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Second attempt at processing my Andromeda data from a few weeks ago. Despite a near full moon that night, I knew there was some more colour and detail to be pulled out... I had just killed it all with bad processing first time around! Much happier with this attempt. Andromeda certainly makes for a good way to learn Pixinsight. andromedagalaxy andromeda galaxy astrophotography astro space astronomy space skyatnight nightsky deepsky deepspace 200pds skywatcher youresa eos1200d canon

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Le soleil couchant est un artiste de génie...Belle soirée 💚

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PENSIL OF SÃO VICENTE BRIDGE . It connects the island to the mainland. Completed in 1914 was another work of sanitation of Saturnino de Brito. Used by vehicles and pedestrians is a beautiful engineering and postcard work of the city of São Vicente. . . PONTE PÊNSIL DE SÃO VICENTE . Liga a ilha ao continente. Finalizada em 1914 foi mais uma obra de saneamento de Saturnino de Brito. Utilizada por veículos e pedestres é uma bela obra de engenharia e cartão postal da cidade de São Vicente. . . bridge ponte pontepensil sea mar seaview paisagemlinda island ilha saovicente bridgephotography city cidade hill skyandsea houses casas seawater saltwater cloudstagram splendid_natureshot enjoytheplace skywatcher magical_shots_ tree instanature awesome_photography_

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🙏💙mysky Когда удается выйти с работы пораньше, я обычно западаю на небо. Оно необычайно красивое, оно живое, показывая всем своим видом свое могущество, свое настроение. Первое фото необычно, что вы видите на нем?

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CONGRATULATIONS 🎗️🌟🎗️TEBRİKLER 🏆Photo by / Foto Sahibi :madzienksa . 🚩 🚩 🚩 My page : sozlu_cicekler ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 🚩My photo sharing pages : . 🚩🚩🚩ig_worldview 🚩🚩🚩🚩 ig_worldflowers 🚩🚩🚩 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You can use this hashtag for photo selection and more likes ✔✔✔✔✔✔✔TAG ➡️ tezcanilgazi ✔✔✔✔✔✔✔ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 🚩sunset . 🚩cloudysunset . 🚩günbatımı . 🚩orangesky . 🚩manzara . 🚩view . 🚩sunlight . 🚩skywatcher . 🚩skyward . 🚩sky . 🚩sky_captures . 🚩skylovers . 🚩instasky . 🚩shine . 🚩skies . 🚩epicsky . 🚩colorfull . 🚩landscape . 🚩horizon . 🚩warm . 🚩gorgeous . 🚩reflection . 🚩gününkaresi . 🚩instanaturefriends . 🚩bestoftheday . 🚩mothernature . 🚩photooftheday . 🚩amazingworld . 🚩instagood .

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Two part upload. Interesting interview with Donald Keyhoe in 1958 about UFOs. The interview is 25 minutes long so I’ll message you the link if requested. It’s very difficult today to identify what’s being seen in the sky’s with today’s technology. Were going to have a look at some very old reports of UFO sightings as well as always keeping up to date with the latest ones. UFO Alien Astronomy Skywatch NightVision Weather ExtremeWeather NaturalPhenomena Moonstructures Moonbases Moon Lunar Planets NASA ISS UFOSightings AlienAbduction Extraterrestrial Space Youdecide Disclosure History Alienagenda Ufology Conspiracy Unexplained SkywatchInternational Skywatching Skywatchers Skywatcher

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Regrann from the_truth_hunters - Fuck this shit. That's in the morning at sunrise time. Why does it vanish again? what fucking artifical white light is this or is that one of the cores igniting? follow -> littletruthhunters369 - regrann extremeweather stangeskies weatheranomalies haarp weathermodification nibiru hail lookup skywatcher weather geoengineering pinkskies magentaskies planetx redplanet twosuns fakesun weather endtimes lastdays landslides flashflood earthwobble chemtrails chems forbiddenknowledge earthquake volcanoes wildfires fakeclouds

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Закат - это удивительно красиво и хорошо. Но закат с любимым человеком это просто восхитительно. Когда захватывает дыхание и сердце так бешено колотиться, в глазах при этом радость, а в животе - бабочки... . . . . sun sunset sunday sunshine sunny sunrise sunglasses sundayfunday sunnyday sunlight sunnydays sunsets sundays sundaymorning light instasun instagramanet instatag goodday photooftheday sky skywatcher thesun shine nature sunrays sunnies sunburn sunset_madness sundown

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For the last time.