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||| TSK Movie review. (5/10). .. 1) Overview: .. Misuse of star power that's TSK in a nutshell. Sure the songs were great and to some extent the teaser trailers were exciting. But the movie totally fails to satisfy movie critics all over. With a plot that could be ridiculed over and over. To be honest the film would have served us better if it were to be marketed as a spoof cinema. With obnoxious plot twists and turns the film drives itself dry. .. 2) Plot: .. A group disguises itself as a CBI raid team and robs off places and that too for no reason or personal gains. If the film drove itself as a heist film along this would have been an okay movie, but rather it chooses to be in the social message format. "Just for Suriya's sake". .. ⭕ Verdict: Naanum Rowdy Than was a fine film from Director Vignesh Shivan. But TSK seems to be tailor made for Suriya fans alone. Unappreciated truth. Disappointment (5/10) .. .. .. .. love priyaprakashvarrier anuemmanuel simbu str samantharuthprabhu arrahman shraddhakapoor oviya shrutihassan meghaakash rajinikanth ramcharan anupamaparameswaran samanthaakkineni teluguactress gvprakash katrinakaif trisha sayyeshaa adahsharma shalinipandey ramyakrishnan nagarjuna akhilakkineni southindiancinema nagachaitanya harrisjeyaraj nayantara mohanlal

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goodnightpost राह संघर्ष की जो चलता है, वो ही संसार को बदलता हैं, जिसने रातों से है जंग जीती.. सुबह सूर्य बनकर वही चमकता है। राधे राधे शुभ रात्रि। jaishrikrishna . . hareramaharekrishna jiddukrishnamurti krishnajanmashtami harekrishna radhakrishna krishnadasi krishnabalaram littlekrishna shreekrishna krishnamacharya krishnadas krishnamurti prilaga shrikrishna jaishrikrishna trishakrishnan krishna krishnalove ramyakrishnan harikrishna krishnaconsciousness krishnamukherjee jaishreekrishna harekrishnalifestyle lordkrishna radhekrishna shaninagar mumbai_ig

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• Pottu Thakku | Dance cover by issokesh & ranjini__mogan 🔥Full video in Youtube & Link is in bio guys 💕 I would recommend to watch it in upper limit quality 😊 . I know that we are not perfect but all those practices, endless sweating, tired body, burning skin, falling and slipping gonna make us the best one day. Nobody cares if you can't dance well. So just get up and dance. Your confidence is your key. That's what I learned throughout my journey and I keep on learning more while improving my flaws. Just dance your soul out!!! 🖤 . Thanks for the support guys. Keep supporting more for me to get better because I wish I could bring my passion to the next level. Like if you guys really like it and each comments will be valued. Lots of love 🌹 dancecover folkdance pottuthakku simbhu ramyakrishnan kuthu 1millionperformance 1millionaudition passion hatersgonnahate