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Little jar big money Misses wanted it full and shit it was so full we had to smash it with hammer. Not saying how much just gonna leave you guys guessing ? save dosh dollar spondoolies

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Let’s do some quick math. A 3 wick candle from Bath & Body works costs $24.50 and burns for about 25 hours. 1 drop of Holiday Joy costs $.10 a drop. If you diffuse a drop every hour for 25 hours, it’s $2.50 total! You’re actually spending MORE money buying that candle from bath & body works than if you were to diffuse. Plus you’re not filling the air and your body with all those nasty toxins and chemicals🙌🏼 if you don’t believe, do a quick google search. it’s a win-win! . I can’t wait for holiday joy to become available again November 1st! Who is scoring one? . doterra essentialoils holiday

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SAQ DRILL 🔥 ➖ Working with rian_prizeman_12 here to improve fast footwork, lateral movement and body shape❕ ➖ The triggers to press and drop are called by the coach and correct body shape is key for this drill 🏃‍♂️ ➖ Moving laterally is key for players of every position also 🚀 ➖ t121familytraining121 coaching football soccer passing shooting boots nike trim summerhill keeper save finish golazo griezman adidas hazard modric bale ronaldo messi pogba neymar training ireland kildare

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Air strikes starts in kashmir by foreign occupation. . Blood of youths are flows through roadsides ..... kashmir is bleeding save kashmir stopinputinformations

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Venga realmadrid tú puedes!! 💪💪

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El Clásico will be played without leomessi and cristiano for the first time in 11 years! ☹️⚽️

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mauroicardi wins the Derby Della Madonnina in the 93rd minute for inter! 🔵⚫️

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mood She say I'm a crybaby, I can't be up lately Girl you drive me crazy, AMG Mercedes Speeding down the high way, looking at the street lights Geeking on a Friday, I can never sleep right Knowing I hurt you, I don't deserve you I should've curved you, I know I'm the worst boo But I could be cool too, and you got them dance moves And I got this vibe, I swear it's perfect to ride too💜💜💜 mood music save my soul woman girl girlswhokissgirls loner beautifulgirls iloveher

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Ahhhh eu estou extasiada com esse casamento! Pensa num amor em cada detalhe! Dri e Edu aquele casal apaixonado por esporte, pelos filhos, pelo seu dog lindo “Barto”, um casal apaixonado pela vida, no qual há muito tempo atrás proporcionou um encontro que resulta nesse casamento todo inspirador! Emoção do Começo ao Fim! Intimista, pessoas alegres e importantes na vida do casal. Edu, com sorriso contagiante esbanjando alegria, um noivo que gosta de dar beijos na testa, (Aquele significado: Carinho). Recebi no final da festa, um abraço de agradecimento e um beijo na cabeça! Fiquei emocionada, pois esse casamento foi muito recíproco com carinho e afeto! A Dri, uma noivinha tão linda, um pouco delicada por dentro haha cheia de sonhos, perfeccionista, gosta dos detalhes, isso me marcou em você! Aquele seu Voto que me fez chorar, o jeitinho que você me pedia pra fazer tal coisa, era tão fofo que eu não media esforços pra fazer. Te guardarei pra sempre em meu coração! Os filhos, uma graça! Rimos muito! Pessoas especiais, se essa será a única vez, EU NÃO SEI! Mais que vocês fizeram toda diferença na minha vida, ISSO EU TENHO CERTEZA! 😍 Desejo Sonhos Grandes e Realizações Maiores ainda pra esse mais novo ENLACE! Fica minha eterna Gratidão por ter confiado no nosso Trabalho! _Carrega o Amor e Paralisa o tempo! ♥ ❤.. . . . storytelling wedding ciclista lifestyle cute tagforlikes esporte beautiful edicaodefoto simnoaltar historia best novafase save tbt story vibe inlove luiscarlos photographer insta tumblr summer retro fashion lr instawedding instanoivos

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💔😣 🌏🏝️ startingfromthebottom smh just got the worst 📞 phone call , this natural disaster in Trinidad & Tobago 🇹🇹 has washed my grandpa house out 👴🏾🚫🏚️ and a rescue boat 👨🏾‍🚒🚤 had to come save him, thankful and blessed he's ok🙏🏾 but displaced and homeless now in a country with poor aid. please pray for my family and many other effected people in Trinidad 🇹🇹 and that we can get enough to bring him to Florida with my dad and other family 🙏🏾🙏🏾 thankyou ig fam attention love life island boy slums thank god carribean tropical

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Which one is the best ?!😼 Follow us football.beasts1 for more !

