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I thought the microphone said "Wicked Bitch" and honestly that's a pretty awesome codename. Although, that's probably the ONLY time you will hear me swear. Unless I get really upset. But we don't allow upsetness here.

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Thought I’d share this recently unearthed feature from our local Japanese restaurant thats being refurbished. The beautifully crafted light box and ornate iron features are unfortunately being boxed back in, but it was nice to see a glimmer of hamletcourtroad past. I always support the local businesses and hope that with some additional funding the rd can be restored to its former glory in the same way that Margate and BrixtonMarket have seen regeneration . . . original originalcharacter retail essex southend westcliff westcliffonsea makeithappen shoplocal supportsmallbusiness

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This is the first digital art peice I've ever made.. and I got to make it with the help of crunchie.cloudie , since she let me use her sketch pad thing and computer to make it or whatever. Anyways it's my girl Kayla, a positive zombie girl that I made up (but she isn't cannibalistic like average zombies). She eats a bunch of junk food but she's confident in her body no matter what✨. She was too lazy to change out of her usual clothes so she threw the dress over them, so that's the story behind her outfit. The dress is cute but I also think the flower crown is a even better touch when put along side the dress. (If you're wondering why her leg and hand is pinker than the rest of her skin then don't worry since that's just how she looks!) Anyways I had no idea how to do most things on the computer, expecially the coloring part. But I think the results are decent! I hope you like it! (I should've posted this days ago.) • • • art digitalart digital pink dress flower flowercrown myart cute kayla stars originalcharacter oc myoc ocart cuteart drawing digitaldrawing

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"Coraline in the country of nightmares" is a very unusual cartoon. He attracted me with his unusual characters, worlds, scenery and painting 💞. But I wanted to see what Coraline would look like in my style, and that's what happened) ••• 🌿Tags🌿 art traditionalartwork traditionalart doodle sketchbook watercolor instaart instaartist inspiration manga selftaught japan anime animeart originalcharacter oc drawing sketch digitalart традишка trade like4like reference arttips semirealism characterdesign dailydrawing coraline coralinemovie

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I made a new character from an old adoptable off of deviantart for 2 points, LMAO, Her name is Rie Iwasaki, and she is a forest entity and the will-o-wisps are her friends. She is sweet and I’ve always wanted a Kitsune and this stuffed animal got as Connecticon this year gave me the inspiration to do it!! drawing draw picture pictures man myart art artistsoninstagram artist digitalart razdraws myoc oc originalcharacter myartist myart🎨 instaartist instaart instart instartist doodle doodlesofinstagram kitsune newoc

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I hope one day I get around to actually coloring this, but like I just don’t have the motivation to just in case it doesn’t look good how I want it. So have this WIP or well this version of the picture! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ drawing draw fanart picture pictures halo masterchief john117 spartan117 halo4 343industries bungie man myart art artistsoninstagram artist digitalart razdraws myoc oc originalcharacter myartist myart🎨 instaartist instaart instart instartist doodle doodlesofinstagram

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❣Here's a big chibi peice with all my ocs! ❣This is to celebrate 500 followers! Thank you so much guys! You really are amazing ❤❤❤ ❣Please remember to like, comment, turn on post notifications and follow me weebchan_art if you already haven't! 😄 ❣Hope you enjoy 😊 ❣Tags ❣oc ocs chibi chibis chibiart chibiartstyle animeartist instaart artist animeartstyle chibiartstyle art artwork drawing drawings weebchanocs originalcharacters originalcharacter mayumi mayumikerina amai amaioroka shido shidoheiku aijo aijotoskare samanthalucy tamaki tamakiomosuna traditionalart

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ㄥ工ㄥㄚ Q∪丹尺匕乙 This is lily quartz!! She’s blue diamonds best quartz ☺️ her gem is above her booty 🍑 made by white diamond for pink diamond but given to blue after pink was shattered. She knew pink was actually rose but wouldn’t tell anyone 🙊 She’s real nice and wouldn’t hurt anyone unless she had too. Shes also ace and lesbean! If you wanna draw her go ahead! ❌Please do not steal my artwork!❌ art artist picture drawing doodle digital traditional instaartist stevenuniverse lilyquartz oc ocs originalcharacter peridot ruby sapphire garnet amethyst pearl pinkdiamond whitediamond bluediamond yellowdiamond cartoon gem gems digitalartist traditionalartist rebeccasugar

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* spar_project . 6666abz 我又偷偷畫了新衣服的冬冬!💖很喜歡衣服的配搭!!!給你心心❤️💓💓😆 scorpio11____ 婊得這麼好看的人我也是第一次見!聖女設定讚讚讚 😭💖💖💕總覺得十字架這些很適合她!所以偷偷加了希望別介意我哇啊啊😣😣 komiko_spar 哇喔喔喔喔!混見那個悠遊自在慵懶的樣子真的很讚!😭😭💕可惜我畫不出來TT抱歉!! xi_93_ 偷偷畫了恩 希望別介意😭😭😭和照海相差一歲是妹妹呢!成為室友以後希望能好好認識好好相處!💛 yueyuneko 很久之前說想畫Rosa了!感覺她是個可靠的大姐姐!什麼時候拿起平底鍋一起打喪屍吧哈哈💓💓😆 . 照海 末日前 拍攝MV中——🐳 . 手繪 塗鴉 二創 原創 畫畫 落書き illustration doodle originalcharacter characterdesign draw drawing sketch sketching art fansart

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Day 24 - Sketch 26: Sports team

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Here’s a look at the model you guys chose to get transformed last week . Between the eyes and getting the hair as realistic as possible in a cartoon kind of way, hope you guys like this rendition 🤙🏽 drawthisinyourstyle artistsoninstagram artist procreate digitalart digitalportrait drawinyourstyle illustration originalcharacter characterdesign artinspiration artcompetition artchallenge brighteyes drawinyourstyle drawthisinyourstyle deviantart deviantart eyememe visdev art painting photoshop art painting photoshop digitalillustration artoftheday