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Just spent a beautiful day walking along the sea wall at Stanley Park with my ❤️. I love the ocean and the breeze...it helps to re-charge my energy (even though we came back to a lovely parking ticket!) 🙏🏽 * * * * * vancouver vancouverisawesome stanleypark beautifulbritishcolumbia spirituality spiritual naturelover naturelovers oceanside ocean serenity meditate meditation mentalhealthawareness mentalhealth mentalillness healthy healthylifestyle healthylife seaside energy energyhealing reiki sunny sunnyday sunnydays pacificocean walking soulmates exercise

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Bora tomar uma dose de felicidade porque rir espanta qualquer tristeza e energia negativa. smile sunnyday happiness

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Parce que c'était une belle journée au soleil ❤☀️ sunnyday somuchlove

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Things are turning back around! > car not as $ as we predicted. > super productive day at the office. > the sun finally pooped out. > left target spending less than $50! (And that's like a retail miracle!) Starting with positivity in the am totally has the power to turn things to the bright side. Probably should have peed before leaving the office. But that's a whole forger type of problem. Lol. What were some of your successes today? targettrip targethaseverything errands workingmomma officelife littlevictories littlethingsinlife momlifebelike mindsetiseverything positivevibes sunnyday thesunwillcomeout happymomma happymoments littlethingsmakemehappy

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We finished our day with walking a total of 4 miles. I’m noticing the further along i get the harder it is to walk so much. So from now on I’ll be sticking to the 3-4 mile goal. If you walk 3 miles a day just 5 days a week you can lose a pound of fat in a week! And when i say that i mean you don’t have to change your diet or anything. You just can’t exceed what you’re already putting into your body. Walking 1 mile burns 100 calories! It doesn’t sound like a lot but if you do it consistently you’re destined to lose weight in a healthy fashion! You don’t need any sort of dietary substance to lose weight. All you need to do is get motivated, get your booty out there and just walk it out! When i first started this journey it was hard! I only started out doing 1.5-2 miles in a day. But then i got the facts on weight loss and was determined to hit that 3 mile mark. Take it from me, someone who was into dietary products. I knew it was the easy way out. But i wanted to just lose weight and i wanted to lose it fast. These products don’t help you lose weight to actually KEEP the weight off. They’re only good temporarily. And if you’re not consistent with working out and keeping up your water intake, the weight just piles back on that much faster. My advice? Drink tons of water, walk at least 3 miles a day even if that just means including your steps in your daily activities, and do NOT starve yourself. I still eat basically whatever i want while doing all of this and i have lost 25 pounds while gaining a ton of muscle. I’ve never felt healthier in my entire life! Good luck on your journey! 🤗 . . . . . fitmom fitkid fitlife fitness mondaymotivation walkitout momlife momoftwo momsofinstagram fitandpregnant toddler toddlerlife toddlersofinstagram cutiepie fitnessmotivation workoutmotivation yougotthis justdoit fitnessgirl fitnesskid love beautifulweather sunnyday blessed godprovides xoxo grateful goodday neverlookback bethechange 🌞

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第三天連續的婚禮,訂婚照,新娘一個個顏直超高。今天的新娘做完妝髮看到鏡子中的自己驚呼連連,很是滿意。伴娘群一個個要來微信準備預定我了😘😘謝謝Liting from Paradise Events的介紹,也很開心再度跟Alvin合作 Planner: paradise_events_inc Photographer: mr.alvinsheng Venue:hart_house_weddings brideweddingbeautifulphotogrphyphotoshootsmilesunnydaytinawumuahairmakeupmakeupartistworking新娘化妝師華人台灣

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Memory Monday , Take me Back Tuesday and Way Back Wednesday all rolled into one! This was a sunny and pleasant day to go shopping and sight seeing at Kensington ❤❤❤ photo credit to my flying buddy k8andat

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(補)20180520 往山裡面走 去神仙住的地方 跟仙境一樣美😍 好愜意 讓人心曠神怡 🤗 好空氣94要趁這個時候多吸個兩口👃 😷😷遠離塵囂的繁雜還有可怕的PM2.5 😥 - 媽媽最愛的花花草草 看了心情就是非常好 😁 韓菊look 我是自然捲 濕巾哥 taiwan 苗栗景點 南庄 山行玫瑰 sis myfriends mylove mylife mystyle friendship familytravel 輕旅行 trip forever kids_ig kidsstyle kidsfashion kidsmodel playtime cute relax sunnyday summeroutfit ootd flowers