so that we become more efficient in these activities . For me, posture is the position from which movement starts and finishes and as such, I am a big fan of Vern Gambetta's term of 'Optimal dynamic alignment' . Although 'posture' is useful to be mindful of, it is more beneficial to focus on good quality mobility and movement no matter if you look like a hunchback or a ballerina when standing still! ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ osteo physio physiotherapy osteopathy bodymechanic gym fitness training dedication strength speed transformation strong wod fitspo fit crossfit fitfam core leanin15 conditioning strengthtraining strengthandconditioning healthy manualtherapy fitspiration fitness athlete everyoneisanathlete

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Krystal’s story unfortunately is a common one. She was a victim of bullying when she was at school which has tainted her self esteem and confidence. . . But like many others, she has used it to fuel her drive and motivation to achieve amazing results in 12 weeks. If you remember I did a post of her first 6 week progress which she achieved outstanding results. After 12 weeks she has managed to lose: . . - 6.6cm off her waist - 6.1cm off her hips - 2.3cm off her chest . . She has also gotten stronger and fitter and finished 12th out of 65 dancers in her last ever solo dance performance, where she was the oldest of all dancers and the average age 15 y/o. . . I’m soooo proud of you krystalbeans. I love your commitment and dedication to your health and fitness. You are an amazing role model to young women everywhere. whatsyourwhy diypt eyesontheprizept notfinishedyet onwardsandupwards 12weekchallenge 12weekbodytransformation saynotobullying motivated driven inspirational girlpower womenempowerment strongwomen rolemodel makehealthynormal movewell eatwellfeelwell eatwell training boxingtraining exercise boxingbodyblitz pt onlinept

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✨ URBAN TRAINING EN SMALL GROUP ✨choisissez votre team 4 minimum, choisissez votre jour, votre horaire et profitez d’une heure de coaching ciblée sur vos objectifs toutes les semaines sur vos créneaux 💪🏽👌🏽coachcoachingtrainertrainingtrainerlife

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・ 【and Share】契約アスリート 新聞社の取材です😀 ・ 8月にオープン予定の Functional Gym "suns"さんに場所をお借りして井川選手、取材を受けております。 取材の後は鬼ほどトレーニングします👍 ・ ----------【 and Share 】---------- 「喜びも悲しみも、選手と共に分かち合う」をモットーに、神戸を拠点として現在活躍中のプロアスリートを多数指導しています。 🔹美しい身体を作りたい🔹見た目に自信を持ちたい🔹という方一人一人と向き合い、あなたに合ったトレーニングメニューを組み、理想の身体作りをサポート致します。 ・ ・ 📩nishimuraandshare.co.jp 📩お問い合わせ、質問などはDMからも受け付けております。 🔍→ https://andshare.wixsite.com/andshare ----------------------------------- ・ ・ ・ personal trainer training japan bodymakeup personaltraining exercise workout fitness functional gym sunsパーソナルトレーナー トレーナー トレーニング ボディメイク 肉体改造 フィットネス ダイエット 筋肉 筋トレ マンツーマン チューブトレーニング

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The frog instinctively jumps to its natural habitat. 😂💪. Great day at the beach with my son playing around with animal movements, Taekwondo and lots of hugs. ❤️ functionaltraining functionalmovement frogjumps animalmovement animal functionalfitness beach training move movement fatherandson gmbfitness rangeofmotion bjj jiujitsu taekwondo muaythai thaiboxing stretch explosive play games judo grappling fitness outdoortraining functionalmvmt functionalpatterns gmbfitness ricksongraciejj tomdeblass

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Manchmal passieren im Leben Dinge, die man sich nie vorgestellt hätte. Es treten Menschen in deinen Leben, es treten welche aus deinem Leben und verändern dies total. Du weißt zunächst nicht wo vorne und hinten ist. Doch im Grunde genommen bedankst du doch dafür, dass es passiert ist. Denn irgendwie hat es immer Vorteile!!! 👌😊 • • 🏆 crowd toptags score sports fitness gym train health sportsbrav winner trainers best trainstation somuchfun training loveit traintracks justdoit active excercise instasport sportscar sporty workout healthy healthyliving healthyeating instasport healthylifestyle fitnessmodel

