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throwback to a year when I did this piece for the Nintendo Splatoon contest! 🦑 Wanted to bring it back because I just finished the Octo Expansion DLC (no spoilers ahead don't worry). I LOVED it. Really wish there was more of it, even though I tried taking my time. 😭 I loved everything about it, and I'm dying to do fan art. I got a lot of work to do for patreon this month and some commissions but I swear I'll do some more splat stuff real soon. Anyway I'm putting this here again as a reminder for future Izzy to get on with the ideas for more scenes like this. I have some for the Octo expansion in particular too. HEAR THAT, IZZY? get on with it! . . . splatoon splatoonfanart octoexpansion nintendo marina offthehook nintendoart illustratorsoninstagram painting digitalpainting digitalart cute artistssupport artistsoninstagram instaartist instaart illustrationage illustrator illustrators helixel squidkids inkling octoling

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I need to be back on a beach asap 🙏🏻😩😍🌊

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World Refugee Day, the TMZF honors the strength and courage of the refugees. Behind the word refugee is a mother, aunt, sister, father, brother, uncle and a child who has had to flee his/ her homeland because of conflict or natural disaster. 2017 throwback TMZF participation at a Refugee event in NY 20/09/2017 Still on the Women's Health note. The Panel Discussion brought to life what we hear as background news. Women are extra ordinarily resilient. The amount of pressure our women face, especially in the refugee camps, is overwhelmingly beyond imagination. Emphasis also placed on Maternal Mental Health which must be taken into consideration, this subject is still very much stigmatized. The feeling is that Drs have not open out on the issue of Mental Health. Explored was how to extend the community resources to respond to the traumatized populations. Sustainable solutions are always sought. Bottom Up approach/ Private Initiatives Political Will and Cross Sectoral Approach is needed. Not only financial support but ideas, human resources, lack/ shortage of ppl on the ground to help the refugee populations. Training Humanitarian Agencies which are offering services to a large number of pregnant women and infants. Health is Primary for everyone. Motherhood should not be taken for granted eg having one foot on the grave when giving life. Thank you Dr Mary-Ann Eitbet for inviting me. Learnt a lot n how insightful was your session🙌 oafla tmzfoundation motherhood maternalhealth infanthealth merckformothers

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Not so candid....😏😏 throwback

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Celebrated Father's Day throwback Happy to see his smile 😊😌

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Happy hump day my ppl. Spreading good vibes.💯

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Belgian food like dis

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Probably was too excited about the YouTube cushions... 🙄 📸: mao_toutou

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Pinkies Up, Bitch! 🍷