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Picked up this little piece for the bar in Cornwall in Perranporth 😍 The sign pretty much sums up our lovely stay in the pretty little miners cottage we stayed in at St Newlyns with holidaycottages.co.uk a beautiful part of the country, oosh those coastlines 🌊 we will be back for sure 😁 Looking forward to seeing this go up in the bar to set the vibes off right 😎 🍻 barsigns mobilebar events festivals fete holidayblues cornwall newquay holidaycottages familytime beer beaches sunsets

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Out here living their best lives ☀️

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Repost fortheloveofbranches with get_repost - -Appreciation post to say a heartfelt thank you to fortheloveofbranches for featuring my photo on their magnificent hub. I feel very honoured and excited to be selected. Please visit and follow this outstanding hub for more amazing photos ❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️ - -A big, big thank you to em_loves_nature for selecting my photo to be featured on this magnificent hub. I feel privileged and thrilled to be chosen. Thank you so much Emily 🙏💙❤️🌹 ・・・ presents sharon_marion * * * 🌟🌟🌟 Featured artist 🌟🌟🌟 * * ⭐⭐⭐ CONGRATULATIONS ⭐⭐⭐ * * * Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful capture with us! * * * Please consider following fortheloveofbranches and tag fortheloveofbranches to be featured! * * * Selected by admin em_loves_nature * * ***** Hubs we support ***** solitary_trees bestforestmood amazing_fs_trees fivestars_sunsets planetoutside enchanting_forest trees_of_darkness_ * * *****Tags we recommend ***** afs_trees hugs_for_trees tree_brilliance fivestars_sunsets planetoutside enchanting_forest trees_of_darkness_ * flb_sharon_marion * * Member hubdirectory keephubcommunityfair No internet or stolen photos! * branches trees barebranches treebranches treesofinstagram treelovers treescapes treesilhouette treesandskies sunsets sunrise clouds nature silhouettes

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Just Tore

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Don’t forget beautiful sunsets need cloudy sky’s ...🤔 this quote just resonates so much with me !! But check out this beautiful elmwood calcite it’s a shame this specimen broke in half when shipped to me but it is still amazing and available if interested!!! 🔥💎❤️ ... photooftheday beautiful meditation photography crystalsforsale crystals crystal crystalhealing crystallovers healingcrystals minerals mineral mineralspecimen mineralspecimens mineralsporn gems rocks nature elmwood calcite quartz amazing collection beyou freespirit travel amazing sunset sunsets railroad railroadlife

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Magical hike around what the indigenous people called Tawacunchukdah which translates to "sacred lake" or "spirit lake". Super peaceful frequency up there taking in the last sunset of summer

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From last night, ever since I served my mission in Hawaii I’ve fallen in love with sunsets they are just so beautiful and peaceful. HHM sunsets utah

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sunsets are proof that no matter what happens every day can be beautifully 💕

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~ Sunset Mountain ~ Going to the mountains is going home. -John Muir

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Saudações ao astro rei! Neste lindo por do sol gato preto passa pra lembrar que logo mais estaremos em exposição em frente ao laybackpark ! Até breve!

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“Ela nasceu assim, com estrelas nos olhos, o sol no sorriso e a primavera no coração...” 🧡🌞 . (Amo essa foto) . . 📸 liviaalvesfotografia .

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Scusate dov’è lo zio Reginaldo?🍷🍷🍷

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The sunset, the dunes, and the dromedary. It couldn't have been better.

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☆ This place just cannot be more incredible ☆ way to Sahara. .