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[anything(✿◠‿◠)]: hey guys it’s my second post on here! hope you guys enjoy this very satisfying sand video! -Nicole✨👏🏼 ~ ~ ~ [vc(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ] • sandobsessed 🤯 ~ ~ ~ tags ★~(◡﹏◕✿) slime slimesatisfy tomholland tom holland hollandsatisfy spidermanslime sand satisfying satisfyingvideos fff fffaccount asmr asmrvideo asmrslime slimesmoothie slimepressing slimey slimer slimetutorial followforfollow likeforlike hollanders tomhollandishot sandcutting fffslime

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I would buy it! ————————————————— ♦️Make Sure to follow me♦️ ♦️official.friendlydoc♦️ - ⚫️Check out this two Bois ⚫️ ⚫️ bucky._.buck_ ⚫️ ⚫️ spoopy.recruit.is.cute ⚫️ - - ♦️ Leave a Like♦️ ♦️Tag a Friend♦️ ♦️Comment your Ideas♦️ - - - ♦️Tags♦️ RainbowSixSiege RainbowSix Siege Rainbow R6 R6S Tom Clancy‘s Gaming Gamer ubisoft Memes Doc Rook Twitch Montagne Smoke Sledge Mute Thatcher Ash Thermite Castle Pulse Kapkan Tachanka Fuze Glaz IQ Blitz Jäger

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En Tom ja ens fa comoanyia, Animals que fan companyia, temps de finestres tancades

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Olha que novidade interessante galera. Um filme em LiveAction do TomAndJerry está em desenvolvimento e o diretor TimStory (QuartetoFantástico; PolicialEmApuros) pode assumir o longa. DesenhosAnimados Cartoon Infantil Animação Tom Jerry Para comprar essa PlacaDecorativa em MDF, clique aqui: https://produto.mercadolivre.com.br/MLB-1122611935-quadro-d… Curta a nossa página: https://www.facebook.com/ARCframes.quadrosdecorativos/ Mais informações: (27) 9 9772 2497 Enviamos para todo o Brasil!!

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this, my life, is my favorite photo. Do you know why? . Because it represents you fully, my love. you are a prince, honey, you do not know it, but you are the king of my life It is the love of my heart.❤ - - - - - it stays like this forever workout instagood instamood mood good insta instagram mylove love photooftoday day beautiful natural instalike summer faschion sweet travel tom tomhiddleston hiddleston hiddlestoned like like4like follow follow4follow tomhiddlestonmylife

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How to get control of pre-menstrual munchie madness 😬 . (that one week in the month where it ALL goes to pot!) . 🙋‍♀ Ladies, we know what happens. We know it isn’t your fault. At all. It’s those pesky hormones. Three weeks of the month you’re “on it”. Feeling strong. Feeling motivated. The scales are your best mate. You’re in control and cruising along at a steady productive pace. . Then BAM! 👊 . It starts when you feel that tingle in your boobs and your tum slightly bloats. “Oh god it’s not that time AGAIN?!” you tell yourself. “How does it creep up so soon!” . And no matter how you tell yourself you WILL stick to your eating plan and you WILL get to the gym, all you want to do is get your comfiest PJs on, stick a soppy Netflix series on and drown in Dairy Milk 🍫 . Well, we are here to tell you that there’s another way. The Body Smart way to beating PMS crazy cravings 🤔 . On day 21 of your cycle, progesterone peaks and it's PMS season. So, in this week, factor in a few more of the foods you love between days 21 and 28. If you give yourself an additional up to 500 calories (going off a 500 calorie deficit) in this week, your PMS will feel managed. . Now there are foods that are great for PMS symptoms like spinach, dark chocolate, nuts and berries but we know that all our lady mates want is chocolate, crisps and a good cry. That's OK too! Factoring in just a little more food will really help 👌 . To reduce bloating, make sure you're drinking enough water throughout the day. Curb the alcohol, it's a depressant and will just make you feel worse. Avoid foods that are too salty too, as they don't help with water retention and bloating ✖️ . 😴 Also sleep more! Your body will thank you for getting to bed an hour early on week 3 of your cycle. It gives it chance to recover quicker from the hormone onslaught! . A great app to track your cycle on is called ‘Flo’ knowing this week is coming in advance can help set you up for success instead of the other way around. . To sign up for personalised online coaching, click the link in bio 📲 . PMS Hormones Period TOM TimeOfTheMonth MunchieMadness MonthlyCycle . . . . . fitnessgirls diet weightlossjourney weightlo

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Bienvenido a la manada amigo te daremos mucho amor y cariño ❤️tom sanbernardo