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I removed the Rexpeed carbon fiber brake cooling guides this weekend. Didn’t fit well with my front aftermarket Whiteline sway bar (was rubbing the tires on hard turns). While I was down there I also adjusted the front sway bar to the softer setting. At that time I looked up randomly and noticed this lettering under my passenger side mirror. Went around to the driver side and it’s there too. Both have the letter ‘G’ on them. Can’t believe I’ve had this car almost 3 years and never noticed it before. Then again, how often do you look UNDER your mirrors? 🤷🏼‍♂️

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Breathe in . . And enjoy the magic . . ========================================= amazingday folktravel lifehasacrazydesign lensbible lifeisgood bns_sky bns_nature photooftheday world_skyshotz __________________________________________________________ [ Sailing to the West from East ] __________________________________________________________ 📍 East Nusa Tenggara - Indonesia 🇮🇩 a̡̬̥̮̬̤̣͐̿ͭ̅̈́ͣͤ . . justgoshot jj_skylove nature skyline indonesiaparadise indonesia_photography instagood divine world_bestsky worldphotographyart love_all_sky flores hellothisisindonesia wonderful_places wonderfulindonesia beautifuldestinations earth_shotz travelgram sailing westeros

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Pointing out an invisible “tower” you can apparently see next to mission peak 👀 🤔

4 minutes ago

The parts we hide.

5 minutes ago

Made it to the top 😁🙌🏻 🤸‍♀️

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We love this city! How could you not - look at that beauty! What's your favorite part about NYC? Let us know in the comments below.

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D O N ‘ T L O O K B A C K . T H E W O R L D I S C A L L I N G Y O U T O A D V E N T U R E .

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latergram Window View. ☁️

1 hour ago

you live in my dream state tb

1 week ago

“Why is your car f up?” no mf I took out the grill my self to expose the intakes “why does it have a big scratch?” No its a decal “who does that?” Me! idc if people think its dumb is my car I do what I want (just have to clarify for people that think its a real scratch) but if people say its not a thing make it a thing . . nissan race skyline 370z fairladyz vqhouston dailydriven car cars jdm becauseracecar zociety znation nissan370zcarclub vq37 vqnation vqfamily lowered g37s lowlife gcoupe carswithoutlimits sorryboutyaneck infiniti g37 g37nation g37coupe nismo