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Same looking Nights go fast from 0 to 100

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Personlighet är något jag försöker få fram och fånga under en fotografering. Det härliga med människor är att ingen är den andre lik å de är just det jag vill visa på bild. • Boka en fotografering med mig och jag förevigar stunder du vill minnas länge ❤️ • www.sandrasdesign.se infosandrasdesign.sebarnfotografering barnfotograf barnfotografstockholm vimedbarn underbarabarn barnrumsinspo letthembelittle letthembekids letthemexplore personligt barn kids canon canonphotography sápmi gapta vindelälven norrland same stolt sandrasdesignstudio

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Loving this pants! So so so comfy, perfect on a very casual Friday. ㅇㅅㅇ wait, when did I ever had a formal day? 😅 ootd justme same chucks converse

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Day 1 What’s up guys!! There’s pages where it has Q, Murr, Sal, and Joe separately! But here, you can see them all, in the same position everyday!! Save you from have to like 4 different photos! Q Joe Murr Sal TheFourTenderloins same post every day

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Me 😂😂😂

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유니클로 심리스다운롱패딩 4XL 19마넌 앞으로 5년을 부탁한다 패딩님아 아침도 마이닭 점심도 마이닭 저녁도 마이닭 미트리 닭인생

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Who tryna dm me so i can wake up tomorrow morning and feel loved

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Welcome new friends! 😄 Hope you enjoy the content I post, otherwise idk why you’d follow

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This is me on a daily basis, anyone else? Raise those hands ✋ I see you 👀

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Throwback -Noida Same place friendship forever same festive mood of the Year Bonds Eternal Pandal Hopping

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One year ago tomorrow I started an adventure of a lifetime (I say this as a 25 year old). I called into my life-sucking office job and drove to the North Loop where I met with some of the most magical people I know. I walked in the door and was greeted by alexwitchsteinman’s and lizgiel’s familiar smiling faces. I then met b_ivy and sooeffed for the first time. And let me tell you, I WAS IN AWE OF THESE FOUR WOMEN. I had a few ideas to help with thecovenmpls’s instagram and all of a sudden Erinn was giving me an official Coven email and adding me to their slack. UM WHAT. (ps - slack is my favorite app ever). ANYWAYS. One year ago tomorrow I joined a Coven. It’s been one WILD FUCKING RIDE and I can’t see what these witches brew up for the next year!!! EVEN THO I NEVER SAY IT (hello issues) I LOVE YOU WITCHES!!!