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A big thanks to Ekka for the mid week break! I think we all deserve it every single week 💁🏽‍♀️👑 Don’t forget you have one day left to enter into my comp that’s being held on my previous post to win yourself three pairs of sunnies just like this from my favs at skyeandlach_eyewear ✨ . Lots of love for goddesskleopatraclothing for my brand new statement tee, never taking it off 💕

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Io che faccio finta di avere il tavolo (il cocktail è sempre quello smezzato 🥂). Ciao amici, state seguendo una povera comunque eh, sappiatelo HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH 💕

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Got wind of this room with great lighting... didnt quite master this lighting situation with the old samsung. The struggle with auto mode is real. Back day pump and the tan starting to blend nicely together. Cant get enough or seeing weekly changes and finding how far i can push myself. Cant thank jakecampusnutrition enough for the solid meal plan. I find it easy to stick to a plan, but creating the plan itself is the challenge for me. beastmode instafitness instafit fitness shred vascular muscle pump pullup backday workout gym fitness swole tan bali passion

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montaniafashion kuwaittelevision ‏‎ازيائي من مونتانيا واسعدني التقديم مع زميلتي المذيعة الجميلة ‏‎أسماء سيف ‏asmasaif2013 ‏‎ببرنامج شاي الضحى على القناة الاولى بتلفزيون دولة الكويت ‏‎رئيس فريق العمل عادل عطا الله ‏adelatallah ‏‎اعداد الاء باقر ‏‎دنيا العامر ‏‎denya_alaa سارة القليش ‏saraalqulaish87 ‏‎شيخة العمر ‏‎منال القلاف ‏‎مساعد مخرج ‏‎طارق المعمري ‏Tariq_almamari3 ‏‎زكريا الشواف bozeek ‏‎مخرج منفذ محمد الهاشمي freedomq84 ‎اخراج محمد عبدالكريم بولند ‏boland80‎‏ ‏‎‏shay.aldhaha ‏👻ansamalkhalaf👻 . .شكرا لقناة الزيادي عالمتابعه . ‏‎‏. ‎سناب_شات سناب الكويت فن فنانين مذيعات مشاهير انسام_الخلفاغانيالاماراتقطرالسعوديهاخبارميك_ابازياءفاشنتجميلtvtanlike4likelikes4likes

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1 or 2? 🇬🇷💙

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rachelward_e is as in love with her super dark natural skin finish as we are with her 😍 Shop our Violet Self Tan Foam for rich, warm results: available online, at www.spraytansolutions.co.nz

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When you goin’ bed and he tries to FT

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𝕁 𝕦 𝕤 𝕥 𝕤 𝕞 𝕚 𝕝 𝕖 😁

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No i po urlopie... 😭

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Moja kochana chrześnica 😚😍♥️

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Weselnie ♥️

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Memories from Mexico 🤩

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Pierwsza rocznica ślubu ☺️ kocham Cie ❤️