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CAPITAO BOY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Welcome to ♤ the_average_ace ♤ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leave a like Comment and Follow the_average_ace ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Credit : the.thighs.of.ela ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Partner recruitislove ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ rainbowsixisge rainbow six siege theaverageace sasace sas ace xbox ps4 pc steam ubisoft uplay tom clancys tomclancys tomclancysrainbowsixsiege meme memes videogames games the thighs of ela thethighsofela capitao souljaboy audilebear0348

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i'm sorry this isn't too good😬i'm so tired that treadmill wore me out xhiddlestoned -- ugh school starts in 5 days☹️😭 -- busters fl omg😂💞💕💗💖 -- how fast can we get to 400?? -- GO CHECK OUT xhiddlestoned 's new post☠️ -- if you have read this so far, like this post and follow just.bc.edits for more!! -- (tags) tomholland tom tomhollandedit tomedit marveledit marvel spidermanedit spiderman peterparker omgmcu omgtomholland omgmarvel photoedit pictureedit love fav favorite muchlove lovehim theimpossible intheheartofthesea thelostcityofz spidermanhomecoming spidermanfarfromhome

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Tengah malem kemaren si Tom lupa di masukin kandang dan ngeong2 , dsuruh masuk kandang ga mau , pas di suruh nonton youtube langsung diem , anteng gitu 😂😄😃😹😻😽 . . kucinglucu kucing tom persia persiapeacknose

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You went outside and grabbed Harrison's hand stopping him from leaving. "Has what's wrong?" You asked. "I feel like I'm bein cheated?" He said. "Okay! First of all NO you're nothing cheated! Second of all you and I are not boyfriend and Girlfriend!" Harrison rolled his eyes. "We haven't gone out in forever, you can't be mad!" You yelled. Harrison shook off your hand and walked away. You went back inside, "UGH!" "You okay?" Tom asked innocently. "I'm going home Tom!" You yelled grabbing your things. "O-oh okay." He said disappointed. "Did I do something wrong y/n?" "No Tom!" You were surprised by the anger in your voice. Tom was laying in his stomach on the ground. You stopped, sat and laid across from him. "I'm sorry Tom, that was rude of me." You said. "It's okay. You're just scared." He said with a weak smile. "I feel like I'm slowly loosing the imortant people in my life." You said starting to get emotional. "You still have me and Nicki!" Tom said trying to make you feel happy. "Nicki and I aren't talking." You said. "What?" Tom said confused. "She's dating my stupid ex!" "Todd?" "Yeah..." You started to cry. "I'm tried of crying Tom." "So don't!" Tom said. "It's not that easy." "What makes you happy?" "A lot of things." You replied. "Okay I can work with that!" He chuckled and wiped away one of your tears. "Lets go!" He stood up, pulling you up with him. "What ate we doing?" You asked. "Going into town!" He said grabbed he stuff and started to walk to his garage. "To town? Tom I look like, this!" You gestured to yourslef. "I know!" Tom said, "people will be mad that you look perfect, but they'll have to deal with it!" He said and you both got in his fancy car. "I do not look perfect!" You said clearly. Tom started to drive the car, "whatever you say princess." You smiled at Tom confused. "What are you doing?" You asked. "What do you mean?" He replied. "Why are you being so nice!" "I am? Hm." You guys pulled up to the mall. It was still early morning, so not many people were there. You walked into a clothe shop. "Okay, and GO!" Tom yelled. "What?" "Go pick out some things! You're going to try them on!" He said as if it were obvious. 💡💡💡

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velvqt Edit. (Go Follow This Talented Beast). ——————————————————— tomholland2013 ——————————————————— New And Set Days To Post Are Weekly Tuesday & I’m Going To Try For Thursday’s 💛 School Started Back Up So Been Busy. DMs Are Always Open I’m Just Posting On Those Days⏳

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Weas weosas de la weosidad ((?)) *-deja eso y se va volando (?)-* When hay muchos robos de dibujos and le pones marca de agua a todo lo que se mueva (?) Okno, aunque noncreo que alguien me vaya a robar... es mejor prevenir que lamentar :'3 (?) . . . ~[Ignorar]~ dibujosnachitos fanartslove star starbutterfly marco marcodiaz tom tomlucitor tomstar svtfoe svlfdm eclipsabutterfly mewni starco moonbutterfly dibujosnachitos mewberty butterfly startom queenlucitor angiediaz burritosdraws marcapoo meteorabuterfly marcojr kellco itsstardraws

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these are some of the coolest people & this week we got to serve the coolest God!! how cool is that?? tom mesa team tatted

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Guys... just look at my girl star being a QUEEN...using her hANDS HA, she’s come so far and I’m so proud even though she’s a fictional character 😓 in my heart she’s real ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••� Starvstheforcesofevil svtfoe Star Starbutterfly Marco Marcodiaz Marcoshoodie Starco STARCOISBETTERTHANJARCO ihatejarco jackie jackielynnthomas tom tomlucitor janna JANNABANNANA jannaordonia bloodmoon bloodmoonball kingdomofmewni Mewni Moonandriver queenmoon kingriver Toffee ludo eclipsa moontheundaunted meteora globgore

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In April we introduced a new staff member to the team... Tom! He's our very first team member from outside of the family! If you haven’t already met Tom, we know you’ll love his friendly nature and quality of work. Like Daniel, he has a background in joinery and many years of experience. We’ve had some fantastic feedback from customers, and already we don't know what we would do without him. Tom fixdemployee fixpropertymaintenance handyman christchurch nojobtoobigorsmall propertymaintenance

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Pois é! Não sabemos se é correto afirmar como vazamento ou como um feito proposital... Mas sim que deixou muitos fãs intrigados com essa gravação feita pelo tomholland2013 no set de filmagens, onde aparece um jato de água possivelmente do "hydro-man" atingindo um dublê de Tom Holland que está dando vida ao Homem aranha. Tudo indica que veremos um confronto entre os dois, assim como nas HQ's. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Yeah! We do not know if it is correct to state as a leak or as a deliberate feat ... But rather it has left many fans intrigued with this recording made by tomholland2013 on the set of footage, which appears a jet of water possibly from the hydro-man reaching a stunt double that brought Spider-Man to life. Everything indicates that we will see a confrontation between the two, as well as in the HQ's. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ hydro hqs hq spidermanps4 spiderman spidey farfromhome spidermanfarfromhome tom tomholland2013 tomholland nick nickfury disney disneystudio marvelcinematograficuniverse mcu marvelcinema homemaranha homemaranhalongedecasa

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Difícil traduzir o que o livro Tom, de André Neves representa para nossa família. Difícil sintetizar o turbilhão de sensações desencadeadas com o compartilhar da conversa do escritor/ilustrador com a turminha do 1o ano da escolaarcoiris.salvador hoje. Na falta de palavras, um grato abraço pela sensibilidade ao mostrar, num Tom, mil tons que o habitam, transcendendo suas excentricidades e desembocando em sua humanidade. O post completo tá no blog. E o link, na bio. literaturainfantil andreneves tom flai escolaarcoiris autismo inclusao schaafyangsyndrome schaafyang EspecialESerCrianca

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