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I'm back. And I got a pig. This came from a pig roast and I've had it in my freezer for a while pig skull animals pork

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Vídeo das Magnólias FreeHand da querida claudia_isabel_sardinha ! Muito obrigada pela confiança querida! | Tattoo FreeHand | Tattoo Suliée Pepper | Costa da Caparica | Portugal | Curtam www.facebook.com/sulieepepper.tattoo ( orçamentos, agendamentos e contatos NO BRASIL SOMENTE INBOX PELA MINHA FANPAGE ) | Sigam sulieepepper | AQUI EM PORTUGAL: contato DIRECT pedradatattoopalace | 🖤🌸💐🖤

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"somos estrelas que um dia irão desaparecer então brilhe com toda sua força!" 🌠✨✨

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Young Mountain Lion Skull This is a nice little skull from a young animal with adult dentition. It measures approximately 6 3/4 inches long and 4 1/4 inches wide. It could use some additional cleaning, but displays well as-is. Please see pictures for condition. Asking $125. Shipping with insurance is an additional $8 via Priority Mail. US Sales only, sorry! Payment via PayPal Goods and Services only. Mountain lion parts cannot be sold to all states, so know your local laws before inquiring. If you're interested in this skull, send me a PM. Thanks for looking! skull skulls animalskull skullsforsale odditiesforsale forsale mountainlion cougar puma oddity oddities vultureculture

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Look at all this love! I'm in love with all These beautiful trades💞 These are from Saturday, most is from the kandi meet! I'm glad we found it cuz first day we where trying to find the meet spot and we where wondering around passing it the whole time haha. Lemme know what one is your trade so I can tag you 😙💞 edc edclv edc2018 edclv2018 edm raveday kandi kandisingles kandicuff kandicuffs ocean plurmaid plur plurvibes plurnt ohana luna sailormoon skull sugarskull blownglass bonnie bonnieandcylde mickymouse moana hayhay ladybug potleaf