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Would to order my T-Shirts 👕? Please check the link in my bio (profile) to order it swimmingexcp 💥 Visit in our bio swimmingexcp 💥Choose your favourite colour and style! 💥Made in the USA🇺🇸 🌏International delivery📦 swimmingpools swimmingcarnival swimmingteam swim swimming_pool swimmingcostume swimming swimmingdog swimmingpoolparty swimmingpigs swimmingbaby swimminghole swimmingtimeswimmerproblems swimmingpooltime swimminglesson swimwearph swimmingpool swimsuitph swimwear swimminghole swimmiesph swimminglessons swimbikerun swimmerscrewswimlikeswimmingpoolsocialmedia artswimequipment

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Fly over & charge into the week. mariuskusch training in at Follow us: -swimmingcorner Via: mike2swim Thank you so much!!! ╔═════════════╗ https://teelavie.com/🔎👕👕 ╚═════════════╝ swimmingpools swimmingcarnival swimmingteam swim swimming_pool swimmingcostume swimming swimmingdog swimmingpoolparty swimmingpigs swimmingbaby swimminghole swimmingtimeswimmerproblems swimmingpooltime swimminglesson swimwearph swimmingpool swimsuitph swimwear swimminghole swimmiesph swimminglessons swimbikerun swimmerscrewswimlikeswimmingpoolsocialmedia artswimequipment

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Room service?

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Natação infantil 🌊

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Last five day swim checklist: London Olympic Pool Lido Hyde Park Master Warrender Swim Club Edinburgh Also, discovered a good local beer innisandgunnuk on the walk back earnedit

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Y no deje de nadar un solo día 🏊🏻‍♀️ Swim Swimming

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Super League racing celebrates not only the current pros of the sport, but the rising stars that wait in their wings - rewildthepeople caught up with local youth jackkennedy_tri before this weekend's race as he prepares for one of the biggest races of his career yet. Check out his roadtosuperleague! 🙌

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Hallo 👋 Ihr! Ein bisschen mühsam trotze ich dem Wasser 💦 nach und nach immer wieder ein paar Sekunden ab. Ich muss auf dem Weg halt einfach am Ball 🎱 bleiben... Macht’s gut 😊 . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . 🇬🇧 Hi 👋 there! Improving my swimming 🏊 times little by little is quite laborious. But I have to steadily pursue this course... Take care! . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . swimbikerun swim triathlon triathlete triathlontraining 3athlon 21runcomtriathlonteam schwimmen fitness painistemporaryprideisforever trilife training endurance workhard motivation vonnixkommtnix triathlonlifestyle nevergiveup triforlife wearetrilife365 derwegistdasziel triathlonfamily whywetri nevernottraining fitfam triathlongram247 humansoftriathlon hallenbad

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👋🏼 everybody. 😊 ☀️. What are your strategies when it comes to sun protection during exercise? At Premax we have made it easy for you in developing the best sports sunscreen in the world. 🙌🏼 We know what it's like to have to stay focus on your game or effort spending hours training and competing outdoors.  Cycling, triathlon, running, tennis, team sports such as football, cricket and field hockey just to name a few. ⚽️🏈🎾🏏🏑🏌️‍♀️🏌️🏄‍♀️🏄🚣‍♀️🚴‍♀️🏊‍♂️ The problem was that many outdoor athletes would prefer to get sunburnt rather than wear sunscreen. The feedback we received was that greasy and oily sunscreens didn’t allow the skin to breathe during exercise, and athletes had issues with over-heating, sunscreen draining into their eyes, and/or being distracted by an uncomfortable layer of product on their skin. As a result, we were asked by many elite athletes and sports teams to “please make a sunscreen that we can wear when we’re exercising”. So, we did. 👍🏼 Premax Sports Sunscreen is a light and dry formula that you’ll hardly notice after it’s applied. It’s not greasy, or oily, and it will allow your skin to breathe while you exercise. Being such as dry sunscreen, it doesn’t sweat out or run as much as other sunscreens. It’s as sweat-resistant as it gets. Premax Sports Sunscreen is SPF50+ which means it provides greater than 50x your natural sun protection. It filters both UVA and UVB rays. UVA can contribute to accelerated aging and UVB is the principle UV that causes sunburn, however, both UVA and UVB contribute to increased skin cancer risk. We’ve got both covered. ☀️ Premax Sports Sunscreen is also 4-hour water resistant. 💧🌊 Lastly, Premax Sports Sunscreen contains soothing Aloe and antioxidant Vitamin E, helping your skin to maintain it’s condition while also protecting you from the sun’s damaging rays. 🤗 - ✅ Join the list of athletes and people who choose Premax sunscreen. 😊

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IT'S NOT COLD EVERYWHERE! 😎 Now is the time to get your Swimwear! Bikinis and more! 🔸Shop | www.inthemanorofbeauty.com

