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BUON FERRAGOSTO A TUTTI!! Vi ricordiamo di inviare con largo anticipo le vostre proposte per concerti invernali dati i numerosi impegni!! Cecilia è disponibile per concerti in tutta Italia e all'Estero: per proposte scrivete a direzioneairaghigmail.com Seguila su Instagram: http://bit.ly/2JIpWis ceciliaairaghi piano pianocover pianoforte pianoplayer pianolove pianosolo pianotime pianoplaying pianoconcerto pianolover pianoinstagram music musica🎼 musician músicalife instamusic instamusica note pianist pianista pianopassion granpiano suonare classicalmusic classicalmusician

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My lovely senior took this picture, the best coolest pic I have till date. Enjoying these moments because we are independent, we should respect and enjoy that. *🇮🇳🇮🇳Happy independence day🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳* infectedmushroom skazi polyversemusic pystrance trancefamily trancemusic techno technomusic electro electronicmusic technofamily vinivici astrix dancemusic dance drumbeats manipulator iwish gatekeepershakira monstercat guitar guitars guitarfamily pianolover

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Piano MYTH 2 : Longer sessions make you a better piano player. We all have experienced some degree of psychataxia (inability to concentrate) while playing the piano. It is actually advisable to practice for shorter lengths of time. Short bursts of concentration repeated frequently are much more effective and produce optimal results rather than one long session. So, even if you only have 10 minutes to practice the piano, DO IT. . . pianoforall pianostudio zalka lebanon pianotips pianomyth pianolessons musiclesson pianolover pianoplayer pianopractice pianostudent musicians musiclover modernmusic classicalmusic pianoteachers pianotricks technique rhythm notes fun musiceducation musictherapy followforfollow l4l likeforlike teaching get1000morelikes tutoring

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“These Days” by Rudimental To listen to my full rendition, cut and paste the link below. https://www.facebook.com/PianoTims/ You can also checkout my facebook page by typing: Tim Tsepianotims Self taught 🎹 at 12 using chords and still actively playing as a hobby in my 40s. 🤗 My goal is to reach 🌏 as many lives with the gift 🎁 I have been given. Enjoy 🎹🎶🎹 pianovideo pianolove pianolover pianomusic pianosolo pianolover piano pianocover pianoforte piano🎹 pianopiano pianomusic pianos pianobar pianotime pianoplaying music playingpiano hobby music musically musicvideo musician musiclovers musiclover musicman musiclove musicvideos

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Sa betona uzavrelog, u pustoj, ocajnoj tmini, protezalo se srdasce, koje se nadalo, da ce netko ipak stici. I zakrpiti boli. Prije nego je zgasnulo ono jutro na krovovima, nego sto se uspjelo prenuti... Nesto se malo presvijetlo, spustilo sa neba. I srdasce je ozdravilo. Nije vise bilo boli u tmini. Netko je stigao da zakrpi tugu. Sad zivi. I unutra je pronadjen mir. I unutra je pronadjen hlad. Talog, koji se stvarao, sad je potpuno iscezao. Saprala ga kisa ljubavi, na dlanovima donijeta. Enisa . . P. Tchaikowsky - Pas de Deux ('The Nutcracker') - inspiration for my words . . iwrite mywriting mywords mystories womenwhowrites lovetowrite iwrotethisforyou writeaboutlove romanticwriters romanticpoetry romanticpoems romanticpoets creativewritings becreative pianoloverclasicmusic música inspiration inspiretowrite inspire bosnia beautiful love ljubav ljubavnapoezija mojapoezija tchaikovsky

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Burgmuller ♫Tendre Fleur♫😊💗 ・ ブルグミュラー 作曲 ♫や さ し い花♫😊💗 ・ コチラは pianissimo531 さんから リクエスト頂いていた曲です〜 (*゚▽゚)ノ💗✨ ・ ちなみに 私ったら白のトップスの右袖が 変ななってるのに気づかず ずっと弾いちゃってますね(笑)😅😅💦 ・ pianissimo531 さん リクエストありがとうございました〜〜(*゚▽゚*)♥️✨ ・ ピアノブルグミュラーやさしい花ブルグミュラー25の練習曲 リクエストインスタピアノ同好会 ピアノ大好きピアノ弾きたいピアノソロ ピアノ演奏ヤマハピアノラフィネ横浜pianoburgmullertendrefleurpianoplaying pianosolo pianolover pianowoman instagram instamusicinstapianoipdjprequestブルグミュラーコンクール大人のピアノ

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Burgmuller ♫Douce plainte♫😊♥️ ・ 1週間ぶりにピアノ弾きました〜 (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)♥️ riemama112 さんから リクエスト頂いていた ブルグミュラーの ♫小さな嘆き♫😊💗 ・ ブルグミュラーばかり弾いてる私ですが(笑)コチラの曲は あまり弾いた事が無かったので 果たして こんな感じで良かったのかどうか…😅😅💦(笑) ・ riemama112 さん リクエストありがとうございました〜〜(´∀`*)💗✨ ・ ピアノブルグミュラー小さな嘆きブルグミュラー25の練習曲 リクエストインスタピアノ同好会 ピアノ大好きピアノ弾きたい ピアノ演奏ピアノソロ ピアノ大好きヤマハc3a ipdjppianoburgmullerdouceplaintepianoplaying pianosolo pianolover pianowomanrequestinstagram instamusicinstapianoラフィネ横浜大人のピアノ

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Just learned this new song last night by Ella Mai. It's real simple, yet so beautiful and catchy!...with just 3 chords! Was riding in the car one day and my daughter wanted to play some of her music. I heard this song of Ella Mai's called "Trip" and immediately loved it. I'm preparing to do a piano tutorial and had intended to post the tutorial a while back of her "Boo'd Up" song but now that it's been played so much I'm sure everyone has just about heard enough of it, so...I decided to throw in this extra one that just came out. My daughter was like "Mama you better hurry up and get the tutorial up before the song gets old" lol. Most songs that my daughter listens to are only meant for the younger age group and only appeal to the younger age group, especially as far as lyrics. One of the things that I love about Ella Mai's songs is that it appeals to young and old. This song has an old skool sound. nashvillemusician nashville musiccity instrumental keys keyboardist piano pianist love pianolover music musician singer pianocover cover instapiano pianoplayer