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Tried to listen to music, once again I couldn’t... I can’t listen to music as it hurts so much that mom is no longer here 💔

29 minutes ago

Sky on fire 🔥

44 minutes ago

- معظم اللي سكتوا علشان المركب تمشي هما اللي غرقوا في الاخر..💔✋

58 minutes ago

Nighttime photography and star trails are one of my favorite subjects to shoot. It’s just so relaxing being out there, the sound of crickets and animals moving around in the brush, the millions of stars in the sky, and the warm light breeze rustling through the trees all make for the most relaxing environment I can imagine. For this shot I had to hike up to an elevation of over 1,500 feet for several miles in almost complete darkness and used head lamp to paint the foreground and the earths rotation to take care of the rest. texasphotography canon hiking canonusa astrophotography stars startrails lightpainting longexposure texas hillcountry igphotoworld photography photogram photooftheday aperture exposure camping adventure adventureculture adventurephotography travel travelphotography lensculture wildernessculture night nighttime skywatcher earth

1 hour ago

loosing the light... you thought she’ll be. there. you almost had her until...she was gone and you felt the void where it used to be her place. in you. As big as a universe.... because she gave you a universe. of enlightenment. of yourself. so easy loosing the light... sky_captures sky_perfection skywatcher sky skyart skyview skyddiction sky_collection skylovers skyphotography skylight light lightphotography lights clouds cloudysky cloudstagram insta instapic instamood instagood instaphoto photo photoart photoaday photography photographer

2 hours ago

Finais de dia de uma espécie de verão... 😍 EuEOsPôrDoSol

14 hours ago

Enjoy the time.

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Sailing ⛵️⚓️

1 week ago

Onyx Luxury Bracelet in Gold or Silver 🎗

2 weeks ago

So tell me how to make a sunrise, my heart still beats in your direction. Thinking about those days and nights, my heart still beats in your direction.

2 months ago

~' Si algo no avanza suéltalo y avanza tu✌. 📷_coraixl_a

2 months ago

camel, cream, beige & nude ✋🏼🖐🏽🖖🏾/. shades

6 months ago

Good morning 2018.

3 years ago

it's around that time again. bare