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Meet Recap! I finished squat a huge 402lb third attempted which was roughly a 20lb PR, Bench was where I really wanted to go all out, I was able to pull off 236 for my third attempt which was also a PR, then I finished the day with a 407 Deadlift for a little 2lb PR which put me at a total of 1047lb at 17 years old 175lb bodyweight . Huge shoutout to russwole for the amazing programming which helped me really improve my numbers . apemanstrong . . . gym squad fitness aesthetic bodybuilding strong gymlife motivation weighttraining arizona gymrat fit lifestyle training legday healthy weightlifting noexcuses bench squat squats deadlift powerlifting goals muscle health strength apeman raw gains

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That is our healthy breakfast today: rawvegan pancakes with $chocolate sauce and fruit filling, my favourite breakfast during ou time here. We love it and are so glad to have the ability to be here. We feel so free and grateful. Our days are full of yoga and meditation and rawfood. fruitarianrawveganrawfoodgrensmoothigreenjuicesuperfoodtropicalfruitduriandurianloverplantpowerplantbaseddietveganfoodwhatveganseatfastingmealprephightcarbveganhighcarbveganfoodpornintermittenfastingveganmealmalaysiarawrawkidsmalaysiadurianloverbananas

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Brb. Going back in the closet. ✌🏾😅😅😅. 🏳️‍🌈 Bye and Bi.

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[Trooper] How to spend your weekend : set your scooter, ride with your friends. In frame : Mr. sugoi.co with Adelaide Denim 19oz "Kamikaze III" Unsanforized Orange Selvedge version Available on MTO service only. Go grab yours now!!! -ADELAIDE

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Hey guys, hope your day is going well!!! So my caption was too big to fit here lol, so to see it swipe➡️. I was inspired by wellbeingwithabigail ‘s post about stress. Comment if you can relate to any part of this and tell me about something you struggle with (like any thing! Could be something that you feel that is holding you back, or difficulties that you concurred by true fearlessness in your life, etc. literally anything I’ll be glad to hear and reply)!!! vegan healthy glutenfree cookies bananas oats dessert tasty treat healthylunch raw smoothie green healthymeals eatyourveggies insecure faith confidence life lifestyleblogger believe

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Днес ще ти представим идея за мързелива сурова закуска, която освен здравословна е много вкусна и лека. 👩‍🍳 За целта ти трябват сурови крекери CultuRaw Vegan Crisps Chilli на biostyle.bg и Delishu - Деликатес от заквасено кашу. Просто намажи крекера със сиренето от кашу и се наслади на вкуса. 😍 Лесно е нали? . . . . ilovedelishu delishu веган cashewcheese vegancheese plantcheese probiotic cashewcheesemania rawcheese rawvegancheese nutcheese cheeselover raw rawlife rawvegan rawfood rawtill4 rawvegansofig vegan veganpower vegansecrets whatveganseat bestofvegan veganfoodlovers veganfood veganeats veganrecipes veganfoodie veganfoodshare vegansofig

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eat plants until the end 🌱 after eating plant based for almost three years now, I know I’m never going back 🌿 better for our health, the environment, and the animals 🐮🌏 plants for the win, always ✨ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • vegan veganliving veganrecipes veganinspiration vegandesert manifestation lawofattraction minimalism minimalist plantbased plantbaseddiet yoga meditation selfcare selflove raw rawvegan organic vegansofig eatclean organicfood dairyfree fruit vegetables wholefoods rawalignment zerowaste lowwaste

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raw clip🔥

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This CherryDosidos has been taking me on a super smooth ride through my night 😎 Super gassy start, with a sweet berry finish almost like sherbert or gelato 😛

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Around a year ago I became what I call a 80% vegetarian. 😂I watched this really gross video about chickens 🐓 and that about did it for me. 💁🏼‍♀️Since then I haven’t had a bite of chicken. (Honestly, the texture always freaked me out) 😷but this past year I’ve gone thru phases of eating certain kind of meat or only have meat once a month. Lately, I decided to only have ground beef. 🐮Yes, I love that I’m helping harm less animals, but honestly the texture of meat is what freaks me out the most. Ground beef is the only thing that doesn’t freak me out. (I was always the kid spiting the steak into the napkin because I hated the texture and didn’t want to chew it...yea I know, gross) Last night I had a junior cheeseburger deluxe from Wendy’s... it was yummy eating it 😋 but let’s just say, it didn’t settle well and around 3AM I threw it all up. 🤢 so yea... I think I’m good from even burgers for awhile. I’ll stick to my yummy fruits + veggies and power balls 😍 I’m curious to know... where are my vegetarians at and why did you decide to become a vegetarian? 🌱🌿

