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Love to get inspiration by photographers from all arround the world. The composition, the tones and the colors of this image is astonishing! Thanks superjenny for this beautiful image. Make sure to check her feed out! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 . . . . . agameoftones ig_masterpiece ig_exquisite ig_shotz global_hotshotz superhubs main_vision master_shots exclusive_shots hubs_united jaw_dropping_shotz worldshotz theworldshotz pixel_ig photographyislifee photographyislife photographysouls photographyeveryday photographylover worldbestgram iglobal_photographers ig_great_pics

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We enjoyed our pre natal class today and feel a little more at ease about being new parents soon! 👫 . . . . 📸 : mt6042103115

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I met Natsumi three years ago in Japan. Since then, she's come to visit me in California twice, I've gone to visit her in Japan twice, and now she's back in California for the 3rd time and will be going to school here for the next 5 months. . . Today I got to spend time with her and take her to my favorite Japanese grocery store down in San Diego. We laughed, we ate, we thrifted, and we had a splendid time! . . Natsumi is more then just a friend, she's a sister 💕 なっちゃん, 最高!!! ~ 7.22.18 . . . . . . . shotwithlove portraits artofvisuals instaphoto pictureoftheday camera aesthetics photographyeveryday photographyislife photography vsco vscocam inspiration exclusive_shots shotwithlove ig_shotz icatching justgoshoot master_shots photographylife visuals photo camera bedeeplyrooted beautyfromashes  chooselove gritandvirtue pursuitcommunity thepointedlife

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the pristine turquoise green water and those unique limestone islands formations makes Phi Phi islands one of the most phenomenal places to visit🏝️🏖️🌏. From the caves of on the Maya bay PhiPhi islands in Thailand. . . . photography photographyeveryday photographyart krabi beach thailand landscape beachlife phiphiisland landscape_lovers photographysouls travel phiphi landscapephotography photographylovers beachday phiphiislands landscapes photographyislife oceanside beachwear photographylover oceanview beachbody kohphiphi landscape_captures photographyislifee beaches mayabay landscapelovers

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Thought I had it right, but I'm still lost in light ✨

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Englischer Garten, Munich.

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इतिहास गवाह है कि नेताओं की कुर्सी जनता ने बनाई मगर राजपूतों की राजगद्दी उनकी वीरता ने बनाई !! 👑 THE_KING 👑 જય_રામનાથ _rebel_rajput_aniyala_302_ rebel_rajput_aniyala_302 photography photo photos photographyeveryday ig_shutterbugs photographer photographysouls visualsoflife photoart ilovephotography photographyislife snypechat photographyislifee ig_great_pics instaphotography digitalphotography photographylovers💕💕

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Swipe right 👉🏻 to learn how to get this beautiful glow in your photos! You’ll want to shoot around within an hour or two of the sunset time. Find a LOVELY SPOT OF LIGHT, which can usually be found by finding a ray of light on the ground somewhere. Have your subject stand in this LOVELY SPOT OF LIGHT. You’ll want to have the sun BEHIND your subject. Then, you need to block the sunlight from streaming directly into your lens. You’ve probably experienced this where your photo is just overexposed, you can’t get your camera to focus, and/or you get intense sun flares in your image. To prevent this, you’ll need to block that direct light with something. I’ll usually use a tree (a cactus in this case) or the subject to block the light. And, vwa-lah, you have yourself a beautiful, glowing image! If you try this out, feel free to DM me your photos...I’d absolutely love to see them!

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Drinking is NOT injurious to health.. So are the sunrises ⛅

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“What do you get for pretending the danger's not real? Meek and obedient, you follow the leader down well-trodden corridors into the valley of steel. What a surprise! A look of terminal shock in your eyes: Now things are really what they seem. No, this is no bad dream.”🧠 ~Pink Floyd| Sheep🐑 ^|Another beautiful shot taken by hanniasfoto|❤️📸

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3 facts about me-- 1. Don't ever underestimate me 2. Never mistaken my kindness for weakness 3. I'm a warrior. 🤘

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The Bird Shooter