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We have a few tickets left 2018 Made In America Music Festival DM for more info philly madeinamerica 2018

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A little garden action in the city. summer in the city. mural arts philly has one of the largest mural arts programs in the country, you never know where you will find one! visitphilly

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Special order she got that new Trapperarnoi 🔥🔥 wit Lemon pepper wings make your choice 🤑Seafood platttes Lobster platters Salmon platters Fish platters Chicken pasta platters Salmon pasta platters Jerk chicken platters Hot wins platters fish platter free Delivery TRAPLIFE 58sttrapstar 58st young58 youngstrapstar young58sttrapstar TEAM58STTRAPSTAR trapstarlifestyle TRAPROW supportblackbusinesses 58stTrapstartraplife atlanta alpharetta roswell anywhere philly datrap backindakitchenwitit theyainttalkinmoneyhangupon foodporn

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Strawberry & vanilla tier cake with fondant... Place your orders with pattiecakebakery_ I’m excited to announce that my new bakery Pattie Cake Bakery is officially open for business! Place your orders with me & follow my business page pattiecakebakery_ pattiecakebakery pattiecake bakery dessert delicious sweettooth supportblackbusiness supportsmallbusiness chocolate foodporn supportblackownedbusinesses philly sweet cupcakes cake chocolate bakery baking buttercreamflowers buttercream buttercake tasty tastyfood tastybakedgoods tastybites

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Just in case nike___recruit wants to add a Philadelphia Strength and Conditioning coach with a giant sneaker collection to their roster! Don't worry guys, if I get sponsorship my first line of business will be to donate 50 pairs of sneakers so my collection doesn't hit the 200s. Also I'll voice my opinion on what I think would be a perfect crosstrainer. Nike has done great work but we can get better! nike sneakerhead gymclothes crosstraining strengthandconditioning philly trainwithpurpose liveyourpurpose coachstrassman coachstrassmanathletics

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Ladies I am having a lash class July 1st from 12-4pm it is $250 per person you will be learning how to successfully apply lashes, wax and tint eyebrows and eyelashes curling/perming a down deposit of half is required ASAP the day before the course the remaining is required the down deposit is non-refundable ladies ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ also everyone will be receiving a full lash kit and more. Location will be sent out to those who have put down their down deposit ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️if any questions please dm me or contact me directly thru text or email thank you hope to see you there philly phillylashes delwarecounty

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Fergie’s Pub Philadelphia

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26 | southgatephilly . . Highly recommend! This place has delicious modern-Korean food and excellent service. SWIPE ➡️ . . Dolsot Bibimbap: beef, white rice, fried egg, romaine, zucchini, spinach, shitake, bean sprout+ served on a hot stone pot | Korean Fried Chicken | Spicy pickled cucumbers & Kimche phillyfood philly eaterphilly

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🇨🇺 Swipe left < --- from my trip to Havana Cuba which I never got around to posting. The Cubans are a strong people with an amazing history of resistance and culture. Even though the internet is something they lack almost entirely nationwide, the people seem to be up to date w.the latest styles, trends, and my passion...music! Peep one of the last videos where I saw the best cover bands. They played at a venue that I swear could be mistaken for somewhere in the hip areas of Brooklyn called FabricaDeArteCubano. The ClassicCars every where distinguish this place from the rest of the world. Almost as if one traveled back in time. The people are happy and active (almost noone was over weight). You'll also notice I visited one of the beautiful Mosques in Havana. Almost no other Americans came across us. Canadians, Europeans, LOTS of Russians (allies during Soviet era) hence why I took agent PaulFlashDrive along. Other Mexican-types from South America and the likes too...lol jk. Yes I snuck THAT hat into a Communist country lol. Author ErnestHemingway lived in Cuba for a brief period so we had to visit his favorite restaurant. Best meal of the trip! People warned to not visit...often scare you w.their own irrational fears of places/people they have never visited/met. You can get robbed or killed anywhere. Let go of fear. Explore. Live. I'll post pix from the Colombia trip soon. Anyone up for Syria next? Lol jk. Sorry to the bros at GuantanamoBay. We tried. Next time... NeverForgotten HowTheySurviveWithoutMemes Quick story the Cuban cabbies and street vendors were the most aggressive hustlers I've come across. But boiiii I'm from Nu Yawk and Paul from Philly. So I as King Troll decided to troll back in various ways. When they asked where we wanted to go we said GITMO which is a 12 hour drive from Havana. No tourist has ever asked them that and they were dumbfounded lmao. When street vendors asked us what we were looking to purchase? "Nearest ammunition depot." Lmao. P.S If you miss me from fb I post the spiciest memes in IG story mode.

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