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Ready for the weekend again! takemeback

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It's my boo's birthdaaaaaay y'all so here's a picture of us from October at the House of Blues. Look how chipmunkie my face is 😂😂 I was extremely happy in this moment especially when he complimented my hair. Once again Happy birthday boo. 😍😘😘

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Como foi bom te reencontrar por algumas horas foi como se ainda estivéssemos lá nos EUA reclamando da vida rs... It was so good see you again, for a couple of hours it was like we were in the US again complain about life lol.... Love you maaaguerra! friendship fromdcforever formerAupair takemeback

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Iceland the land of waterfalls, an absolute fancy! The impossible-to-pronounce Seljalandsfoss Waterfall in Iceland lies on the Southern Ring Road between the towns of Selfoss and Skogafoss on the way to the coastal town of Vik. The falls plunge about 200 feet into deep pool. Much of the waterfall is frozen during the frigid winter months Seljalandsfoss Waterfall is popular with tourists, especially during the summer months when you can hike around the pool and go behind the falls for a one-of-a-kind view through the falling water that_indian_abroad iceland icelandwaterfall waterfalls earthfocus earth_shotz earthpix picturesque iceland_tourist iloveiceland differentworld takemeback sulphursprings mosses worldisbeautiful carpediem siezetheday girlswhotravel goandexplore tripofalifetime roadtrip driveaway 500px timemachine memorable poser love_nature followforfollowback followme ig_travel

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The ocean is everything I want to be. Beautiful, mysterious, wild and free. TakeMeBack ♥ ♥

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Cabo was lit! Never had so many caronas in my life lol 🍻🍻 TakeMeBack vivamexico 🇲🇽

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New Zealand delivering the goods in its usual spectacular fashion - a fiery sunset shot along the Arrow River as it meanders around Arrowtown with Mt Beetham featuring in the background. The three of us (Russ, Tim and I) had arrived to NZ that day - me in from Melbourne and Russ & Tim from Brisbane - and after a catching up over a couple of beers and damn tasty pizza in Queenstown, made our way out to Arrowtown in our clunky, old, piece-of-shit 4wd hire car which would faithfully cart our arses around the South Island for the next 10 days. Anyway, let's just say this was a lucky shot. With tired dry eyes thanks to the flight and the crisp cold NZ air (and perhaps that one beer), one of my contact lenses was feeling gluggy & blurry, like as if someone had unloaded a jar of Vaseline into my eye. It happened in a flash; seeking quick reprieve, I innocently rubbed my eye and next thing I was blind as a bat! That damn contact lens had decided to pop out and land straight into river I was standing in. Great! Normally this wouldn't be an issue as I always have spares on trips like this (and also a set of dorky looking glasses)... but in true Bernie form I'd managed to leave that particular toiletry bag back in Melbourne. That night we drank shit-tonnes of scotch and Russ & Tim made plenty of fun of me as I wore a makeshift eye-patch made from a sock and some ingenuity on my behalf. Looked ridiculous and I’m sure there are some photos of it somewhere :) Luckily the next morning we found a legendary optometrist who just happened to have a spare contact lens in the ridiculous strength I needed - crisis averted! Cheers, Bernie :) _________________________________________________ arrowtown arrowtownnz nz newzealand purenewzealand autumn travel travelphotography southislandnz discovernewzealand photographerlife landscapephotography takemeback newzealandvacations wanderlustofnz aoraki sunset newzealandnatural nikon nature naturephotography nzmustdo nzlandscape

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Daydreaming I’m still here 🏝🌊