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Kdyz se nam to pocasi vydarisummerhot weathersunnyobloha skoro bez mrackuto se nechce nic delatu nas na vesnicivyhled z kopce do okoli

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🇵🇱 Zachód słońca z innej perspektywy ;) . 🇺🇲 Sunset from a different perspective ;) . 🇵🇱 ----------------->Rzuć okiem na moje pozostałe zdjęcia ;) . 🇺🇲 ----------------->Check out my other photo's ;) . 🇵🇱 Bydgoszcz, Polska. . 🇺🇲 Bydgoszcz, Poland. . 🇵🇱 Edytowane w: RAW THERAPEE 5.3, MACHINERY HDR 3.0, Snapseed oraz Photoshop Express. . 🇺🇲 Edited in: RAW THERAPEE 5.3, MACHINERY HDR 3.0, Snapseed and Photoshop Express. . 📷 Canon EOS 700D + 18-55mm. . --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hdr hdriphoneographer hdrspotters hdrstyles_gf hdri hdroftheday hdriphonegraphy hdrepublic hdr_lovers awesome_hdr hdrmode instagood sunrise sunny sunnyday sunnydays sunlight godrays sunshine chemtrails nature sky skywatcher thesun sunrays bydgoszczglowna godrays canon700d bydgoszcz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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ЧУДЕСНОЕ ВРЕМЯ ⠀ ☀️ЛЕТО… Наше любимое время года. Уникальное и захватывающее. Только летом можно: * погулять подольше и допоздна, и на свежем воздухе. Ух, класс! * наслаждаться самыми длинными каникулами и классными отпусками; * погреть хвостики и пузики на солнышке. Да, плюшевые герои тоже любят загорать; * и даже мокнуть под дождем и скакать по лужам. Уже август! Не расстраивайся, что лето заканчивается. Наоборот. Давай ловить каждый летний момент и вдвойне наслаждаться теплом, отдыхать и веселиться. Лето для этого и создано, правда? ⠀ freelife_puppets freelife_puppets_fun freelife_puppets_smile freelife_puppets_holiday summer sunny august

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Tribute to the man of steel,,,,, Christopher Columbus is a symbol of exploration, hope and beliefs...Upon Reaching the golden shores,,, the promise land....the survival of the fittest... Are u still ready to Rumble!!!.. The swamp of NO returnS... the sleepy Hollows,,,... Whose ready for the journey??? Beauty in simplicity!!!!... Keep it simple....love it natural... know your source...... Organic living, are u ready???.... How about the perfect souls in your fashion .......A blend in Nature 0r a freak of Nature???...... tribute columbus honor sfo idol sanfran goldengatebridge sunglasses sunglass sunny memes meme fitness fit travel selfie selfies fashion fashionblogger fashionista fashionable fashiondiaries fashionphotography style styles view model vacation vacaciones sunset

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Day 2 I’m still on my fast 🙈 and it’s getting easier. After some research I’ve made last night I decided to push it till 72 hours (3 days) which means my first meal will be on Friday at 11pm. Looks like around 70/72 hour mark magic starts to happen in our bodies. Body is starting to lower white blood cell counts, which in turn triggered the immune system to start producing new white blood cells which means the entire immune system reset. 3 day fasting might reduce the harmful side effects of chemotherapy. Also longer fast will give the much needed rest to the entire digestive system to repair and heal itself. After 3 days your body gets into ketosis which is a critical phase of the fast where your body starts to burn stored fat as its primary power source. From energy and hormonal point of view I feel great. Energized and hunger is entirely under my control. I also had the best night sleep ever (full 8 hours 💤). On down side I feel extremely cold (since last night). At this point it’s been 48 hours, so not long to go. Let’s do this 💪🏻 • fasting fastingdiet cleaneating cleanse bodybuilder bodypositive bodycare fit fitmom fitfam fitness polishgirl brunette diet dietitian belfast cavegirl healthylifestyle healthyeating summer walk sunny outdoors nature bodyweight challenge positivevibes positive happy selfcare

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A deux c'est mieux

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À la découverte de nouveaux paysages

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Repos 🎧

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Neetherlands ❤

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Le bonheur est un bien que nous vend la nature 🌳