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“Our bodies are capable of anything - it’s our mind we have to convince” . 💪🏼TOMORROW IS NATIONAL FITNESS DAY💪🏼!! . What’s your workout plans? Comment below ⬇️ . Will you be getting a dusty ass climbing volcanic rocks 😝? Will you be running? Attending a gym class? Maybe taking a walk somewhere instead of driving? Taking the stairs instead of the lift? Jogging back from the school run? Pushing that buggy up a steeper route? . Each new day is an opportunity to improve yourself. Take it and make the most of it ✌🏼 . . . . nationalfitnessday fitness trysomething run walk gym swim goals nationalfitnessday2018 fitmom fitmum fitnessjourney weightlossjourney bridetobe runners runnersofinstagram runnersworld runnerslife runtheworld activewear activemum mummy workouts fatloss strongwomen strongwoman

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Lo vas a vivir. Lo vas a sentir. Lo vas a disfrutar. ¡En cuestión de días, te dejamos tu piscina como nueva! RiegosDelSur 💧Cotizaciones sin cargo. 💧Nores Martínez 3299 Córdoba. 💧 WhatsApp: 351-3398569 / 4862880. . . . piletas piscinas bombas filtro swim swimming instaswim instaswimming loveswim loveswimming instaswim pool lovepool riegos parquizaciones verano Cordoba argentina patio jardin riegoporaspersion jardinesverticales sistemaderiego riego cercoperimetral mantatermica pelopincho regar tagsforlikes

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🌟PGSS STAFF PROFILE: Meet Adel! 🌟 Adel ‘Cruncher of Numbers and Abs’ Meet the astonishing Adel, the girl who will give everything and anything a go. Adel started at Parafield Gardens Swim School as an Aqua Fitness instructor 3 years ago and has since honoured our team with her mountain of knowledge and experience. Adel holds a Certificate III in Fitness and an Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Management. Adel is always keen to add to her skill set and will never turn down an offer to expand her knowledge and grow. Adel has a strong passion for fitness and customer service, you will never see this lovely lady without a smile from ear to ear. Adel can often be found hard at work behind a computer or teaching absolutely any Aqua Fitness class that is thrown her way out on pool deck, always with a warm English breakfast tea to follow. __ Parafield Gardens Swim School (08) 8285 3666 __ www.parafieldgardensswimschool.com.au __ parafieldgardensswimschool parafieldgardens swimmingcentre swimmingschool swimschool learntoswim swimminglessons swimming swim acquapole aquafitness waterbabies angelfish pool swimmers swimlessons health fitness healthyliving

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Bout To Get It In With An Hour Brush Session Hard Brush Medium Brush And A Soft Brush 20 minute Comb Session Then A 10 Minute Plastic Bag Session Then I Gotta Moisturize It With This As I Am Double Butter Then Oil It With Shea 100% Pure Baobab Oil Wave God I’m Spinning wavesunlimited topwavers waves 360 360waves wavegang elite elitewavers Spinning Swim waveking hair brush naturalhair beehive course naturalelitewaves model tsunami water splash wavegod 🌊 ocean black surf lake wolf seasick love

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A dozen more days until I toe the line at the Chicago Marathon. Just a handful of runs left as I taper my way to October 7th. My goals are simple for this race, be in the moment, enjoy every second, finish with a smile and stay injury free. No time goals no pressure. I have a couple more big races after Chicago including the New York City Marathon in November 5th and a mystery race in December stay tuned for more details. chicagomarathon nycmarathon runner running swim bike run swimbikerun tri_community tritraining marathontraining runnerscommunity

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Que pasa equipo!!!! Como ha ido vuestro martes? El mío ha sido la bomba💣💣💣 después de 10 horas de curro a destajo ⛏⛏⛏ me ha venido a buscar la locomotora mellagu7 y ya sabéis que cuando sale el tren solo tienes dos opciones, cogerlo o quedarte mirando como pasa🤔🤔🤔 yo no soy muy de pensarme las cosas y me he subido a lo Loco!!!! Un entrenamiento duro el de hoy, no estoy del todo recuperado y hemos apretado mucho y esto es lo que pasa cuando sigues a la locomotora, pues te quedas cual kleenex recién usado!!!🤧🤧🤧 . . . . . . . . . . . . P.d: me tendríais que ver escribiendo y buscando los emoticonos que encajen, anda que no le doy vueltas a los dibujitos!!! Momento emoji !!! . . . . . . . . . . run runner running swim bike swimbikerun instagood instalike picoftheday pic go live life vida adventure aventura triathlon photo photooftheday instarunner wonderful amazing like4like me sport sudorysangre forumsport tomachapa series

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15 meses después vuelvo a un triatlón, un supersprint cros para recordar la sensación de la agonía, un triatlón el de Tijola magníficamente organizado, perfecto para las familias y en un entorno espectacular para deportistas y espectadores, 17° de 62 y 5° V1 a 13" del tercero, los mismos 13" que me dejaron con la medalla de chocolate en el europeo de Pontevedra en 2010, pero ahora mucho más feliz, y el año que viene veterano 2, ¡¡¡ temblad abuelos que voy !!! Almeria EnAlmeriaTenemosDeTo AlmeriaDondeElSolPasaElInvierno CarDeCaboDeGata CarDeOhanes CarDeSierraAlhamilla Triatlon triathlon Duatlon duathlon Acuaton Binatlon Natacion ciclismo travesias Entrenamiento Deporte sport nadar correr pedalear swim run bike mtb ktm paratriatlon paratriathlon mountainbike