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Good morning friends, I hope everyone had an excellent weekend and your week gets off to a smooth start! As we know all too well, PA has a wealth of natural beauty! But there are also some particularly stunning urban areas as well. The Race Street Pier is one of my personal favorites. Located in the shadow of the Ben Franklin Bridge, the race street pier is a hot spot for city recreation. It consists of two levels for riverside rollicking. It's riverside post also makes it an ideal place to catch a sunrise. wickedawesometravels makes good use of all the geometry and leading lines available within the urban architecture. I love the depth, tones and that single bird in flight is just brilliant! Please stop by his page and give him a follow ✔ Keep on tagging pacollective thepennsylvaniacollective to be featured! Co-founders shawnclaudevandam cwirionphotography Chosen by bigwillthang 6abcaction phillylove igphilly phillyviews myphillyphoto featcbphilly visitphilly philly_igers phillygram discoverphl pacollective phillyphire everydayphilly phillyunknown jj_philadelphia pcpotd 215phillyig ourphilly streetphotography urbanphotographer streetexploration urbanandstreets fatalframes sunrise_madness shotonmoment shotoniphonex photooftheday

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I really enjoyed the 🌧 yesterday

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A concrete face admires from below

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Clouds come bearing rain

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Rainy day ventures

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GROWN UP LAZER TAG yesterday for Rob's bachelor party in West Chester strykeforcelasertag - these guys didn't stand a chance against the son of a US Marine. Sorry/not sorry fellas 🤣😂. Dinner at Davios, and VF Casino after, made for a great day out.

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Objects may be closer than they appear photoshopnewb

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A Sunday kind of love 🌧

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Hanging out with imaginary friends

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Golden Hour Uptown Route 23 Nova Bus at Germantown and Hunting Park Avenues

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Angradelphia Philly just looked angry this morning. - - - Thanks to radphotographe for showing me this spot the other night. Decided to go back this morning - - - - - - - - - - - - pcpotd phillyunknown igers_philly 215phillyig jj_philadelphia phillypulse phillyphire 6abcaction dicoverphl explore215 whyilovephilly visitphilly dopeclickz igtones ig_color fx_hdr royalsnappingartists Ig_americas theworld_thru_youreyes theimaged igs_america americas ig_northamerica raw_cityscapes moodygrams fatalframes citykillerz ourmoodydays

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credit: mahogany_mama . . C'monBoard Philadelphia brings together the best events in Philly. To discover things to do in Philadelphia, keep an eye on the CB website [link in the bio] . . Make sure to check out our Philadelphia-themed products at www.cmonstore.com phillypulse westphilly howphillyseesphilly phillylove philadelphia_ig cityvibes citylights streets cityofbrotherlylove instaphilly phillyprimeshots phillyigers phillyscape citylandscape 215phillyig 412project instadelphia phillyphire buildings phillyviews cityscape cityview cityscapes citylife city

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Now I can’t unsee the phillies playing on a grey field so I kinda hope they do it for a game. Oh and it rained

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Introducing the NBAFL 😉 * * * Drop a like and follow nbaustralian for more content ❤️

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What’s going on in Philly tonight? Check out Volta by Cirque du Soleil. Photograph by birdzeyes. If you would like your travel and exploration pics featured in our feed, please follow then tag geosocietyphila

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Philly Phloodwaters

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•the steps you take dont need to be big, they just need to take you in the right direction•

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Columbus Gentroulevard