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1 week ago

It’s a while since I posted a smoothie but this one deserves a shout as as Ángel chose the ingredients including frozen peas. Have to say not an ingredient I would have thought of but brilliant way to get another green into the little ones and must say it’s Delicious smoothie strong4lifenutrition childrensnutrition drinkyourgreens smoothies

4 months ago

Brekkie Time Buckwheat porridge with rice coco milk stirred in Maca and topped with Banana 🍌 Blueberries - Coconut and Cinnamon. Buckwheat despite its name is a gluten free grain, contains highly digestible protein and it’s high fiber content can help Digestion something many people especially women suffer with. Awesome alternative to Oats strong4lifenutrition buckwheat brekkie plantbased healthiswealth nutritiontips feedyoursoul nourish

4 months ago

At least 2 people have said to me this week “I can’t cook” Everyone and anyone can prepare this nutritious macro plate in a matter of minutes! - Tempeh - Avocado 🥑- Butternut Squash - Salad (topped with homemade cashew dressing... u can use plain olive oil) Tempeh is a fantastic nutritious and delicious Vegan Protein it is Fermented soy Great for our Gut strong4lifenutrition cancook tempeh fermentedfoods butternutsquash steamed avocado wholefoods realfood everyonecancook protein carbohydrates greens nutrition selfcare

4 months ago

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5 months ago

Last brekkie before we fly to the UK this looks SO naughty but it’s actually really nourishing Gluten Free Banana 🍌 Pancakes with vanilla soya yoghurt raspberries bee pollen & cacao nibs - Bee Pollen has MANY nutritional benefits here’s just a few it’s a Natural allergy relief, anti inflammatory, anti-viral, and tastes delicious 😋 strong4lifenutrition beepollen pancakes glutenfree dairyfree cacaonibs sundaybreakfast yum

5 months ago

No apologies for the number of Angel shots lately - Children’s Nutrition is one of my HUGE passions and seen as my Monkey has turned into a bit of a fussy eater which initially was my worst nightmare now i just see it as a daily Challenge n those who know me know I Love a challenge - he hates anything green so it’s gets pulverized to smitherGreens tonight’s treat Carob & Avocado 🥑 Mousse... Carob is a Super source of Calcium and is found in Abundance on the White Isla strong4lifenutrition kidsnutrition carob avocado mousse healthytreat challenge feedyourkidsrealfood healthykids healthykidsfood

5 months ago

Lunch time in me casa Beetroot Buckwheat Falafel Tacos with Tahini dressing.... if you forget to soak your chick peas the night before this is a quicker version of making falafels and just as yummy... Buckwheat despite its name is a Gluten Free grain it contains a wealth of Health benefits including Magnesium - Protein - Flavonoids & Antioxidants this list is by no means exhaustive if you don’t already have add this nutritional powerhouse to your weekly shopping list strong4lifenutrition buckwheat flavonoids antioxidants eatwell healthyliving beetroot detoxifying tacos glutenfree tahinidressing yum