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Sobat, apakah engkau masih mengingat anak-anak Rohingya? Kondisi mereka saat ini masih membutuhkan pertolongan Kita. Banyak anak-anak Rohingya yang menyelamatkan diri ke Cox's Bazaar dalam kondisi memprihatinkan. Kelaparan, trauma, dan tanpa orang tua. Alhamdulillah, misi kemanusiaan Kita HURIYAH Project berhasil membangun Sekolah Huriyah sebagai shelter untuk anak-anak Rohingya, sekaligus sebagai tempat trauma healing & sarana pendidikan untuk menjadikan mereka sebagai Hafiz-Hafizah terbaik Dunia. Namun sobat, perjuangan ini masih terus berlanjut! Kita tak bisa sekali menolong lalu meninggalkan anak-anak Rohingya Kita. Jadi, terus berjuanglah bersama solidarity.cyber.action untuk menyukseskan Huriyah Project menyelamatkan anak-anak Rohingya! Hal terpenting adalah DO'A-SHARE-BANTU! ====================== Salurkan bantuan terbaikmu ke: REKENING ANAK-ANAK ROHINGYA Bank Mandiri 127 000 7917 378 an. Aksi Cepat Tanggap 🔘 Follow & Contact Official Account: ryanadammaulana solidarity.cyber.action Spread love & peace! ALLAH huriyah solidaritycyberaction withsyria stopthebomb save syria children relawan unand universitasbrawijaya universitasindonesia jakarta aktivis cinta donasi help islam instaislam dakwah takbir jannah umat mahasiswa

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This is why I always push back my friends who loves to prioritize other things that can be moved to a later time because there is nothing we can do once we ran out of time. There is nothing wrong with travelling but there's a right time to do that. Of course I respect those who want to reach their life goals earlier but remember that all the things we do has its trade off. If you have been travelling that much lately, try to learn to trim down the intervals so you can focus on the more important stuff. Let's support each other to balance the equation. It would be better to start saving today and allocate for long term investments while travelling. Yes, it is possible for as long as you understand the process and equip yourself with an optimistic mindset. This is one of the many challenges that my generation and those who are younger than me are facing but I am very positive that things will change for the benefit of the majority for as long as we deploy the correct approach in changing the way we live and think, one step at a time. May you nurture the contents I feed everyday and share it to a friend that you would also want to make an impact to. Good Morning! motivation influence aspiration purpose passion work grind hustle save invest practicality opportunity leverage productivity selfawareness positivity optimism execution progress asset legacy wealth progress financialplanning personalfinance financialplan financialliteracy selfawareness

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I should start charging for photos soon 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Hoomanz karaoke-videoke sucks I want pizcha!!!

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We at Sprout have a super simple principle when it comes to laziness, it goes something like this, DON’T BE LAZY! 😋 📣 Turn On Post Notifications 🕘 is ticking!! 📣 🌱 🌱 🌱 🌱 🌱 🌱 savewithsprout entrepreneurship save money goals toronto financialfreedom startup millennials debtfree hustle savingsgoals financial entrepreneur garyvee savemoney personalfinance goalsetting motivation startuplife moneymanagement motivated budgeting finance fintechcanada fintech debtfreecommunity motivated personaldevelopment success