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Fun session today with the two big dogs johntmarsh 1morediegbe , trying to move some heavy weight and get some bodybuilding in too. Doing some walking lunges with 80kg on the bar for a ‘heavy effort’. These felt good and were left there because it’s important not to let your form breakdown, especially if you’re lifting heavy *often*. I could have maybe snuck another 10kg on the bar but then it may not have looked like this — knees are tracking over the foot, minimal medial deviation of the knee, chest is upright and loading is through the appropriate muscle groups. Heavy (relative term) and done properly. smallwin

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Hasta el próximo 30 de junio y aplicando nuestro cupón ISLADELEON al finalizar tu pedido en Prozis.com , además de un 10% de Descuento Directo, recibe estos PRODUCTOS GRATIS: ¡Saludables Pastelitos proteicos, deliciosos Batidos de proteínas, tu Bebida vitamínica preferida y una práctica Botella! ¡Aprovéchalo! halterofilia halterofiliaisladeleon halterofiliacadiz weightlifting arrancada snatch clean cleanandyerk suplementos prozis crossfit reebok boxtartessos rusterfitness noex health physicaltherapy alwaystraining wod exceedyourself protein fitnesstransformation training ruster coupons cupon cupones descuentos oferta extremecouponing 🔴10%DTO en tienda con el cupón ISLADELEON prozis.com/1f27🔴

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Esattamente un anno fa organizzai la mia prima gara ad ostacoli a Gravina in Puglia . Anche se con pochi mezzi e 0 esperienza fu un successone, grazie ad un team fantastico. Quello è stato l'inizio . Di acqua sotto i ponti ne è passata tanta ma la passione è sempre la stessa. SpartanGlobalBA18 team ocr friends passion memories fitness wild follow4follow sport moment passion like4like selfie friends photo follow4follow training nature man good photography photooftheday photography determination lifestyle top running

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Hello les bootyaddict ! Comment ça va aujourd'hui ? Vous commencez à avoir l'habitude, chaque lundi on propose un nouveau thème, original si possible. Cette semaine ce sera donc "Booty x Fruits" en tout genre, soyez imaginatives ! Pose avec un fruit, ou fruit sur la photo, peu importe... 🍍🍎🍐🍒🍓🍉🥥🍑 . . . . . artholicmagazine luimagazine ____navanax____ picabomb the.monochrome.telegram uncoveredmagazine followmyphotograph risque.art models fitnessmodel fitfrenchies bodyengineers fitness fitgirls squat gym training weigths selfie gymselfie fitnesslife fitnessmotivation gymrat bodybuilding ledgay fitgirl gymtime girlswithmuscle instafit paradise bootyfrance

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Salmon & Naked Slaw - such a staple in my healthy lifestyle. Fish is just a gift from the gods, so tasty but offers so much more, especially salmon. Fish and shellfish are nutrient dense and salmon is no exception. It is an excellent source of high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals (including potassium, selenium and vitamin B12) but it is their content of omega-3 fatty acids that receives the most attention, and rightly so. I always try to source local fish, wild and sustainably caught - farmed fish unfortunately loses a lot of the good stuff as their feed is pellets. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .health healthy fitness gym fit motivation workout healthylifestyle healthyfood lifestyle bodybuilding instagood training love fitfam diet eatclean fitnessmotivation food fitspo muscle exercise strong gymlife fitnessmodel cleaneating photooftheday nutrition fitnessaddict bhfyp

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selamat sore "Kolam Pancing Ikan Mas" selamat siang Lubana Sengkol (Resto-Pemancingan) sudah buka kembali info dan reservasi resto 082113365177 Lubana Sengkol (Outbound) kami melayani kegiatan group/rombongan sekolah-perusahaan-komunitas - outbound - training - gathering (family/employee) - camping - meeting - ulang tahun - wedding - dll info dan reservasi outbound ozy 081382346738 dimas 08567143463 hot line 081317116608 Terimakasih atas perhatiannya lubanasengkol resto pemancingan outbound kampungSengkol KampungKranggan TangSel TangerangSelatan Banten outbound training camping wedding gathering familygathering employeegathering paintball archery fishing meeting flyingfox kanoeing fungames teambuilding

