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Not a bad view from my 9-5 job today, creating & building the new online store!! But my new favourite part is my online “side hustle” is working too! 2for1 maximizing my time & income 〰️ how exciting & refreshing it feels to have made the change....xx

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Cần có thời gian để sắp xếp lại suy nghĩ,chấn chỉnh lại nhận thức và chữa lành tâm hồn. Mãi mới đc trả ảnh để up...khi mùa hè của các bạn rực rỡ thì mình để dành cả mùa thu để khoe ảnh mùa hè.:))) mysummerwithfriendshoianvietnamtravelhealingtimewannagosomewhere

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Peep those dimples I have a HUGE smiling problem that seems to be contagious 😄😋🤗

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Procrastination tip - a job will take as much time as you give it. So set a short time limit on that task that you have been putting off for weeks. Put a two hour counter on and just work. Tell yourself that it will be done in that timeframe and it likely will. If you set a long time frame it will take that long. If you don’t set a time limit it may never get done. Try this and let me know how you go? - Enjoying my videos? Please support me on Patreon. https://www.patreon.com/zacpphillips

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انا اذا قرررت اهااايط😂 . . seventeen

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Today would have been my Mom’s 63rd Birthday. I knew she had sky diving on her bucket list, but she was unable to do it do to her medical conditions at the time. Im absolutely terrified of heights and would have never even considered sky diving in a billion life times. If there is one reason I would ever overcome my fear its through the power of love and family. I thought about the night my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer and how affraid she was when the doctors told her they couldnt stop the cancer because it was formed in the center core of her brain and was spreading at a rapid pace. I thought about how scared she was every day i would take her to her treatments and evals knowing what the final outcome would be. I would see her cry and she always wanted me to hold her hand, give her a hug and lay next to her. She knew she was going to die and she over came that fear and smiled just for the love she had for us. Happy birthday mom! I love you and I hope you enjoyed your birthday gift today. love happybirthday mom familia corazon fear cancer skydiving giveback bucketlist mother positivevibes journey inspiration poweroflove fight nature humanity fuckcancer findacure helpothers leader leadbyexample life motivation power dreams time

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