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8 minutes ago

Well over a week after the Bulldog did a run through recall and clipped me with his knee. bulldogs ipo dontmix ouch

9 minutes ago

My new challenge.. Planks. TWO minutes? Seriously? That's possible? 😂 I could hardly do 30 seconds, felt worse than after a 10k run and had leg cramps in bed. Well.. Best try again tonight 💪 plank plankingchallenge ouch fail bloodsweattears fullbodyworkout nopainnogain dying happypain sore challenge gettingfit effective lookingsilly gettinginshape beachbody2019 fattofit fitgirl fitmum longwaytogo myjourney weightlossjourney weightlosstransformation bodychange bodylove icanandiwill halfmysize weightwatchersgirl

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Bucket life

24 minutes ago

Well today didn't go as planned 😳 Little one is okay!! She picked up a glass bottle at our homeschool festival and when she sat it down it shattered. We now have 6 stitches and a cast to protect them for a couple weeks. Very grateful for our awesome friends that were there. Everyone worked together and beyond quickly to put things in the car, take carseats out, keep the older two, bring me a phone charger, contact and bring me my husband, and continuously check on us. And for my awesome teen sitter who was also there and rode in the backseat putting pressure on her hand the entire ride to the hospital and helping me with her in the hospital until Patrick could get there. ❤ mytribe stitches ouch grateful

24 minutes ago

Ouch! Leg cramps while diving will happen to the best of us. Overexertion, muscle fatigue, new fins, dehydration, and vitamin deficiencies can all contribute. This was the first leg cramp for jensjam so it deserved a capture. Every paditv diver learns what do if they experience a leg cramp but they won’t have to use this stretch after training until they are really in need. It’s a lifesaver! • 1. Grab a fin and pull back for a nice stretch and little relief. 2. Distract yourself with fish watching! 3. After your dive, have a drink of water and maybe a tropical banana topside and you will be back in working order in no time. • • • cramp legcramps scubadiving scuba padi tusadiving scubapro underwaterphotography underwater yoga stretcharmstrong legs ouch banana legwork profilepictures legday girlsthatscuba bubbles shesgotlegs

25 minutes ago

Tried to tame the roses a bit so we don’t get attacked going in or out. In the process I got attacked and have given up and am making coffee and pulling thorns out of my arm! 👍🏻🌹 😂 Have a wonderful thorn free day everyone 💋 beautiful thorn ouch roses home happy smile itsthelittlethings coffee

42 minutes ago

Good morning/good afternoon or whatever time it is 🤣🤣. Bit of a later post for me. Couldn't move virtually this morning after a great workout yesterday!! First session in three weeks 👍. Struggled to pick up my phone and more importantly my coffee!! Hah. Great to be back in the gym and feeling my body after a great weights session. Going to sit back and stay off the weights today. Let my tired body recover. Hope everyone is having a good day so far and have their meals and exercise planned for the day. ouch soremuscles weightsdone workoutsmashed doms likeit feelgood feelgoodlookgood restyourmuscles pt ptaberdeen ptlife aberdeenpt personaltraining personaltrainer mumslifttoo mumswhoexercise fitmum

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This was painful fail ouch

1 hour ago

This girl is one tough cookie!💪 . After comin' a cropper and falling onto our timber floors at full pelt, chin first, it only took a couple of minutes before she was composed again. My strong girl. 👊👏 . Soooo over the next couple of weeks, as that purplish/blackish bruise turns to a greenish/yellow bruise, please remember it's not my incredibly dodgy photography causing it - it's actually her dodgy inability to run without falling that's responsible. 🙈🙊🙈 . . . livingwithisobella teaprincessaust bumpsandbruises roughandtumble play ouch activekids accidentshappen breedemtough brisbanekidstyle allstarfeatures

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That's unfortunate. ouch

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Walk run bike Ouch

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“She cut off her nose to spite her face” - a story about me... **I have used scar wax to create a fake nose so the scissors are not actually touching my real nose, please be safe if you recreate this look 😊 Inspired by elisauroora . . . . . . . . . . . sfx sfxmakeup spfx spfxmakeup specialeffectsmakeup specialeffects gore horror blood crazy creepy crazymakeup halloweenmakeup halloween halloween2018 blood scissors nosejob plasticsurgery wakeupandmakeup beauty makeup creativemakeup mehron bennye motd bossbabe ouch revenge

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Walk gym run bikeOuch

18 hours ago

Hmmm. (yum yum) Which came First?? The Chicken or the Egg? 😇😇😇

3 days ago

It’s tough flying about a place that’s FILLED with ......Long Juicy Necks! 😬😬😬

6 days ago

Errr....don’t eat too much, ‘kay? 🍏🍎🍏

1 week ago

Who knew? The Princess loved both the Frog & Frogs’......Legs! 😋😋😋