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Spinach with beef tips is a very healthy and yummy meal to have for lunch or dinner. It’s very simple to make, you basically sauté some beef tips with onions and spices then you add the chopped spinach and bring to simmer for a few minutes, then you finish it off with sautéed garlic, cilantro and green chili. The recipe is in my story 😋😋. . . ... . . spinach beef tips lunch dinner yummy delicious delish instafood foodie instagood good foodpics picoftheday pictureoftheday lebanese hungry eat feedfeed good food lovefood foodlover

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🍳 . . Ph, mua, style: by me Md: msalyonae

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a worldwide annual campaign involving thousands of organisations, to highlight the importance of breast awareness, education and research. . . . . . . . . . Photo by luca_galea107 Breastcancer Cancer Pink october awareness breast pinkoctober dancer dance ginger help instagramers instagood worldwide malta maltese sports cool instadance picoftheday pictureoftheday male malefashion inspiration disney qoutesoftheday qoutes dancing photoshoot photography

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A luz reflete o vermelho quente dos seus cabelos. Pele clara, lindos olhos amendoados, boca delineadamente doce. Ruiva dos cabelos de fogo mostre-me seu poder de encendiar, queimar e amar de uma forma diferentemente quente. Conjunto perfeito de curvas, com um toque sexy de sedução A torna assim... tão irresistível. 🔥

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Hva om det faktisk er ett eller flere paralelle univers rundt oss som vi ikke ser? Dejavu, kan være en følelse du sitter med når du har opplevd akkurat det samme før, eller når vi er så dypt inn i en drøm at vi reiser til en annen dimensjon som samme person, ett annet menneske, ett dyr eller bare det å være øyne som ser men ikke blir sett. Kanskje det er den følelsen, viben, auraen, drømmen, som lar oss få en liten smakebit av hva som faktisk eksisterer rundt oss?🤷‍♀️ kaliber kaliberfkk strong strongbody muscle workout workoutroutine training motivation pictureoftheday confidence norwegian blond goals abs quads cardio feelinggood nike fit fitness fitgirl bikinifitness 3t fammesportswear

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I hope you’re having a good day ☺️

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The best views comes after the hardest climbs.

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Tu amas como me muevo tu amas como te toco mi único cuando todo esté dicho y hecho 🎶🌻

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Yo te conozco, lo veo en tu cara no te comportes, conmigo puedes ser mala 🎶🍀

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There’s something magical about the mystery behind each unique sunset 🌒