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😂😩 I think it's cute 💕😂💀

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"We're Walking Into The Sun We're Carrying Our Young Hope For The Best But Still Prepare For The Worst Nobody Is Perfect But Still All Deserve A Chance To Be Honored A Chance To Be Heard & I Just Want To Be Heard Yeah Said I Just Want To Be Heard Yeah" 🎙 gregorystutzer 📸 jorge__c3 IntoTheSun GregoryStutzer Poetry TheWav WAVSZN

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Gloomy Days 🌫 __________________________________________ * BOOK NOW on Amazon and Barnes & Noble * . Unpredictable like thoughts and feelings . 1st book of my Poetry Collection . ➡️LINK in my Bio ⬅️ . 🏵Signed Copies also available... DM if interested 🏵 _________________________________________ [LIKE*SHARE*TAG FRIENDS* COMMENT] . Love_g329 . creativewriting poet calladitasnomore Poetry literature  Poetrycommunity poetsofinstagram  writersofig  selflove girlboss LosAngeles  loveletters writerscommunity relationships moodaf Success chingona goodreads bookstagram yoga life love poems believe latina quotes awareness

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I hurt myself Looking in the mirror Staring at a person I'm not I cut myself Watch as the blood drips Trying to kill the demon inside Watching my life flash away Letting each of you down I cry every night Picking between the pain and happiness I'm sorry but this is my dance poemwritersofinstagram poetrylovers poetry poemwriter poetsociety poetrycommunityofinstagram poetryofinstagram poetrywriting poetryporn poet writtings writercommunity writersfollowwriters writersofinstagram writers writersofinstagram darkpoetry poems poemporn poem poemcommunity poemsporn_ poemwriting poemsporn poemsofinstagram poemsaboutlove depression sadness depressionquotes

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I was inspired by a wonderful poem by enriqueperez6163 that immediately prompted me to write this. I know it’s crude. I just wrote it. It’s unedited. It’s organic and simple. This was an unadulterated, intuitive free write. And sometimes writing should be. . . . . . . writing writer Write poem poems poetry poet prose raw

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You truly understand life only when your need is greater than your wants. . . When you need to sleep instead of a bed to sleep upon you’ll realize that you can sleep almost anywhere. When you need to eat to stay alive and not what you should have for dessert, will you realize what starving truly means. When you need someone’s presence more than their touch will you understand what love is. We are not gods but mere mortals, we will falter without rest, we will die without food and we will shrivel without love. . . . . . . . . . . . thangbalay needs wants poetry lovepoem prose lovepoems lovequotes poetrycommunity words Iovenotes poet instapoet poetsofig writer poems writersofig writersofinstagram spilledink poetryisnotdead authorsofinstagram writingcommunity read quotes instaquote instapoet igpoet poetrygram sleep alive

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My scrub and make-up and dirt remover contains 4 ingredients Water 💦 Mint 🌱 Brown Sugar ✨ COCONUT OIL🥥 : y’all like my collage that I made with layout ...😛😛😛😛 any who ...this article from ELLE explains why coconut oil is great to use for your skin and is one of the reason why I wanted it to be the base of my scrub and makeup/dirt remover ! It contains Vitmain E... essential amino acids, and other things that help to protect the barrier of your skin ! Read more about The benefits of CoConut oil from this article written by George Driver “How To Use Coconut Oil on the SKin and Hair and Why Does It Work! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ You can DM me to place an order on scrubs and makeup /dirt removers ! 10 dollars for the scrub 7 dollars for the makeup remover and 15 dollars for a set ! As soon as this product does on etsy the price will change so HOLLA AT ME ♥️

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What are the positive habits that you are building? Let us know below👇❤🔥 believe2success

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A reading from my latest book, The Steps in the Path. Poem 1 of 2 in the connected poems in this book . I've asked myself this question many times since I wrote this poem a year ago. I always get the same answer but in many different ways; find out in part 2 :) And remember keep fighting, don't let it win. howmuch howmuchpoem poetry poet poems lifeofapoet poetrycommunity writer writers writing lifeofawriter writingcommunity writingtobreathe poetsofig poetryofig instawriters writersofig instapoetry spokenword spokenwordpoetry lifeinspired howmucheverything

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SURPRISE PASSENGER . I guess I woke somebody up during her favorite song. . . A M E N D S . Planets, nebulas, and stars galore. Future's, past's, and "now's", I can't ignore. Let's subtract the ouches, to explore--- the "Wow's" once more. Though there may be fewer awes than woes--- while bombarded by less highs than lows--- I hope I get to see where all this goes, if beauty's chose. Instead of all that's dismal in contrast. The stuff that ---when all's over--- somehow lasts. I'd like to say, "Above it all I rose". Once I make amends with fast's and slow's. - (bl) . Video, and poem "AMENDS" by Poet/Artist, Bob Laird ©2018 - All Rights Reserved. Stockton CA - (The Center Of The Universe) - www.outsideinsight.byethost4.com . poet artist poetry art wisdom enlightenment nature birds meditate oneness writer book universe inspire create spirituality philosophy poets bee heart planets mindfulness writing love beauty inspiration believe unity stars worldpeace

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I might get into a fight.