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💪🏼🌱Want to learn everything about protein and what to pay attention to when following a vegan diet? 👉🏼 then check out my interview on the vegan fitness podcast with fritzness_ ❗️I speak about • How much protein you need to optimally build muscle • All about amino acids • Where to get your protein from • Protein digestability • Is Protein bad for your kidneys? • Does protein cause bone loss? • Animal VS Plant Protein • Genetic differences 100% science based episode!! 👉🏼 link in bio

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- 행복했던 휴가를 보내고 샤먼 도착~!! 다시 빠이팅해보자 - -

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Oldmate wayneomcdonald keeping me and Cash nice and honest today 🏃🏽‍♂️

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Действие🔘 - 📍Действие - какая бы не была цель ( маленькая или большая) придется потрудиться. - Действие подразумевает под собой тяжёлую работу (надо потрудиться), но тут так же важно учитывать «правильное распределение труда» - как при тех же усилиях сделать больше, чем надо. - (Про распределение труда) 📍Если у вас есть возможность облегчить выполнение задачи, так берите эту возможность. - 🔥Именно когда мы действуем, а не размышляем, мы становимся ближе к успеху. Делая попытки достичь успеха в любом деле, мы получаем опыт, и рано или поздно побеждаем. - 📚Если вы поймёте, что только от ваших сегодняшних действий зависит ваше будущее, тогда вы начнёте предпринимать правильные решения. Визуализированние в следующем посте ;) Был полезным пост? Ставь сердечко 💗

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‼️BUENASSS‼️ - Comenzando semana, con muchas ganas, pilas cargadas e ilusión en un alto nivel. Comenzamos de nuevo con los entrenamientos para la 100kmadridsegovia. Hoy ha tocado un rodaje de 10k a pulsaciones muy bajitas. En mi caso sin pasar de 140. Esdecir zona aeróbica baja. - Estos entrenos molan mogollón, porque me no me cansaba de hacer kms. Y eso mola. No os pasa a vosotros eso? - Luego le he dado también a las piernas con una sesión de 4 series de sentadillas, 4 series de levantamiento de pelvis, 4 series de zancada búlgara, 4 series de levantamiento pierna lateral y 4 series de gemelo 💪. - Por cierto en mi canal de YouTube, tenéis los vídeos de la etapa1 y etapa2 de la rianotrailrun. - Espero que os gusten. - 📸goproes goprohero6 riañotrailrun ***************************** 📌Técnico Superior Dietética y Nutrición -------------------------- 🎥 YouTube https://goo.gl/iVpZ1s 📩albertomorcu79gmail.com 🔴Facebook https://goo.gl/VKdZkY 🔴Twitter https://goo.gl/FtWFXz 🔴Instagram https://goo.gl/s1vfcT -------------------------- 🔝DESCUENTO 10% MATERIAL DEPORTIVO ✔️ runningwarehouse.eu ✪CODIGO VIP✪: ALMOR10 *No acumulable a otras ofertas ni válido en productos especiales o determinados.) https://goo.gl/UTmUAY ***************************** Un saludo. Alberto_Morcu.

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9 simple movements for hip flexors and extensors mobility. Give it a try before leg workout. Do 10 repetitions of each(10 each side is a left and right movement) repeat thrice. Comment below once you try it. mustafa_max84

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➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ I spent years waking up so early that I was the only one who could be found at 4/5 am training out, whatever the weather, many said that crazy, others said that has a goal, they were both right. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 🔥JOIN THE RANKS NOW IN MY LEGACY 🔥 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖

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Cartoline dalla Calabria.

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. Voce di marinai.

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Dumbbell SLDLs never get easier!

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Hamstrings today.. which means plenty of SLDL iso holds coming up😁

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3rd exercise from Quads earlier! First time doing this set a few weeks ago, I was using 1 plate each side, but progressed to 3 very quickly! 5s negative/positive phases for 5 reps, followed by 5 pump reps (for 20 reps total)

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Solo chi ha superato le proprie paure sarà veramente libero.

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Il sole delle sei•

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