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I first built this simple little altar almost four years ago when I arrived in this magical place called Joshua Tree on this sacred land that is now chickasawhomesteadjt busted and broken and burnt out. Its not perfect or even really pretty, but its raw and real. I stand here in complete awe and amazement at how this desert landscape has sculpted me like these rocks, how we have shifted and grown together, how we have survived complete dismantling and deep transformation and tumbling down hills and getting knocked around and dug out of ruts and emerged stronger and clearer and wiser and more beautiful. My prayers have and continue to be answered above and beyond my wildest dreams, and I have learned to trust and love again with all of myself. And its all because I followed my heart and took a big risk and made a commitment to live outside the conventions of cultural programming and break patterns within myself and recreate my life in service to something greater. For all the places I have traveled bot physically and spiritually, I can always access my greatest depths right here in the expansiveness of home. I am flooded with love and gratitude for my guides and angels and teachers and soul family and for this precious magnificent luscious life I get to wake up to every day. I love you and thank you from the depths of my heart. This space of love is here for all of us all the time when we choose to seek it. We can’t accept anything less than living fully and completely present in love every single moment. Its the only way forward. And I’m always here to support you. 🧡💛💗🖤💛💗🧡 love trust transformation liberation beherenow answeredprayers raw real grit grace livefully thiswildandpreciouslife altarseverywhere desertlove desertmedicine cycleoflife universallove loveisallaroundus highdesert mojavedesert chickasawhomestead joshuatree california

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Ok so I'm back to slowly eating regular food back into my routine now that I'm coming off my cleanse and was ready to go for this pomegranate that had been waiting for me to discover. Pomegranates have high levels of antioxidants. This helps remove free radicals, reduce inflammation, and protects cells from damage. Just exactly what skin care needs. So this was perfect for my afternoon snack. I love this season. I can't believe sometimes that I never even was introduced to pomegranates until I came to San Diego. . . . . pomegranate pomegranateseason sandiego california fruit freshpicked vegan veganfood cleanfood plantbased raw rawvegan antioxidants freeradicals antiinflammatory skincare skinhealth ilovefall autumn holistichealth wellnesscoach healthandwellness health healthyfood healthylifestyle nutrition

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Gm 🌞🌞

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Check out whole_food_wellness_with_jo page it’s AMAZING 💯🌿🍎🍊🍋🥦🍇🍆Do you read your labels? Do you know if you actually have food in your food or is it chemicals that make up a food like product?? Wholefood is where it’s at these days take control of your health & re gain your life!! It’s not about eating less it’s about eating the wholesome nutrient dense foods that your body needs!! . . . wholefoods wellness raw clean wholefoodwellnesswithjo juice cleanse juiceclease detox fruits vegetables detoxing rawfood cleaneating goodness fresh produce vegan health greenjuice sunrise cabala coconutbanana plantbased plantpowered

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Who wanna get on this?

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Made the last minute decision to take a road trip with Dan to San Diego so him and brutalford could play 🙈. Farrah and I decided to go explore Carlsbad and stumbled upon pressedjuicery with freeezee so of course we had to have one. 👅 Also, they had salted Carmel which I’ve never seen before! Farrah got that and vanilla and I had chocolate and vanilla. Seriously can’t get over the ingredients in their freezes and I’m still SO obsessed 😛 We’re off to cafegratitude in Newport now! Hope you babes have the best night! 💕pressedjuicery pressedjuiceryfreeze

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◾ ◾похудение. 1часть. ◾ Распишу все по этапам, чтобы было коротко и понятно : 1 этап_ 1000-1400кк(более полезная пища, но очень часто ела вкусняшки и всякое вредное), похудела с 52 до 48 за 10 дней. ▪️ 2 этап _ несколько дней разгруза(я делала на фруктах и ягодах, но ела достаточно много и пила кефир, чтобы не стало плохо и не портить здоровье), похудела с 48 до 46 за 2 или 3 дня. ▪️ 3 этап_ стала кушать значительно меньше(700кк), раза 2 в неделю ела на 1000кк. При этом добавила занятия в зале (кардио, силовые не тяну). Можно так же заниматься дома, это не столь важно. Похудела с 46 до 43 за 10-14 дней. ▪️ 4 этап_ сделала пару дней питьевых( не в целях худеть, а в целях очистить организм), скинула до 42. ▪️ Я не советую делать все эти этапы и тд, все самое эффективное это первый этап. То есть кушать на 1000-1500 калорий и добавить немного спорта(если занимаетесь в зале, то повысить это число калорий ещё). ◾ Попозже распишу список эффективных и нормальных диет (которые не портят здоровье, как диеты из та), могу расписать свой рацион на 1 этапе, если вам интересно💚 ▪️ 🔼Худейте с умом 🔼

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