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today sucked

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a backless slip in orange 🍊

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香りとメイクのコーディネート 】. 今日の香りは、アトリエ コロンの『オレンジ サングイン』。持続性と奥行き。オーデコロン独特のフレッシュ感を保ちつつも、オードパルファンのように賦香率が高いのが、アトリエ コロン。『オレンジ サングイン』は、真夏に海辺で家族が集まった朝食風景の香り。絞りたてのブラッドオレンジジュースの甘さと、ビターオレンジの皮のシトラスの対比。ハンドクリームも同じ香りを。. メイクは、夏らしくサラッとしたベースに、オレンジカラーのUVリップ。どちらもナチュラグラッセです✨ 皆様、今日も素敵な一日を❤︎. . perfumeandmakeup parfum365 sotd motd ootd fragrance makeup perfume parfum makeupoftheday ootdmagazine photographer photography photooftheday フレグランス メイク 香り ateliercologne paris アトリエコロン パリ orange オレンジ cosmekitchen コスメキッチン ナチュラグラッセ naturaglace

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Wherever I look there is always something unique, or interesting to look at. Some people say you need the “creative eye” but I don’t believe that. Anyone can find the magnificence in any object, or even person if they truly open their heart to it. Not too long ago I would tend to keep a closed mind on how I perceive people, and my surroundings. If i knew someone who carried them self in a manner that I wasn’t fond of I would usually think badly of them and believe thats all they were. This past year has shown me that there is more to what the eye can see. No matter what there will always be something that makes you special. Locations, objects, and people all have one thing in common. There is always something that makes them beautiful. • • • • skyporn sunrise sunsetlovers cloudporn sunsets sunsetporn sunset_madness skylovers sunset_pics ocean skyline evening dusk horizon sunset_hub light sunshine orange colors tramonto silhouette water lake all_sunsets sunsetsniper

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Home <3

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これ可愛いと思ったけどなんかタイの僧侶に見えてきた。🧘🏽‍♀️ orange

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sometimes we just need a reminder that being humble and kind are admirable characteristics within ourselves + those we come into contact with. happy Tuesday, friends! hope it’s a kickass one!

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