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8 hours ago

I see those 🍟 mom. Not a snack in the world that can make it past my nose 👅💦🐾 On the road again. ✌🏻 Back to Virginia Beach 🏡

10 hours ago

Rainy Sundays are for Snuggles and Ice cream! 🍦🐾🐶

1 day ago

It’s the freakin’ weekend! Let’s make this one count! 💥💫🍖

2 days ago

BEST part of vacay...ice cream!!!!! pupsicle

2 days ago

Sweet Clooney enjoying his Pupsicle! 🐾🍢🌍🏜⛲🌄🐾

2 days ago

One of our Social Media Managers, Alma, was puppy-sitting today and couldn’t stop taking selfies with the dogs. This cutie is Ruby, and she spent most of the afternoon on Alma’s lap. The other pup is Zoomie, and he has such a great vertical that the Raptors should consider adding him to their roster! 🐾 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ dogsofig pupsitting dogsitting poodles miniaturepoodle pupsicle dogsitting doggiedaycare doglover puppytime puppygram pupsofinstagram torontoentrepreneur entrepreneurlife workingoutside summerdays summerdaze july doggiekisses

2 days ago

We are OBSESSED with these watermelon pupsicles!! 😍 Not only because they were so yummy, but because both pups and people can enjoy them! This was a fun and fast recipe too!! We encourage you to recreate them and to use clarksbarkstreat !! 🐾 P.S We did use a yellow watermelon and that’s why our pupsicles are yellow! 😊 • • • Watermelon Pupsicles Recipe: ✅2 Cups of Seedless Watermelon Purée(Liquid) ✅1 Cup of Unsweetened Coconut Milk ✅1 Tablespoon of Honey Blend all together and freeze!! Enjoy!! 😉 • • • diydogtreats diy summertreats popsicle pupsicle icecream watermelon yellowwatermelon food snacks dogsnack dogfood dogscorner dogstagram dogsofinstagram gsd gsdofig gsdofigworld malamute malamutes malamuteaddicts alaskanmalamute alskanmalamuteofinstagram fluffy rawfeddog petstagram petinsider clarks_barks

2 days ago

It must feel so good to roll in the cool grass on such a hot day. I should look up recipes for pupsicles! We all deserve a frozen treat on days like this! Would frozen peanut butter work? firstbaby furbaby hotday hotdog pupsicle dogsofinstagram

2 days ago

So it’s true what they say, huh? All dogs DO go to heaven! 😍🤤🐶⛅️ Mommy, daddy and the sweet girls at riverfrontpets ⛑ sure know how to make a pup feel special! Soo many of my favorite treats, bones & cookies — Did I mention DOG POPCORN?! 🐶🍿 Is this a trick.. Where’s Ashton Kutcher? Behind the vacuum..? 🤭 [I destroyed another toy and ratted myself out ‘cause I forgot to clean up the fuzz.. pardonthemess rookiemistake 🤦🏼‍♀️] • • frommfamily himalayanpet instinctpetfoods riverfrontpets orijenpetfood earthanimal1979 primalpetfoods favorites pupsicle cookies donuts frommfamily bullysticks dogfood treats spoiled princess shoppingspree grainfree pitbullsofinstagram dogsofinstagram adoptdontshop dontbullymybreed pitbulladvocate pibble pitbull pitmix puppy doggiedogworld fureverhome endbsl dogmom dogdad

3 days ago

Mom and Dad ditched me after my big party last Saturday... but it’s ok. I’ve been kickin it with Grandma ‘ Grandpa at their house 🐾☀️💦

3 days ago

Stay cool friends! Try our moms new Banana Peanut Butter Pupsicle recipe. you can find it over at kids_dogs_spatulas

3 days ago

Pupsicles. Recipe courtesy of krein1ce (Greek yogurt, Pumpkin, & Banana (the ingredient auntie couldn’t remember)... suffice to say I love them a lot! 80degrees sunshineyday pupsicle

3 days ago

The boss lady made me a “Fido Float” pouring a bowserbeer over a pupsicle and it was the best day EVER...until I asked for a second one and she said no...swipe left! 🐶🍺🍦 • • • • • • dog dogs popeyetrutanich dogsofig dogsofinstagram dogsofinsta muttsofinsta pitsofinsta pitsofinstagram boxersofinstagram chowchowsofinstagram americanbulldog bergerblancsuis socaldog southerncalifornia southerncaliforniadogs summer summerfun dogdaysofsummer k9corner bowserbeer pupsicle

3 days ago

SO excited for our dog days of summer episode to air next week! We share some great ways to beat the heat with your furry friend...including our “Popeye’s Pupsicles” recipe your pup will love! 🐶🍦 • • • • • k9corner torrance southbay citicable popeyetrutanich socal southerncalifornia california losangeles socaldogs losangelesdog dogsofig dogsofinsragram dogsofinsta dogswhobrunch muttsofinsta pitsofinstagram dog dogs californiadog summer dogsdaysofsummer homemadedogtreats pupsicle summerfun