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Repost from milia_milia_ TopRankRepost TopRankRepost 🆘️🆘️🆘️🙋‍♀️ Москва и Московская область!!! Очень срочно ИЩЕТ ДОМ ИЛИ ПЕРЕДЕРЖКУ МАЛЫШ ТОМАС!!! Томас_бабушкинская Котику 6 месяцев)), он очень красив и воспитан в плане лоточка и когтеточки, и конечно очень игрив и активен по возрасту)) что могут оценить только любящие родители, а на передержке не всегда одобряют((( и УЖЕ ЗАВТРА МЕНЯ ПРОСЯТ ЗАБРАТЬ ЕГО С ПЕРЕДЕРЖКИ😭😭😭 а куда??? 20 хвостиков на свои средства тянуть очень тяжело и некуда брать и платить🙈😢!!! Может его сразу заметят родители и будут любить и играть с этим красавцем😍🙏🙏🙏 ☎️8(985)3903040 Юлия Юлины_котики Москва вдобрыеруки москвасити котенок котеноквдобрыеруки котеноквдар cats москвасегодня котикитакиекотики котизм кэтстаграм catstagram catsofinstagram save life love mimimi like4like

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Have loved the weather this weekend and being off work to enjoy it ☀ we went to Salcombe for a walk and cake. OH had a little moan as I parked half a mile or so away from the town up a big hill to avoid paying to park 🤣 I love this part of the country, if I won the lottery I'd def buy a little place here with a sea view. The chocolate brownie was the best brownie I think I've ever had 😋 salcombe . . . savedontspend saveforthefuture spendinghabits save budgeter budgeting budget money mindset financialplanning financialindependence financialfreedom financialpeace ukdebtfreecommunity mortgagefreecommunity mortgagefreewannabe retireearly inspire bs4 bs6 daveramsey

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"Jobs fill my pocket, but adventures fill my soul.” – Jamie Lyn Beatty  This one is one of my favorite travelling quotes. Work Travel Save 💫💫💫💫💫Repeat ✍.Pri✍. ~ BeUPri 👠 nightowl 🐸🐒🐯

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save Kendals

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The two best relievers in the AL faceoff to decide who should win AL reliever of the year. Blake Treinen posted one of the lowest ERAs in modern history and has higher WAR and WPA. However, Edwin Diaz has better peripherals, including a lower FIP, and the 2nd most saves in history (along with a higher save %). I can't decide who to pick, although Diaz's lower FIP makes me lean towards him, but Treinen's ERA is just so dang low. What do you guys think? ALWest closer strikeout filthy curveball fastball cyyoung oakland athletics bayarea sanfrancisco california seattle washington westcoast homerun mvp save goldglove glovework mlb baseball baseballhistory highheat heater relieveroftheyear ROTY breakingrecords history legendary

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Hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing Sunday! We just wanted to share our support behind the savethepromenade movement & also thank paulbettany markruffalo chrisevans & those who have been actively trying to prevent this over at save_the_promenade Questar Nocco is based out of Brooklyn, New York and we are no strangers to the beautiful and peaceful scenery that the promenade provides. There are plans to build a six lane highway that puts that at risk. Please consider signing the petition at savethepromenade.org & checking out their page for more information. It is one of our favorite spots to sit & write music! ✌😎 brooklyn newyork brooklynheights music musicvideo musician goodvibes sharethemessage today life picoftheday sunday nyc travel destination lyrics song help promenade sign parks brooklynheightspromenade creditvideotoowner save bigapple

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0-0 per la prima squadra in quel di Monte San Giovanni Campano. Eroe di giornata Luca Matarazzo, portiere under, che entra a seguito dell'espulsione incredibile ai danni di Cenerelli, e para il rigore a Macciocca mantenendo saldo lo 0-0. Rimaniamo imbattuti dopo 8 giornate ed al secondo posto di classifica a - 5 dal Ferentino, prossima avversaria. promozione primasquadra promozionelaziale mistral mistralcittàdigaeta mistralgaeta trasferta montesangiovannicampano stadio stadium gialloblu biancorossi campionato championship football soccer calcio lnd 0a0 pareggio rigoreparato penalty save goalkeeper smile picoftheday toptags igersgaeta