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Been missing this chick lots lots and lots lately 🙇🏼‍♀️ love ya Kal I need my hair done soooon SO PROUD OF YOU AND WHAT YOU’VE ACCOMPLISHED IN 2018

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There’s a story to be told.🎬

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Que tal podermos falar mais sobre práticas essenciais para se tornar um hipnoterapeuta??? LIVE 😴🤤😊 ⠀ A curiosidade sobre o tema hipnose é muito grande, algumas pessoas ainda tem algum medo do assunto e outras ficam realmente muito empolgadas. 😱😍 ⠀ Vamos entender as praticas para se tornar um hipnoterapeuta, quais caminhos seguir, regulamentação, quem pode atuar como hipnoterapeuta, como se regulamentar, reconhecimento, organização mundial de saúde, e como essa profissão que vem se fortalecendo pode potencializar seus resultados pessoais e profissionais.🤔🧠💙 ⠀ Conhece alguém que se interessaria pelo assunto? Marque a pessoa nos comentários e nos vemos Hoje 23 de Outubro às 21hs aqui no meu perfil do instagram. 📅📍 ⠀ hipnoseclinica autohipnose mitoseverdades tercafeira ajudarpessoas gratidao salvador ArcadiaInstitute hipnoterapia hipnoterapeuta hipnosesalvador vocemelhoracadadia oms worldhealthorganization certificacaointernacional kaizen MasterTrainer IACT Trainer NGH ABH IMDHA

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It’s damp outside and this is the way Antonio Coss tonyyy_coss feels. Meh. It’s wrestling day.

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Getting ready for a video that got me really motivated. Programming each sequence so that when it’s time to shoot, my body is aware of the movements and everything feels natural. I’m gonna add another 4 inches to these boxes as they felt a little low. Conquer your fears and expand your imagination. You will be surprised with that you can do. . . . . . fitfam training workout calisthenics fitness personaltrainer trainer motivation mtl addidas zanzerobe lululemon imagination fears explore experiment

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Here is a good look at a great lift for Receivers widereceiver widereceivers to do who wants to get better at blocking or getting better on press jam or man press coverage. ▪️It’s working your inner or inside strength with putting focus on the muscle that make you push.. Chest Triceps and core work being on the medicine ball. . . football receiverscoach widereceivertraining widereceivercoach trainer coach footballcoach noexcuses nodaysoff beastmode tmt tbh tbt swag fitness girls fitnessmotivation crossfit crossfitgirls mentality beastmentality nfl nfl trainlikeapro trainwithapro 3stripes adidasfballus

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Today’s 🔥BTY FILM BREAKDOWN🎥 we touch on an important lane game footwork for players at all levels, the STRIDE STOP footwork. Soon we’ll discuss the different finishing options but for now let’s talk why this footwork is 🔑 to a great lane game. 🏀Playing off 2 feet allows you to: -be balanced -play thru contact -take back a decision (counter) 🏀The stride stop allows you to get to 2 feet but still maintain downhill speed & explosiveness. ————————————— POE: ✔️Initiate contact on the drive early. ✔️Maintain contact & hold driving line to control the defense & disrupt shot blocking ability. ✔️Outside/Inside footwork with a slight turn to put the defender on your back & protect the ball. ✔️Finish with your eyes. Try this out, let me know your thoughts❗️✊️ bebty basketball coach ballislife hooplife trainer basketballtraining

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👆🏻Prestar atención a la movilidad articular del cuerpo es súper importante, pensá que un núcleo articular saludable mejora y favorece el rango óptimo de movimiento (ROM) 👉🏻fundamental en cualquier patrón motor . No podemos pensar en un músculo fuerte si no tiene una buena elasticidad y flexibilidad suficiente.. todos conocemos a alguien con buena masa muscular y alguna lesión inexplicable, no? (x eje tendinosa o inflamación en la inserción etc ) 👉🏻 el acortamiento muscular es muy común...las articulaciones son las “bisagras” entre los huesos y cuanto más movimientos puedas realizar mejor estructura preventiva tendrás .. . 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️estos ejercicios los podes hacer como entrada en calor a un trabajo específico o también para relajar , conectarte un poco con tu cuerpo cuando llegas a casa o en cualquier momento del día que necesites bajar un cambio y conectarte con vos ..TE PROMETO QUE TE VA A HACER MUY BIEN ... 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️ realizarlo lentamente y sintiendo las rotaciones .👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 💪🏻Toda la columna , cuello , tronco , escápulas, hombros , codos , muñecas, caderas , rodillas , tobillos. . 😉Hacelo y luego me contas .🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️ . 🎯Para clases completas o plan a distancia mimejorversion encontrarlo en www.paulafatic.com.ar 💪🏻💪🏻 . ptpfit_arg colchoneta Mat . paulafatic faticteam fit fitness fitnessgirl fitmama fitmoms dalepower vospodes ejercicios mamafit entrenadora trainer lifestyle hometrainer fitnessmotivation fitgirl trainer entrenadora lunes group entrenando healthylife healthy fitnessmotivation entrenamiento actividadfisica

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Today on my way home from work with IH I was trying to come up with any excuse possible to not have to go and work out. It's those days when I try to come up with every excuse that I realize I probably need to get my ass in there more than anything. I got home grabbed my gear and away I went, and I'm sure glad I did because I feel AMAZE! . . fitspo training fitchick instagood gym gymfreak prilaga girlswholift instahealth photooftheday mma motivation gymlife fitnessaddict fitspiration beastmode muscleandhealth fitness muscle igfitness personaltrainer workout fitmotivation instafitness picoftheday instafit boxing trainer stronger strong

