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For some people, the weekend is our time to rest and unwind💆🏼‍♀. Other people can’t seem to slow down🏃🏼‍♀. Those people have a busy work week followed by a busier weekend😰. While being busy can be good, sometimes you need to relax. Here are 4 reasons you should take some time to chill out. . . 🙅🏼‍♀You’re not thinking clearly: When you’re stressed or riled up, your brain can easily betray you. The last thing you want to do when you’re frustrated is to make a decision that could cause more frustration. You know I’m right. . . 😌It’s good for you: Studies have shown that relaxing prevents colds, lowers risk of heart attack, boosts your memory, lowers risk of stroke, and can even prevent depression. Now I’m no doctor, but if coolin’ out can do all of that, who needs an apple a day? . . 🎗You’ll burn out: If you don’t take time to relax, you’ll never get rid of the stress that life brings. Between work and home, stress can creep up on you. Sometimes we need to relax so we can recharge our body physically, mentally, and emotionally. . . 🕺🏻It’s fun: All work and no play can make anyone a monster. It’s fun to relax and have fun. Sometimes we just need to sit on the couch and take a load off. A little laughter🤣 and laziness is good for the soul. Why don’t you give it a try this weekend? . Culled from CUInsight.com . . tours sites familyvacation fun adventure romance couplegoals familygoals friendshipgoals tourexpert lagos lagosisland tripsbyoge ride night girlsnight boysnightout relaxation weekendgetaway productive

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Gutted to have broken my bike yesterday 😥 some amazing riding again this week though and enjoying the mountain passes in the valleys 👌 rode over to the Afan Valley for the first time and it didn't disappoint! Thankfully I've got my mountain bike to keep me busy while roadie gets repaired. Can't get enough of the bike at the mo 😍 cycling visitwales afanvalley bwlch beautiful wales fitness cannondale shimano roadbike mtb met views green mountains roadtrip nofilterneeded valleys walesonline discovery explore adventure summer feelgood ride it like its stolen

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Надоели резиновые коврики Хочешь сделать правильный выбор тогда тебе к нам —————————————————————— ..............👉Пишем в Директ 👈................ ...............💜Viber&💚WhatsApp................ .......................📩Telegram.......................... ...............📞Tel.+79788997907................... —————————————————————— cars car ride drive driver sportscar vehicle vehicles street road freeway highway sportscars exotic exoticcar exoticcars speed tire tires spoiler muffler race racing wheel wheels rim rims engine horsepower

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Jooo - Vandaag had ik dressuurles en wow dat ging echt super goed!✨ Flash liep echt heel fijn, we hebben even beiden proeven geoefend die ik vrijdag heb😊 - Morgen wil ik nog ff een klein sprongetje maken omdat ik 4 weken Ofzo niet heb gesprongen en vrijdag ook spring wedstrijd heb, dus ja...😹 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today I had dressage lesson and wow that went really well! ✨ Flash was really nice, we both practiced tests I have on Friday😊 - Tomorrow I want to make a little jump because I have not jumped in 4 weeks and I have a jumping competition this friday, so yes ... 😹 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Q - Wat is jullie favoriete paarden ras? A - ik heb me nooit echt gefocust op rassen maar eerder op karakter😹 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ flash details leather jumping training ride rider riding eq equestrian equestrianstyle equestrianofinstagram dressage showjumper horse horses jump jumper stalsibma bestponyever

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It's safe to say motorcycle instructor, Mike (myrideguru), has picked up a few tips over the years. However he believes there's always something new to learn. "... you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. Some people think they know it all already, but even as an instructor I know I can learn so much more. Every day is a learning day and we should all be looking to improve ourselves. Passing the bike test only means learning the basics really. Ask yourself how much training you have done since passing your test." Read Mike's wednesdaywisdom in full on our online magazine SBSmag. Follow the link in our bio. sportsbikeshop motorcycle biker ride wednesdaywisdom bikersofinstagram advice wisdom learning olddognewtricks instructor

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😋🤤🐟 De norte a sul do país, a oferta de festivais gastronómicos vai aumentando de dia para dia. Marisco, sardinha, caracóis e outros sabores de verão. Tome nota dos nossos preferidos ➡➡➡ no link da nossa bio. QuilometrosQueContam Goodyear MadeToFeelGood

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Liebe Community, ich hab mich entschieden einen neuen Style von Bildern auszuprobieren. Es werden noch 2 Weitere Bilder in diesem Style kommen. Danach würde ich gerne eine Umfrage starten welcher Style euch besser gefällt, der alte oder eben der neue. Viel Spaß😘 - •Corvette •Munich City •Motorrad - Mein guter Freund juliusdantetroisi kamm auf die tolle Idee während er durch München mit seinem Bike durchballert, ich hinten draufsitze und Fotos von geilen Autos mache. Ich hoffe die Bilder gefalle euch💯 cars car ride drive engine horsepower TagsForLikes driver sportscar vehicle exoticcar exoticcars speed vehicles street munichcars carsmunich munichblogger

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하늘이 다했다☁

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What would you like to ride ,Bicycle or motor Bikes ? beastuigs

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카메라가 담아내지 못한 하늘과 초록이🍏 오늘도 잘~탔다

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하오고개×2+여우고개🐕 힘들지만 정상에 오르면 느낄 수 있는 알 수 없는 뿌듯함

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근황 사라있눼🙈

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거기아니야 수신호하지마👉

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제주도 돌담길🗿

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Lil India .