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For the next 7 days the tomorrowmakers will be sharing never before seen pieces of behindthescenes conceptart from our film thetomorrowmakers that is currently filming . At the end of the week we will debut the first official still from the film with a special announcement! filmmaking filmfamily indiefilmmaking filmmaking moviemaking director ideas brainstorm sketch sketchitout characterdesign creative sketchpadpro originalcharacter costumedesign drawing makeitreal preproduction storytelling adventure lovetheprocess filmlife illustrations

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Reo a lo largo del tiempo ha ido cambiando, antes lo dibujaba con ojos de pez muerto, un rostro mas redondo y chato con un cabello tirado hacia abajo y sin tantas mechas locas. Y hoy en dia es alguien mas sonriente, cara cuadrada, larga y despejada pero con muchas mas mechas, en fin solo queria dejar esto aqui . . . . . . . draw draws drawing dibujo dibujos anime manga mangaka art arte arts ilustracion oc originalcharacter kawaii moe sketchbook stronger epic instachile paint sai dream digital

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K so I feel like I’m betraying everyone alive by posting something like this, but I don’t personally like how this turned out 😅 I feel like I could’ve probably done better but I’m already behind on this and I can’t keep putting it off. Anyway, here’s my half of the trade with paradoxeon , where I designed her OC Blair as a human. Btw go check out paradoxeon she post some pretty kewl stuff (and the occasional sneky or catto boi) Now that this is done I can return to feeling stressed XD • • • • wofblair drawing art doodle painting paint acrylic acrylicpaints originalcharacter oc wofoc

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She’s big, she’s mean, she’ll rip your body limb from limb... ladies and gentlemen, may I proudly present Icky the man eating bird! after a lot of careful contemplation, I figured my character Igor needed a friend, and what better than a drooly monster crane! I love my terrifying baby and I hope you all do too 🖤 - art spooky halloween fall oc igorandicky drawing originalcharacter

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Mmmmmmmm, here's a art for ya. I was thinking of a character design for a comic i want to do in the feature and what else could a think of? Nice husbando[✔] Edgy backstory[✔] Class president who is popular and all of the waifus and husbandos want him but he likes protagonist-san and was protagonist-san's childhood friend[✔] Seems innocent but has a dark secret[✔] . Man we have a role. . Anyways, hope for whoever's looking likes it . . . . . . . . . . . . Hashtages you don't care about[✔] art traditional husbando oc originalcharacter niceboi smolchild

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( REUPLOAD ) Edit* uhm the top was supposed to say NSFW; blood uhm I don't know why the fuck it just says blood. Kind of an issue if you ask me. I had another account that got yeeted. Anyway, swipe with caution because there's blood and it may be triggering or something like that. Uh k thanks. Tags oc ocart originalcharacter ocartist art drawing doodle sketch digitalartist digital digitalart digitdoodle digitalsketch digitaldrawing eDgY edgyart vent ventart blood cartoonblood anatomy cartoonanatomy artstyle

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nooooot feeling this one, I think she looks like a marvel character or something lol. Pretty sure I used too much of my brain on the drawing I did earlier today and now I just can’t...zzzzzz...Kinda wanna recolor it but I need sleep so....see ya 🤠👋 ———————————————————————— art drawing painting sketch artwork illustration doodle artist artofinstagram artoninstagram artistsofinstagram painttoolsai painttoolsaiart painttoolsaidrawing painttoolsaiartist wacom wacomart wacomartist digitalart digitalartist digitalartwork digitaldrawing digitalsketch digitalillustration digitalpainting digitaldoodle originalcharacter oc characterdesign characterconcept

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Rin's new and updated design! I reviewed Rin's story and background over and over again and decided to give her back jeans without the rips and leave the green streaks out of her hair because she comes from a family from her father's side that forbade her from dying her hair. Leaving the green hair dye out makes her look individual and fits her wealthy and strict upbringing and lifestyle. rinkurakage rinkurakageblanchard Miraculousoc originalcharacter MiraculousLadybug miraculousseason2 animeart animedrawing

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(its Kinda dark Bc I can’t turn on the light now Bc I’m lazy) Pls give him some love, he’s a good boy colortsunocs originalcharacter oc

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All of my ocs! I have more than just Oji and Voltaire!!

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Pfp sale!!!! A lot of people have been asking about them so behold all of my prices. Sorry the pixel one is a little weird just wanted it all on one post for you guys :0 Y'all can still dm me tho ily all 💗

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She done! my friend Greyson said i should name her Sabrina, so i am!! Sabrina is a seaweed/octopus humanoid thing. shes not friendly and lives at marianas trench. she photosynthesizes for energy so she catches oxygen molecules through her gills and swims up to get her ear things in the sun. her ear things are plants growing on her head. digitalartist artartistartworkocoriginalcharacter

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✨Помните юнца, который убил своего отца и был сослан в ад? Так вот, мальчик вырос 😏 Архангел Аристарх со своей сестрой Эливией, которая после смерти отца стала королевой 👑 Начинаю замечать подвижки в дидже, хоть я всё ещё больше люблю рисовать маркерами 😊 ✨Archangel Aristarkh and his sister Elivia 😊 ~~~ oc originalcharacter digitalart digital digitalartwork digital_art digitaldrawing digitalpainting painttoolsai painttoolsaiartist traditionalartwork traditionalsketch traditionalart traditionaldrawing traditionalpainting commission markersketch arttrade commissionsopen artoftheday drawingoftheday paintingoftheday illistration illustrator иллюстратор портретназаказ рисуюназаказ byelfart