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16 hours ago

We’ve been married for 3 weeks at 2:10 pm this afternoon!! 🍀🍀🍀 time is flying by lol :) feels like a weekend has passed!! 💋💋 Loving being in a healthy real honest relationship that I can trust and be myself In. Always be myself. That’s new. And amazing. I am quite happy 😃 thank you universe ❤️❤️ myhusbandisbetterthanyours myfriendsarebiggerthanyours hesthebest alwaysmakesmesmile kissme krisazapam weddedbliss newlyweds mynewlife perfectmoment caughtintime kristian sativa krisandsativa mramdmrs husbandandwife dreamteam partnerincrime doubletrouble tattedcouple inkedcouple coupleoftheyear

1 day ago

Its feels so surreal that ive been married to my bestfriend for only four years! It feels like ive been with him forever and i still look forward to forever more. Like anyone we have had our ups and downs, but we've gone threw it all together and We share two beautiful baby girls! There were many who doubted that wed even make it this far, but i never shared in that doubt! Here's to many more anniversaries proving the doubters wrong. You are my heart, my soul, my strength. I love you MY husband ❤💚💜💙💛💋😍😘 anniversary married soulmate myman mcm fouryearstrong family vegancouple tattedcouple jersians ghostbc forever foureyes myboo goober

1 day ago

"Es ist nicht immer leicht, wirds nie sein, es wird auch mal schwer sein, wir werden jeden Tag daran arbeiten müssen, aber das will ich, weil ich dich will, ich will dich ganz und gar, für immer dich und mich, an jedem Tag!" - Wie ein einziger Tag zitat wieeineinzigertag filmzitate amazing couple couplegoals sunglasses cool happy smile smileeveryday endlesslove ichliebedich fürimmerdichundmich anjedemtag wedding saturday family beautiful mylove beautifulcouple goodtimes kleid anzug pretty qualitytime spreadlove tattedcouple dreamteam thereal_fuchs

1 day ago

I can’t believe it’s been a year. It’s been an epic one forsure. Been thru a lot of tests, had a lot bend ya prettt far but never broken. She’s my best friend, the most important person in my life now and will be forever. I’m excited for our future. Our family. Our baby boy. I wouldn’t want it any other way than with you by my side. llllllisa_marie wifey babymomma mybestfriend alphacouple tattedcouple sexycouple family prego

2 days ago

Actually refreshing waking up on Sunday and hiking rather than being hungover 💪🏼🍷