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Many gym goers proudly boast they don’t eat carbs at night. And, if you listen to most “fitness gurus,” you’ll probably think that all calories eaten after ‪6 pm‬ (that magical number) will turn directly into fat. It’s as if your body can somehow tell time and that once the clock strikes six it is time to dispose of food differently than it did ‪at 5:59‬. Where Does This Idea Come From? If you read those questions and started passionately nodding “yes!” it’s probably because you’ve heard that your metabolism cranks to a halt while you sleep. If shutting your eyes instantly shuts down your calorie burn, then it would make sense that late-night snacks would be more likely to store as fat. However, research has challenged this assumption by showing that, while energy expenditure decreases during the first half of sleep, it increases again with REM sleep It makes sense: during REM sleep, your breathing becomes more rapid and irregular, your heart beats faster, and your blood pressure increases. Almost like you’re performing light exercise! Due to the rises and falls in sleeping metabolic rate there doesn’t seem to be much difference between your sleeping energy expenditure and your basal metabolic rate during the day This is good news, because it means there’s no logical reason that your body’s normal metabolism of food will change either! Additionally, exercising (like prolonged cardio) increases sleeping metabolic rate, which can lead to more fat burn. So, if you’re even a little worried that hitting the pillow will hit your metabolism, getting out there and exercising will help! dreamer dreambody dreamlife perfectbooty perfectbody bikinigirl boobsfordays perfectbody perfectsmile lifeofhappiness sixpack sixpackabs bodypositivity muscle bootypics bootygains🍑 bootyworkout bootyfordays body bodygoals medicine medical med nurse nurselifestyle nurselife beachbody beachgirl doctor beautydoctor

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