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Been on the bucket list for quite some time now, so utterly excited to be here finally.......welcome to Cuba amigos!!!!

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. ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ . Stunning capture of the clouds over Sydney at sunset. . Today's featured artist is . Ssangam . Congratulations Sangam . ________________________________ . Share your best Sydney Sunset shot! Follow sydney_sunset_club Tag sydneysunsetclub . ________________________________ . Selected by vasharris for the Sydney Sun Clubs . ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ . ssangam_ssc . sunsets sundown twilight igerssydney igersaustralia sunsetporn sunsetlovers sky_sultans skyporn naturelovers nature_perfection sun sunlovers sky sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld ilovesydney sky_perfection wonderful_places australia sydney landscapes igerssydney skylovers coolsunshots sydneysunset sunrise_and_sunsets

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Shadows 👤

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Sometimes it's good to gaze into the unknown, let the mind wander. I've been doing it for years and it's helped in so many ways - I/we consume so much information these days.. It's good to just sit, give thanks and observe the world move. It's humbling and takes you away from the nonsense or focusing too much on things of little to no value. Things we otherwise can be manipulated into thinking are important (marketing marketing marketing) then more digital marketing, lol - Wellness and positivity starts in the mind, as an idea. Then it'll manifest into something physical. This will either help, or hurt us. It's important we allocate some mindspace to align and keep our *bleep* together

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Leave satisfied! 😉

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There’ll be days where she’ll get angry at little things. There’ll be days where she’ll take everything too seriously. There’ll be days where she’ll be too emotional. There’ll be days where you’ll notice she’s being more clingy. There’ll be days where she’ll be easily upset. There’ll be days where she’ll be more sensitive than usual. There’ll be days where she’ll be more quiet than normal. There’ll be days where she’ll feel overwhelmed by everything going on around her and mistakenly lash out on you. There’ll be days where she’s going to overthink and over-analyze everything which’ll cause her to be negative. There’ll be days where she’s going to take things the wrong way and feel attacked. There’ll be days where she’ll seem distant and not have much to say. There’ll be days where her insecurities are going to get the best of her. There’ll be days where she’ll feel like it’s not going to get better. And on those days, especially on those days, is when she’s going to need you the most. You need to be more patient with her. You need to be more understanding with her. You need to be more attentive with her. Don’t take it as her trying to pick a fight with you. Don’t take it as her giving you an attitude. Don’t take it as her being cold towards you. It’s just her at her lowest point needing you to love her more even if she doesn’t deserve it because then, she’ll know that everything will be okay with you there. . In short, love her extra on those days when she is being extra extra 😂 . . . . skyporn skylovers skypainters sunset cloudporn instatravel travelgram traveldeeper travelpics traveladdict worldcaptures traveltheworld wanderer wanderlust exploringtheglobe beautifuldestinations travelbug neverstopexploring lonelyplanet travelphotography mytinyatlas justgoshoot travelstoke mytravelgram stayandwander wildernessculture livefolk liveauthentic agameoftones passionpassport

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Mowgli à la mer 😍

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Une soirée enchantée ✨⛵

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My soul is impatient with itself, as with a bothersome child; its restlessness keeps growing and is forever the same. Everything interests me, but nothing holds me. I attend to everything, dreaming all the while. […]. I'm two, and both keep their distance — Siamese twins that aren't attached. fernandopessoa solohiking nighthiking solonights skyfall skyback cloud9 cloudporn sky tagblender blue naturecloud_skye skyporn skypainters skies amazing weather clouds cloudscape cloud dusk instasky skylovers cloudstagram view naturelovers gloomy red white outside