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Sometime you make luck up, and get an all in one package.😘😘LolseriouslyGN

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The faces behind the brand MIKRO’ AUSTRALIA . ___________________________________________________________ Hey Guys 👋🏻 It’s us! Stacey & Kim! We don’t get behind the lense too much but our kids do.. sorry! We certainly don’t look as cute as them with our leggings, Mum bun and no make-up! truestory . So, what do you want to know about us? Let us share some “stuff” with you all 😆 • We both live on what feels like opposite ends of Perth and after living around the corner from each other in a small town called Derby (where we met) we find it insanely difficult some days! • We met on the Derby Jetty over Chicken Pies and fishing lines • We turn 30 next year 😱 Where should our husbands send us?? seriously theyoweus • On the daily we probably send upwards of 30+ texts to each other.. not including pictures! 🤷🏻‍♀️ • we are always on the hunt for a new exciting park! . . smallbusiness mumsthathustle supportsmall stylish5dayschallenge paddedplaymat mumthebest kidsfun matchy yoga exerciseformums softplaymat

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Echt? Unter 2 Minuten? Wolltest du nicht 1 Herzschlag Entfernung halten😘? GGRRRRR you 💍 seriously

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The video was taken a few days ago but I needed to share/vent what happened to us today. Dog Mom Rant: Yes, I'm a Dog Mom. I have no children of my own but my dog is my child. My dog is still a pup. He still doesn't know any better but he's is learning. Also, not all dogs are the same. But if I'm letting my dog roam around the dog park because that is where he is allowed to run around. He is going to do things that I'm not always going to see. Yes, I keep my eye on him as best I can. Each time I see him, he is always within a few feet away from me. However, if I turn and I see you "kneeing" my dog in the ribs because your dog didn't like him. Do not, and I mean do not give me the death glare and say my dog wasn't leaving your dog alone. Um.. hello? I haven't moved from my standing spot for about 20 minutes and you've been sitting in the same spot for the past 10 minutes. You've seen him come up to me and stand next to me. There is a thing called being nice and using what's call "common courtesy". Get my attention or inform me that my dog is doing something and I'll take care of it. But seriously, don't hurt my dog. End Rant. rant benice donthurtmydog vent dogmom playingfetch dogpark dogsandtheirhumans seriously bekind gsdstagram gsd gsdofinstagram germanshepherdpuppy germanshepherd germanshepherdsofinstagram adorable allblack love cutie instagram puppiesofinstagram playtime ilovegermanshepherds germanshepherdnetwork DoggytheWorld

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All products (a lot of them anyway!) up. Keep your eyes peeled for the 20%off online sale this Saturday. One day only. Promo code YASSS - because it’s a treat-yo-self kind of winter ⛄️ ammireight? sale alicepotter treatyoself seriously

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Got the shady treatment from the Wasted Angels earlier 😣

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As far as outrageously handsome, golden-eyed, crop-eared lion bulls...there can only be one in my house or else the universe will implode. There’s only enough handsome dude room here for Harrison and his guyliner so I need YOU to contact phillybullyteam and foster this guy so I can conduct an illicit dog-petting affair ASAP. 🤚 🐶 💜 pleaseandthanks foster rescue fosterthisdog phillybullyteam dogsofphilly adoptthecropped handsome stunna seriously pitbull pitbullsofinstagram dog dogsofinstagram bulliesofinstagram bully

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😊 Please and Thank you 😂 seriously

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Kari’s paw print in my new paint color. I should have figured it would happen while painting for so many days. I was mad that she made a dozen prints before I caught her and Kari was mad that I had to soak and scrub her paw. She had walked right in the paint pan😾 - toomuchhelp pawprints paintprint helpercat catladyproblems lovecatsforever dailykittycat catmom seriously crazycatlady crazycat sillykitty paintproblems catsoftheworld catsofinsta mykids tortiesofinstagram catladylife

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Chapter Five: Dr. Finigan Begin Again! Check out my longer versions of my sitcoms on my IGTV channel. For the record , I am not political; although, after this weeks Trumpism... I just had too... Go figure... I’m a Cancer what can I say?!? I have to admit; my best friend gives me the best stuff to write. Don’t forget to follow me!!! friendsforlife genuine thisisme iamthatiam game ginger lightworker crazyfriends spiritual spiritualawakening 80s psychedelic journey trainwreck games social freespirit hattersgonnahate hippiestyle seriously lmfao bucketlist therapy hippie lightworker crazy anxiety love surreal spirituality bestfriend

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Venom roach holder 💯

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Eazy Ryyder 👌

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New addition

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YouTube | JimRohn: Learn this and you'll never be the same| "The whole world is governed by LAWS." Have you ever sat down to seriously think of the implications and logical conclusion behind such a basic fact of your reality? We live in a universe that is geared towards entropy, which means disorder, yet we have these LAWS... Not only that, but these LAWS are perfect, logical, tuned and absolutely necessary to sustain your life as you read this. In the beginning, science calls it the 'big bang', and wants to imply that out of such an inconceivable catastrophic explosion of matter ¿ ? and chaos, came perfect order and design? That's not science, by the way, that's just an assertion. But if you want scientific evidence for the result of entropy on any given object... just look in the mirror right after getting out of bed. How's your hair look? Orderly? Stylish? Beautiful? Nope. You look awful. (No offense, it's science) that's because everything in the universe tends toward disolder, chaos and decay. So, in the beginning out of nothing.... came something. Another farce of philosophical reality and scientific evidence. Out of nothing, nothing comes. My bankaccount can prove that truth for you. Just a few specs of thought to mull over, if you've never heard such thinking. "IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS. IGNORANCE IS POVERTY, IGNORANCE IS TRAGEDY.... " culturalpoeticamg1 [↗] . . . .

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Bundy de Wasted Gang got caught mean muggin in this one, look like losangelesconfidential in all his old videos 😂