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Desire, Ed Ruscha 1969

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3gunshow FULL AUTO FRIDAY compilation!!! IWI.US

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Where I’ll be tomorrow 6-9!yvettemayorga’s brand new show, Pastillage, opens Saturday (tomorrow) at romansusanart and in case you haven’t noticed, it looks delicious. 🍥

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Последние тёплые деньки🍂 Октябрь дико балует обалденной погодой 😌

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उसे ये ज़िद है कि मैं पुकारूँ, मुझे तक़ाज़ा है वो बुला ले.. क़दम उसी मोड़ पर जमे हैं, नज़र समेटे हुए खड़ा हूँ.. . . . . . . throwback sunny day horizon sea beach sand nature sky memories india kerala love travel travelgram travelphotography traveldiaries wanderer wanderlust photography igers natgeo photooftheday instadaily mobilephotography iphoneonly iphoneography picoftheday 😊

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Good Vibes Only

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We know that cats are smart, but their brains are such a mystery that we want to know what exactly is going on in there. And it turns out, a lot is going on. Cats have more cognitive skills than we expect, so their brains are very active. 🐾🐯 Boredom is the last thing on a cat’s mind as he/she gazes out the window. As an ambush predator, the cat is lying in wait for something—a butterfly, a bird, or a squirrel—to come within ambush distance. 🐾🐈 What do you think your cat or dog thinks about while they gaze out the window?😸🐶

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Seguimos de sorriso 👅