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3 months ago

I bought this ring to remind me of my mom. She had hazel eyes like the very last photo. My dad told a story at the funeral about how she was an organ donor. And after she passed they told us that most of her body was poisoned and taken over by the cancer and chemo and they were only able to donate her corneas. My dad said, that his hope was that some lucky person would be able to see the world through my mom’s eyes. She was selfless, giving, and full of love, light, hope and faith. This ring will be a reminder to always try and see the world as my mom saw it as well. Thank you oddballoddity For working with me to pick out the perfect color. eyes hazeleyes uniquejewelry momseye beautyisintheeyeofthebeholder seetheworldthroughmyeyes seetheworldthroughhereyes eyeseeyou eyelove eccentric weird cancerstory momscancerstory uniquerings ring jewelry theperfectring roses flowers missyou

6 months ago

Let everyday be celebrated for the woman you are and the million inspirations you send across. On this International Women’s Day, see the world through HER eyes ,respect what she chooses to wear and empower her to become what she wants to, by CHOICE. Happy Women’s Day! ❤️😇 women womensday womensday2018 womensdayeveryday kolkata kolkatablogger lifestyleblogger life live livelife liveanddress liveanddressupbychoice liveanddressforthyself walk walkwithpride respect respectwoman see seetheworldthroughhereyes

7 months ago

Another wonderful day getting to be this amazing little girls mommy! I love watching her learn and experience new things. Today she had her first train ride and she was truly in heaven! Getting to spend time with her is something I’ll never get enough of. TheyGrowUpTooFast BlessedToBeHerMomma SeeTheWorldThroughHerEyes

1 year ago

"Empathy is about standing in someone else's shoes, feeling with his or her heart, seeing with his or her eyes... it makes the world a better place." ~Daniel Pink • • Happy World Elephant Day! 🌏🐘❤️ • • worldelephantday elephant asianelephant patty intelligent beautiful elephantsofinstagram inlove perfectday sosweet adventuresof22 sunshine twotailsranch elephantsanctuary savetheelephants noivory loveher happy qualitytime elephantlover endtheivorytrade protectwildlife elephantlife photography seetheworldthroughhereyes

1 year ago

i have some extra torment promo flyers to give away 👻🍒🖤 - if you'd like one just DM me📽. SeeTheWorldThroughHerEyes

1 year ago

SeeTheWorldThroughHerEyes . I realized I haven't posted the english version of the Torment promo pic 🥀. (It's me in this photo BUT it isn't me in the film} ❤❤❤. Please give it a Like on facebook🙏🏼🙏🏼. (Link in bio just press the name in the article caption🖤) NFF17 indiescreamqueen17

1 year ago

💓LINK IN BIO💓check out this pophorror article about my upcoming short film "Torment" for more info and bloody details 🖤🖤. Beyond thankful with everyone who supports it 🖤.SeeTheWorldThroughHerEyes

1 year ago

💉{FULL SHORT FILM & FINAL TRAILER WILL BE SUBTITLED}. 🦇Very excited to share the T O R M E N T teaser trailer, written & directed by yours truly 🖤. Been working on this for months, it's nice to see it come to life 😊🥀🖤. FACEBOOK PAGE IN MY BIO 🍇. SeeTheWorldThroughHerEyes

1 year ago

SeeTheWorldThroughHerEyes - Today's class essentials 🌸♡. {YES, that's my short film's FINAL draft 😁🖤}📝🎥♡.

2 years ago

This is my thought process for today. Don't get me wrong, I love a clean house with everything in its place, but today I'm feeling energetic and inspired to play and to create. We have already had a busy morning of birdwatching on the front porch, reading on the couch, playing at the park, riding the toy car down the sidewalk, and chats on the back deck. I love mornings like this. If only every day I could seetheworldthroughhereyes. momlife hamont ednamaeshomemades create inspired blessed family happy mommydaughterdays