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머리 꽉 묶는 법😸

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날 좋다~

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듭다 대구~ 롤이나 조지러~~

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What do you think of this picture I’m not too sure about it but it’s alright i guess....😸😸😸😸😸 • • • • • • • • • • • • •Hashtags•——————————————————————— Selfies selfie selfi sefie instaselfie me selfpic selife selfiegram selfcam selfietime selfic selfcamera self selfy selfieee selfportrait selfie_time myselfie selfconfidence myselfe myselfies greatday greatlighting instagram snapchat snapchatselfie snapchatfilter snapchats snapchatfilters

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동갑내기와 언니들 👧👩💁‍♀️ 찰칵찰칵 🤳 남편이랑 또같이 와야지 ! 센스있는회사 밥먹고나서 커피수혈 까지 완벽하게 풀코스로 🙄☕

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정신차리고 연습하세요..

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SCHOOL’S OUT!!! 💃💃🏽💃🏿 . Whilst exam season is well underway, many booking enquiries have been coming in for this year’s prom - so I wanted to take the opportunity to provide some tips around skin related preparations before your big event! . Your skin should be just as important, if not more, than your outfit! So it’s important to start upping your skincare game - well before the day! 👀 . Start eating as much yellow and orange fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. This helps with skin cell renewal, which will help to give you fresh, glowing skin for those bathroom selfies and group shots!😅 . Nuts and oily fish are packed full of protein, which helps with cell repair, but are also full of Vitamin E to help moisturise your skin from the inside out - for that all time, natural glow 💫 . I know I go on about this all the time, but water really is like ‘liquid gold’ to our bodies! Hydrate your skin from the inside out. Replacing sugary drinks and acidic fruit juice will make a huge difference to your complexion; making it look smooth and plump. . Step away from the tweezers! 🚫 Plucking in grown hairs can lead to all sorts of drama, including hyperpigmentation (scarring) and fungal infections. Use exfoliation to help thin and reduce lower facial hair growth. It’s also much kinder to our skin! . After a great prom, be sure to thoroughly cleanse ALL products off of your face before bedtime, and moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Also drink one large glass of water before bed, especially if you’ve worn a full face of make up... or consumed ‘some’ alcohol 👀 . All that’s left to say is have a great time - creating fond memories! 😬😍💅🏾🤳🏽👗👠💇🏽‍♂️💁🏾 . mua makeupartist makeupbyme beauty skin skincare makeup prom promseason clients bookings college highschool graduation schoolout makeover beforeandafter promqueen promking events loribeemua💄

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This past month or so has been rough for me pain-wise. I did a nerve ablation to help out pain I was getting from my pelvic floor dysfunction that causes me pelvic misalignment among other things (muscular & nerve pain due to muscles staying too tight) that eventually led to SI joint arthritis and sciatic pain. The sacral nerve ablation is helping now but it was a rough recovery and hard on me physically and mentally. Working was hard and I wasn’t always chipper but I did my makeup to help hide the effects of pain and insomnia. I don’t always want people to point out that I look like I don’t feel well. When you hear that every day it starts to mess with your head and makes you self conscious. So while my makeup and skincare addiction may seem silly, unnecessary or vain, just know that feeling good on the outside really can make one feel better on the inside. We all have different coping mechanisms and this is one of mine to do deal with interstitial cystitis (bladder burning/frequency), pelvic floor dysfunction, a very painful outcome of years of pelvic pain, right groin muscle damage, right ovarian endometriosis, right and left sided ovarian cysts, right and left sided chronic kidney stones, SI joint arthritis, beginning stages of gastroparesis and gastritis. Also experience right hip pain and stiffness and neuralgia down right medial leg to foot. With all of that going on, spending time on my appearance makes me feel better, as it does with a lot of women

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What did people used to do with the time it takes to take a selfie? .. (Read? Get somewhere faster?) . 'Selfie' by andrej_dubravsky from older solo show at dsc_gallery

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난 토끼에요오 ✌🏻🐰✌🏻

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06:44 ᴀᴍ

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Do I wanna known?

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my grandma tells me I'm beautiful. I say I get it from her. 🕶