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Shoulder in 3, 2, 1.. 😅 Ejercicios de poco peso que te ayudan a definir el deltoides: 🅰 Apertura de brazos a 90^ (manguitos) con mancuernas de 10 kgs 4x15 🅱Elevación por gravedad con barra, procura controlar al bajar y evitar que la gravedad te jale tan rápido. . . . . . . . . shoulderworkout shoulders exercise exercises gymshark gymtime gymlife fit fitness fitnessmotivation fitboy gymstyle workoutroutine workoutfit deltoides core trainer bodypositive body transformation muscleup gravedad gravity motivated fitnesslife hombros bestmod diet gymtips

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Another LegDay Recap! 🐎 * * Not even gonna lie these were perfect when it came to my hip abductors and glutes 😫 I can definitely tell y’all I felt the burn lol * * * * * P.s I need to get a camera person for when I workout because I can’t be having people walking all in the videos lol sorry y’all! 😂 * * * Dominogf fitness motivationalmonday ebonyfitness fitgirl legday naturalhair transformation ebonyfitness fitnessmodel trainer resistanceband ankleweights inspiration positivity bodybuilding fitnessgoals bodygoals fitnessgirl nike nikewomen workoutvideos parkworkout homeworkout naturalhair blackgirlmagic ebonyfitfreaks melaninpoppin provenconsistency motivate deadlift healthyliftstyle

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If you are interested in today’s squat session...enjoy! - I find I squat better when I know I’m recording my set even though that means I don’t get to listen to music...but I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure I’m on point. 🙂 - teamBUF

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First, i want to congratulate my good friends arfitcoach and krobs88 on the birth of their baby boy! Secondly, I want to give Kari the credit she deserves for being an absolute beast when it came to her workouts the last nine months. She was able to spin twice a week nearly full term. In addition to her spinning, she did weight training twice a week and was able to do so one week past her due date. Through her consistency with weight training and spinning, she was able to keep her weight gain to just 28lbs with nearly no aches and pains the entire time. Kari never canceled or gave anything less than 100% during each workout. We will be starting her post pregnancy routine in roughly 6 weeks! Note: the picture of Kari doing lunges was taken 3 days before her due date!!!

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At leo__savage 's first Certification he talked about how you can essentially replace any transfer in the Master Class Flow with any other transfer. So in the interest of connecting more with this flow and learning it's intricacies I replaced all the switch curls with 360s. Swipe for part two . . . . . . . . . . . steelmace beard beardlife grind strong life beast fit fitfam fitnerd fitness groupfitness guyswholift guyswithbeards guyswithtattoos gym movement personaltrainer gains tattoos train trainer training truth workout functionaltraining mace goals vikings warrior

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It’s how we handle our workouts & get the results we’re looking for 💯 If you missed our talk on the importance of mentality & training, checkout our previous post!

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Te presentamos esta súper rutina en la que se realiza un poco de cardio a través de los saltos y en el segundo ejercicio fortalecemos el Core. ¿Qué esperas para empezar a entrenar? ¡Aquí te esperamos! 💪🏻😎 INFIT ElectroClub Gym Electroestimulacion Ejercicio Fit Fitness electroestimulacion club infitelectroclub powergirl men muscle abs cardio calories fit fitness trainer training body healthy pty 2018 Training Club - Panamá: Av. Balboa 📞507 388 8940 - 6595 2951 / Costa Del Este📞507 388 8930 / San Francisco📞507 2097523

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I was really flattered to find myself featured on the Show Up Fitness page today! I headed straight from LAX to Hollywood go check them out last week. Some really cool people who really know what they’re doing! showup showupfitness trainer fitness exercise noexcuses

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My workouts are never pretty.... but my legs are 😜 I sweat, I breathe hard and I make ugly faces ( watch videos at your own risk 🤣). I curse, I yell at my trainer & sometimes we butt heads cause I HATE having someone telling me what to do ( bosslady). But he’s been amazing, and I finally feel like the workouts I did 6 years ago and prior are coming back. Today I’m proud to say I squatted 165 Lbs for 8 reps. Let’s go to 185 next week 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻hardworkpaysoff • • • • • • workout lift weights lifting gym workmode muscles fit fitness leg legs quads calves muscle legmuscle diet gymlife me results squats homegym trainer proud gaintrick gainpost likeforlikes like likes

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TRX Butt & Legs and I’m smiling, yes. Yes, I am. And, that was brilliantly beneficial. Outstandingly difficult. Mind-boggling, eye-rrrrolling (roll your r’s...)...record breaking. And, as granddaughter, of a WW1 Veteran, hailing originally from the Scottish Highlands, and born from the courageous, Clan Menzies, I can assure you that I will be back, again. clanmenzies

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Choose your food well and you will see great results! You can do it! ............................................................................................ Elige bien tus alimentos y veras grandes resultados! Tu puedes!

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Clean Eatz is going to keep me on track with my meals! 🙌🏼 I’m so excited to be in a location where I’m able to swing by and grab some meals for the week. Though I have the time to meal prep food myself..... you can’t beat $6.30 a meal when you’re able to have something different every day! And it’s not “just a meal” it’s healthy, all organic high quality food that taste just like you cooked it that day! . . . . . . . . . cleaneatz lifestyle healthy mealprep fitnessjourney healthyliving fitgirl instagood healthylifestyle food meal fitness fitpso motivation fitnessmotivation cleaneating diet healthymeals instadaily ladyboss fitnesscoach trainer livingmybestlife happy fitspiration workout