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🔊Love & Light🎸 • I had such an amazing, incredible, & wonderful time seeing phish this weekend at The Mothership. I sold my artwork, met some really cool people, saw friends & family, dance/boogied & had awesome food & beer.💜💛❤💚💙💗 • • • phish musiclover musiclove hamptonva mothership themothership spiritual thirdeye zen dancelife boogie motivation musicians pianolover acoustic bassguitar vocals gratefuldead visualize dreamer bass artista visionary artlover artiste concert loveandlight phishhead photofun colorful

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先日、ユニット組んで初の東京での本番でした✨ とても拘って楽譜も作りました😊 YouTubeに全曲🆙していますので宜しければ聴いてくださいね🎶 https://youtu.be/cvf8IZbFYIU Repost izumishunsuke319 by media.repost: やっとUPできました!^_^ カッチーニのアヴェ・マリアです。 プロフィールから にとべるようになっています! よろしればどうぞ! サックス サクソフォン saxsaxophone caccini piano piano ピアノ pianist カッチーニ

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🎶Andrea Smokvina - Certified Simply Music Teacher 《10 years of experience》 Fast results create joy and inspiration.=> Results initiate self esteem. =>Work habits arise propelled by inspiration.=>Sense of excellence is established when we learn to feed on doing well.=> Self confidence is established as we observe our achievements. => Our identity is established as we are allowed to express our preferences and are prompted to create. => " CREATIVITY CAN'T BE USED UP. MORE YOU USE, MORE YOU HAVE" - Dr Maya Angelou

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What do you think of her tempo changes throughout the song? keysuniversity 👉🏼 Follow keysuniversity for more piano videos! 🎥 joycepersonal (Two Guitars -Tsyganochka) 👇 Tag a pianist

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🎹 Keyboardist of the Day goes to riyandikusumaa (Arranged by Grant Woolard) keysuniversity - 🤘🏼 Follow keysuniversity and tag your posts with /keysuniversity for a shot at a free feature. 🎥 Our free features are chosen once a day out of 24k + videos. 🌎 Grow with us in 2018 💯 DM us for paid features

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I’ll be honest. The first 30 minutes of me remembering how to play this Debussy (since high school, and I’m no spring chicken) was kind of really terrible. Missed notes, uneven pacing and overall unpleasantry. • But I kept plugging away - not because I wanted to do it perfectly, but because I like playing the piano. I enjoy feeling my fingers navigate the keys. I appreciate the sound when I actually get it right after so many times of getting it wrong. With no end goal, practicing becomes a deeply felt experience, complete unto itself. • Whether on the piano or on my mat, what the practice shows me is that it is ALL PRACTICE. We are all just trying to figure it out. We are all, in our own way, navigating this weird and wonderful thing called the human experience. No one has your answers. It’s up to you to do your own work. It’s your responsibility to uncover what you’re made of, what you’re capable of, what is true and appropriate for you. • Regardless of outcome and without expectation, the practice invites us to be sincere and wholehearted in our efforts. Show up. Do your best. Let that be enough. • • • • • classicalmusic classicalpiano pianolover pianogram pianist pianoplayer pianopractice pianomusic sightreading debussy reverie allthefeels thisisyoga thisismypractice yogapractice yogajourney yogalife yogateacher yogastudent yogaeverywhere yogagram yogatreesf abhyasa vairagya ishvarapranidhana showup dothework doyourbest beginagain practiceandalliscoming

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Why is that beautiful piano on the side of the road like that? 😔 Bravo to the musician. "‎‏Please follow deslo.piano & tag your friends WHEN A PIANO IS ABANDONED ON THE STREET . . . deslo.piano deslo.piano . . piano classicalpiano classicalpiano pianopiano pianolover pianocover pianosolo pianoteacher piano pianoforte pianotime pianolife pianist musiccomposition pianista instrument classicalmusic deslo deslopiano music instagood guitar cello violinدسلو دسلوپيانو پيانو نوازنده پيانيست موسيقى"

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This song I played while on vacation when a street artist asked me to play something on his keyboard 🎹😀🎵.

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Sobre sábado 😊 (casamento em Mogi Mirim). Muito bom!

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Recording studio with Manuel Caliumi 4tet! 🎷🎹🥁🎧

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Next time someone asks me this question. I would like to get an A440 and sing my response🙃😬 keysuniversity 🎥 classicfm 👇 Tag a pianist

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Do you NEED music in your life or you could perfectly live without it? Let me know in the comments ! TAG someone who loves piano music ! Twitter ➡ "casarottimusic" Facebook ➡ "Francisco Casarotti Music" YouTube ➡ "Francisco Casarotti"

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Uno de los muchos temas que ayer tuve la suerte de interpretar en una nueva edición de “Pianos en la calle” en Toledo. “Zombie”, del grupo The Cranberries, es mi pequeño homenaje a una de las voces más especiales que han existido y que hace poco nos dejó, Dolores O’Riordan. Promocionemos la música en la calle porque nos une y nos hace vivir momentos inolvidables. PianosEnLaCalle Toledo ToledoTurismo Piano Pianos Piano🎹 TheCranberries Zombie DoloresOriordan PianoLove PianoLover PianoLovers PianoForte PianoMan PianoKeys PianoBoy PianoLesson PianoLessons PianoPiano PianoCover PianoMusic PianoLife PianoPlayer PianoSolo PianoTime PianoSong PianoVideo PianoGram PianoKeys

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HalloweenWeek | The room where all the action is taken. This week only Halloween songs will follow on my YouTube channel. The Halloween piano medley is now online! Just swipe my recent stories 🎃🎹

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Bass bridge rebuilding!

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“They don’t know .. but they will”-Kingzartt

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Preludio N°1 - J. S. BACH

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Something I struggle with when singing is getting stiff, because I‘m too concentrated on body support. But the voice has to be able to flow freely! Moving/walking/dancing around helps, and it also stops you from overthinking... which I do, all the time😂 🎵V‘adoro pupille (Giulio Cesare) - Händel

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