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THIS ONE IS SO FUN TO SPIT!!! 🤑🤑🤑 LAST VERSE OF SOMETHING I'VE BEEN WORKING ON A WHILE. 😀 HOPING hondofelder AND isnadd LIKE THE SOUND OF THIS ONE! 🙂 Also please don't forget to click on the link of my bio to help contribute through my patreon page to the music video shoot for my upcoming track "THAT'S MY HORSE" ft. paperboiprxphet ALSO WHILE YOUR THERE CLICK THE LINK TO VIEW THE BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE FROM MY LAST VIDEO SHOOT FOR MY UP AND COMING TRACK "mellenials" REALLY TRYING TO GET marahedits TO HIS GOAL OF 100K VIEWS BY JANUARY!!! Keep in mind that even if you can only donate a few cents of every cent is a gift and a blessing from you to me that I will cherish ❤😃❤ BLESSED BE THE NOISE MAKERS!!! 🕉🕉🕉❤❤❤🕉🕉🕉❤❤❤🕉🕉🕉 stoopkid redsharkgang sacmusic sacramentorapper sacramentomusican sacramentoartist Sacramento poet poetry poetsofinstagtam musica music goodmusic newmusic instamusic original oldschool nike beautifulblackkids blacklivesmatter blessedbe lurkhard namaste staywoke antifa someone fuckin hold me ...

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🚩🚩🕉गणपती बाप्पा मोरया🕉🚩🚩 . ।। रुप तुझे पाहता नयनी , आनंद येई आमच्या जीवनी ।। ।। रुप तुझे मोहक सुंदर , नाव तुझे लंबोदर ।। . 🌺 ।। आतुरता तुझ्या आगमनाची ।। 🌺 . LIKE • ComMENT • SHARE Must Follow ganapti_bappa_morya_ Use marathi_style_of_maharashtra Maharashtra_Ig ek_maharashtrian great_maratha facts_of_mind tuzi_aathvan aathvan.kavita luv_kills__ premtrng marathi_boi maharashtra_status_ ek_marathi_mulga tuzyavrchya_kavita marathi_premquotes punekar quotestags marathimulga marathifc motivational thought instagood maha maharashtra pune maharashtra_ig maharashtra_desha maharashtradesha garja_maharashtra hindi life Instagram poetry poet dailyquotes shayri bhavna dilkibaat heart heart heartbroken heartbreakclub

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Fleshy bits of bacteria pondering its place in the cosmic hierarchy Has left metal coins and paper notes with faces on them in its wake And even though their worthless value may differentiate We all abide by the forgotten tides of history and the hands of fate that forged them. : : flesh bacteria cosmic coins notes faces history fate poem poems poet poets poetry poetrycommunity ❤️ 🥃 📝 🤟 🍺 ☠️ 💵 💴 💶 💷

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Typewriter Series 2373 by Tyler Knott Gregson ... For our friends Kimberly & Lindsey on the occasion of their wedding. ... Text for Tired Eyes: ... Some waits are quiet ones,
some lights begin as the hope
of glow, a pinprick of shine
in all that hollow. Some fires
rest long as sparks,
some flicker faintly 
for ages, for eternities,
some waits
are quiet ones. 
In that time of whispers
I found you,
and you, 
Will there be noise
now that this wait
is over, 
will there be sound,
will there be flame?
Come to me, and
I will show you illumination,
come to me,
and I will sing
our song. ... -Tyler Knott Gregson-

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😊 🙏 📝 Haiku 221 - When I try to seem like I'm not nervous, I get more anxious. I'm also showing that the situation or person I'm nervous around has control over my emotions. "Just breathe" isn't just cliche advice, it relaxes you. A confident person is relaxed. . Feel free to share; please tag me so I can show love back! . If you like my posts, their design, cool stuff, and want to help keep these coming, support by liking, commenting, sharing and shopping my merch. Let me know if I should add this one to my store. Link in bio! All support is accepted with much love and gratitude 😁. . Anxiety Confidence Relax | poetsofig poetrycommunity writersofinstagram spilledink writersofig writing writingcommunity words reading instapoetry creativewriting igpoets wordswag poetryofinstagram writers write quotes writer writersofinsta poetry poem poet poets poetsofinstagram poetryisnotdead instapoet

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My Stories Will Come and Go | A poem by LONNY DELLS. This is the eighteenth poem on this page.

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Of Rhymes & Reasons...🌹

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Intuitive | A poem by LONNY DELLS. This is the seventeenth poem on this page.

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Taste of Your Own Medicine | A poem by LONNY DELLS. This is the sixteenth poem on this page.

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Wariness | A poem by LONNY DELLS. This is the fifteenth poem on this page.

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And there was light...🌹

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Of Smiles & Similes...🌹

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First Story | A poem by LONNY DELLS. This is the fourteenth poem on this page.

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I’ll Be There For You | A poem by LONNY DELLS. This is the thirteenth poem on this page.

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Abandoning Thyself | A poem by LONNY DELLS. This is the twelfth poem on this page.

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It May Not Come, But Trust Me It Will | A poem by LONNY DELLS. This is the eleventh poem on this page.

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Struggles | A poem by LONNY DELLS. The ninth poem on this page.

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Free | A poem by LONNY DELLS. The eighth poem on this page.